Year Of The Pig – Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year of The Pig – Getting To Know Chinese Sign Pig

Are you born in the Year of the Pig?

1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031 and so on…

The Chinese Zodiac defined by the Chinese Lunar calendar is represented by 12 animals. It follows a twelve-year cycle, where every year has a sign assigned. In this article, we look at those who are born under the year of the Pig.

Getting to Know the Chinese Zodiac Pig

The Pig appears at the twelfth position in the Chinese zodiac calendar. According to ancient Chinese theory, Pigs bring wealth and fortune. That’s why we often see piggy banks in advertisements for savings or investments!

The Pigs have a better fortune than all the other Chinese zodiac signs. Apart from bringing luck, people born in these years are generous and down-to-earth. They are naturally friendly and good at maintaining relations. Also, these piggies inherit good communication skills, which helps them attract people in business and professional life.

People born in the year of the Pig are noble, courteous, and compassionate. Pigs are known to be the best friend anyone can have! Their genuine personality allows them to make great friends and win their trust quickly. These adorable chubby-faced Pigs are blessed with fortune. They have a high concentration power and work relentlessly to achieve goals. These Chinese Zodiac Pigs are lucky in money. They succeed in everything they do, and money never becomes a problem for them.

This Chinese Zodiac is known for its planning and organizing skills. They have a significant presence of mind while in trouble. They calmly resolve the matter as they hate an unpleasant, quarreling environment. Because of this excellent quality of theirs, people seek help and advice.

But, most of the Pig- year born people are naive, insecure, and materialistic. They are motivated enough to earn money so that they can fulfill their worldly needs. They always succeed in attaining their goals which turns them overconfident. Their overconfidence and hot-tempered nature get their happiness in future lives at risk.

Year of Pig and Elements

As per the Chinese Element Theory, each zodiac animal belongs to one of these five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. Each of these elements appears once in every 60-year cycle. The Pig’s position is after the Dog.

A Metal Pig, for example, appeared in 1971, and it will now appear in 2031. The element and the zodiac sign of the birth year decide the fortunes and personality traits of individuals.

To know more about the Chinese zodiac Pig, kindly read the following interesting facts which will help you to understand them better:-

  • Wood Pig – Year: 1935, 1995

Wood Pig symbolizes generosity, love, and simplicity. People born in these years are light-hearted and loveable. Their easy-going nature makes them loved by everyone. Being optimistic towards life helps them to deal with difficulties with utmost calmness and honesty.

However, they do not get the same amount of trust in return which might make them irritable. They are excellent at advising others but are called irresponsible while handling their expenses.

  • Fire Pig – Year: 1947, 2007

Fire Pig symbolizes ambition, bravery, and cleverness. People born in these years are pretty famous among everyone. They are very thoughtful and always ready to help others. They have a positive approach towards life and are always prepared to take risks.

However, they need to put their energetic and adventurous quality into a specific skill to excel in life. Their extremely hard-working nature makes their shining fortune shine brighter.

  • Earth Pig – Year: 1959, 2019

Earth Pig symbolizes kindness, sensitivity, and communication. People born in these years are social butterflies and tend to be popular among their friends. They are known for their cheerful and supportive nature. Because of this excellent quality of theirs, people seek help and advice.

However, they might spend their money unnecessarily sometimes. They are great with friends but need to up their game when it comes to romance. They tend to keep their routine busy and earn considerate amounts of money to care for their loved ones.

  • Gold Pig – Year: 1971, 2031

Gold Pig symbolizes honesty, energy, and humor. People born in these years are headstrong. They are responsible enough not only to handle their work but also to handle other people’s matters. They are confident about their abilities and choices in life.

However, these broad-minded people can be overconfident about themselves. They can get easily distracted and demotivate themselves. They love to procrastinate and laze around in between work.

  • Water Pig – Year: 1983, 2043

Water Pig symbolizes independence, responsibility, and modesty. People born in these years are known for their understanding of nature and peacemaking capabilities. They hate unpleasant behavior and quarrels. Therefore, they will do anything to resolve it calmly.

However, they are easily influenced by others. They trust people too quickly and do not get the same trust in return. They might be taken advantage of and easily fooled.

  • Color: Yellow, Gold, Brown, Gray
  • Numbers: 2, 5 and 8
  • Mineral: Agate
  • Directions: South-East, North-East
  • Colors: Blue, Green
  • Numbers: 1, 7, and 9
  • Directions: East, West

Final Thoughts

People born in the year of Pigs are sincere and earnest.
They live on a simple notion: let me relax and enjoy the goodness of life; It helps me dream big and set my goals correctly! These diligent people take many breaks and love their personal space.

As quoted by an American politician (Pig Chinese zodiac sign), Hilary Clinton, ‘Life is too short to dwell on what life might have been.’

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