Your Basic Birth Details

Get to know your Zodiac, Moon sign(Chandra rashi), Nakshatra, and other such information about you derived from your birthdate, time, and place.

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FAQs –

Q. What is the difference between Rashis/signs like Soorya, Chandra, and Zodiac?

This report or details are derived from Vedic astrology. In Vedic or sideral astrology, the sign that the Sun is placed at the time of your birth is known as Sun or Soorya/Surya Rashi. Similarly whichever sign the moon is placed in is known as the Moon or Chandra rashi.

The Zodiac here refers to the western or tropical sun sign, which is derived from fixed duration. For eg. 19th Feb to 20th March is Pisces.

Q. What are the Nakshatra and Pada?

The sky is divided into 27 Lunar constellations, along with 12 zodiac signs. The 27 lunar mansions along the ecliptic path of the moon, each with its unique characteristics and significance.

Nakshatra Pada is a division of each nakshatra into 4 parts.

Q. What is Diety?

Deity represents the divine quality or influence associated with a particular Nakshatra (lunar mansion).

Q. What is Ganam?

Gan or Ganam refers to the category or group to which a Nakshatra belongs, such as Deva (divine), Manushya (human), or Rakshasa (demon).

Q. What is a Symbol?

A Symbol is a visual representation of the Nakshatra, often depicting an animal, object, or deity.

Q. What is an Animal Sign(Yoni)/Genital Sign?

Animal Sign also known as Yoni represents the animal associated with a particular Nakshatra. It represents the sexual compatibility and fundamental nature of a person born under a particular lunar mansion.

Q. What is Nadi?

Nadi refers to the subtle energy channels flowing throughout the body. These are not the same as nerves or blood vessels. The three primary nadis are named Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, after the three doshas. The Nakshatra or Lunar mansion helps understand the Nadi of an individual.

Q. What is the Color here?

The color mentioned here is one associated with a Nakshatra, influencing its energies and characteristics.

Q. What is Direction?

The cardinal direction (east, south, west, or north) is associated with a Nakshatra.

Q. What are these Syllables?

The first syllable or sounds used in Vedic mantras that are associated with a Nakshatra. The Syllables may also used to name a child.

Q. What is the birthstone?

The gemstone believed to hold the beneficial energies of a particular Nakshatra.

Q. What does Gender here mean?

The gender mentioned here is not the gender of a native or an individual. Rather it is the masculine or feminine energy ascribed to a Nakshatra.

Q. What does Planet here mean?Rashis/signs like Soorya, Chandra, and Zodiac?

The ruling planet of a Nakshatra influences its characteristics and effects.

Q. What is Enemy Yoni?

Enemy Yoni refers to the incompatible yoni (genital sign) based on the Nakshatra system, used in traditional matchmaking practices.