Year Of The Horse – Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year of The Horse – Getting To Know Chinese Sign Horse

Are you born in Year of the Horse?

1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2000, 2014, 2026, and so on…

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a twelve-year cycle, calculated according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, and is related to as well as represented by animals. In this article, we look at the Chinese sign for those who are born under the year of the Horse.

The ‘Horse‘ holds the seventh position of all the zodiac animals. A horse symbolizes grace, zeal, and freedom in Chinese culture. People born in the horse’s year are compassionate, highly-spirited, and optimistic. Thus their courage and charisma magnetize other people towards them. They love to be the center of attraction and enjoy being the talk of the town.

Horses are agile and energetic. Once a horse has laid their eyes on something, they become highly focused and determined to achieve their objective. Finding a true source of happiness is what makes a horse motivated, rather than fame or money. It inspires them to chase their dreams religiously, which sometimes makes them push off their limits.

Year of Horse and Elements

According to Chinese element theory, each zodiac animal belongs to one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. Each of these elements appears once in every 60-year cycle. 

A Fire Horse, for example, appeared in 1906, followed by 1966, and it now will appear in 2026. The element and the zodiac sign of the birth year decide the fortunes and personality traits of individuals. 

We are presenting you with some compelling facts on these five elements of the horses, which will help you to understand them more precisely:

  • A Fire Horse – Year: 1966, 2026

People born in these years are very energetic and enthusiastic. They are the leaders of their clans and work harder to bring positive change to society. With their creative mindsets and insightful analytic thinking approach, they can solve any problems with alternative solutions. However, they do not like to be challenged. If another person does not work at the same pace as them, they get frustrated and angry quickly.

  • An Earth Horse – Year: 1978, 2038

The Earth Horses are charming, kind, and productive in nature. People born in these years are always helpful and support their friends and family wholeheartedly. They are full of bright colors and overflowing with enthusiasm all the time. Yet, they are working fanatics, which makes them quite impatient and short-tempered sometimes. They are very stubborn, which in a way helps them to achieve their goals fruitfully.

  • A Gold Horse – Year: 1930, 1990

The Gold Horses, preferably known as Metal Horses, are kind and cheerful. They hate toxic people and admire people who are straightforward and blunt. People born in these years acknowledge the value of true love and like to be surrounded by people who can endure their faults. They never rush to make any professional or personal decisions all alone. They will involve and consult their friends and family to choose what will suit them the best.

  • A Water Horse – Year: 1942, 2002

These Water Horses are vivid, charismatic, and amicable individuals. People born in these years are hilarious and make everyone around them enjoy their company. They have an analytical and creative mindset that helps them to receive recognition from higher authoritative people. At the same time, they love their personal space and time. Both personally and professionally, they take time to develop a serious relationship. 

  • A Wood Horse – Year: 1954, 2014

The Wooden Horses are animated and imaginative people. They have a unique perspective on everything they observe and always creatively present their ideologies. They are very emotional and enthusiastic about their work. Also, they influence the people working with them, which makes them a good leader. However, they are very moody and impatient. 

  • Color: Red, Green, and Purple
  • Numbers: 3, 4, and 9
  • Mineral: Crystal
  • Direction for Prosperity: South-West & West
  • Direction for Wealth: South-East
  • The Direction for Love: South
  • Colors: Gold, Brown, and Black
  • Numbers: 6, 7, and 8
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Compatibility of Year of the Horse: 

The best partners for the Horse are going to be the Tiger, Dog, and Sheep. Rabbits, Boars, Roosters, Dragons, Snakes, Monkey, and other Horse also will gel well with the Horse.
The Horse won’t fall for the Rat, who won’t just like the Horse’s shifting ways either. He could also inherit direct conflict in his dealings with the rigid Ox people. The Ox will demand consistency and also the Horse cannot and can not comply.

Final Thoughts

Horses are entertaining and whimsical people. Those born in Year of The Horse are extroverts and love thrilling and adventurous activities. They like to associate with new people, learn new cultures, and travel all around the world. Horses are efficient communicators, which makes them popular and loved by many people. Their motto for life is simple: dream and passion don’t have any expiry dates. So, never give up.

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