Year Of The Rat – Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year of The Rat – Getting To Know Chinese Sign Rat

Are you born in Year of the Rat?

1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032, and so on…

The Chinese Zodiac defined by the Chinese Lunar calendar is represented by 12 animals. It follows a twelve-year cycle, where every year has a sign assigned. In this article, we look at those who are born under the year of the Rat.

The Rat is the first celestial animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. According to a myth, the Jade Emperor said the order would be based on the arrival of zodiac animals. The witty Rat tricked the empathetic Ox into giving him a ride. Just before the finishing line, Rat jumped and grounded ahead of the Ox and became first.

In Chinese culture, a rat represents wealth, prosperity, and integrity. People born in the year of rats are quick-witted and diligent. Sometimes, their mischievous nature makes them take undue advantages to attain personal goals.

In a parallel universe, these optimistic individuals are sensitive. A Rat never intends to hurt people’s feelings or emotions. Their personality is kind, though they might sound rude and insensitive. Which is due to their lack of communication and interpersonal skills.

Year of Rat and Elements

As per the Chinese Element Theory, each zodiac animal belongs to one of these five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. Each of these elements appears once in every 60-year cycle. They are positioned first in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

A Fire Rat, for example, appeared in 1936, followed by 1996, and it will now appear in 2056. The element and the zodiac sign of the birth year decide the fortunes and personality traits of individuals.

These energetic but timid individuals have a lot of personality traits to share. If you or your close ones fall in one of the years mentioned above, this article will help uncover their real nature.

Let’s Rat-dentify their characteristics on their birth year and elements!

  • Wood Rat – Year: 1924, 1984

Wood Rats are independent people. These people are incredibly confident, constantly encourage themselves, and freely express their views. People born in the year of the wood rat are givers; hence, they proactively connect with other people.

Sometimes, their self-esteem nature backfires on them. They start blaming others for their own miseries, which tend to lose the trust of their dearest people.

  • Fire Rat – Year: 1936, 1996

Fire Rats are very practical. People born these years are very flexible, making them adaptive to any situation, both in the home or working environment. These people have good organizational skills. They prioritize their work, stay transparent with their communication, and stick to a plan.

If things don’t turn up according to their planning, they get jeopardized. For the time being, any significant changes to their daily routine might hurt their emotions deeply. But they are solid and witty; they always come up more assertive and take every lesson as learning.

  • Earth Rat – Year: 1948, 2008

An Earth Rat is a well-balanced individual. These people like everything in symmetrical proportions, neither too much nor too little. They are kind, sympathetic, and trustworthy. They are good listeners and provide the best life-changing solutions with many alternatives. Taking risks is not in their dictionary. They know their limits and like to stay within their presumed boundaries.

At times, especially under challenging scenarios, they tend to lack courage. They really need an extra push to step out of their borders and outcast their skills.

  • Gold Rat – Year: 1960, 2020

Gold Rats, also known as metal rats, are brilliant and talented people. These charismatic people are renowned for their confidence and know-how to carry themselves in public. They are good at holding long communication with people, making them sociable and fun to be around.

But, they are very moody and sensitive. They get hurt even with small things and start to feel victimized from that point in time. At those moments, they feel left alone, which might affect their mental and physical health.

  • Water Rat – Year: 1972, 2032

If you have a water rat in your life, there is no stop to talking!!

Water Rats have ambivert personality traits; reserved for the outside world but carefree in front of their closed people. They are incredibly flexible and adaptive to changes. They feel comfortable and confident in socializing with strangers. At the same time, they value their ‘Me-Time’ and enjoy their personal moments.

But, seeking a balance is quite exhausting. There are times when they get furious in untimely situations. All they want to do is have their own space and a lot of time during such times. They seek answers from their mentors and stabilize themselves in the meanwhile.

  • Color: Blue, Gold, Green
  • Numbers: 2, and 3
  • Flowers: Lily of the Valley, African Violet
  • Directions: South-East, North-East
  • Colors: Yellow, Brown
  • Numbers: 5, 9

Final Thoughts

Rats are insightful!!

With sharp perspective and analytical thinking skills, they are confident of achieving what they truly desire. Work is a priority for them, which makes them quite ambitious and possess a futuristic approach.

At the end of the weekends, you will find a Rat dancing or relaxing with their friends or family. They love social gatherings, making new friends, and discovering what makes them happy.

A Rat always knows what they are doing! And they make a living in their dreams. Just like The Great Diego Maradona (a Gold Rat) quoted, “To see the ball, to run after it, makes me the happiest man in the world.”

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