Year Of The Sheep – Chinese Zodiac Sign

Year of The Sheep – Getting To Know Chinese Sign Sheep

Are you born in the Year of the Sheep?

1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027, and so on…

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a twelve-year cycle, calculated according to the Chinese Lunar calendar, and is related to as well as represented by animals. In this article, we look at the Chinese sign for those who are born under the year of the Sheep.

A ‘Sheep‘ holds the eighth position in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Sheep are generally calm, sympathetic, and amicable in nature. People born under this sign (also known as ‘Goat’ or ‘Ram’) inherit down-to-earth personalities.

They believe that simplicity and persistence is the key to success, which one can achieve with lots of patience and hard work. Simultaneously, they have a sharp wit and creative mindset, making them flawlessly an authentic person.

According to the Chinese zodiac, these white fur species are considered auspicious and a sign of good fortune. These people are sensitive and naive. They are notably lucky, but only to the people who are sincere, honest, and candid with them.

Year of Sheep and Elements

As per the Chinese Element Theory, each zodiac animal belongs to one of these five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. Each of these elements appears once in every 60-year cycle. 

A Wood Sheep, for example, appeared in 1955, followed by 2015, and it now will appear in 2075. The element and the zodiac sign of the birth year decide the fortunes and personality traits of individuals. 

We are presenting you with some fascinating facts about these five elements of the sheep, which will help you to understand them more precisely:

  • A Wood Sheep – Year: 1955, 2015

The wooden element symbolizes graciousness, elegance, and compassion. People born under these years are kind-hearted and helpful. They have a creative and analytical mindset, which they willingly use to solve problems. Thus, making them popular and admired in the crowd.

However, these sheep love their freedom, which often makes them lonely and stubborn. Sometimes, if things don’t go according to their plans, they will immediately start blaming the fate that eventually affects them in other areas.

  • A Fire Sheep – Year: 1907, 1967

The fire element symbolizes honesty, amicable, and perfectionism. People born in these years are realistic and bold in their approach. They are obsessed with cleanliness and honesty. They admire loyal people who are truthful to your face, no matter if it might hurt their sentiments. Also, they are great at planning things in advance, which makes them always one step ahead.

However, stubbornness and emotions put off these fire sheep. Sometimes, they bubble up unrealistic ideologies about someone or something, which might cause them problems in the future. 

  • An Earth-Sheep – Year: 1919, 1979

The earthy element symbolizes royalty, sophistication, and charms. People born in these years are optimistic and logical in their approach. They religiously believe that hard work and passion can only achieve success. When their family or friends are in trouble, they always volunteer for help and support them in the best possible ways.

Still, their over-sensitivity leads them to overthink an uncertain situation. Sometimes, these earth sheep take responsibilities very seriously, which makes them less cautious and harms themselves. They are very stubborn and become ultra-defensive when criticized.

  • A Gold Sheep – Year: 1931, 1991

The gold or metal element symbolizes ambition, zeal, and responsibility. Sheep born in these years inherit a strong sense of responsibility towards their friends and family. With a strong sense of artistic inclination, these people have keen eyes for beauty and adore exquisite things. These people are highly innovative yet practical at the same time.

Nevertheless, these golden sheep need a sense of security in their financial and personal life. If they sense something is going off the track, they become very impulsive. Unstable beneath their calm posture, they can be possessive and overprotective of the people or things they love the most.

  • A Water-Sheep – Year: 1943, 2003)

The water element symbolizes calmness, fragility, and purity. These water sheep are notably appealing to others, as they are kind-hearted and charismatic people. They love to travel to different places and learn about new cultures, traditions, and people. Also, they are always ready to help others, even though they need to sacrifice their own interest.

However, people tend to take advantage of their positivity. Sometimes, their over-helping nature might turn into over-protectiveness, which can harm them emotionally, physically, and mentally. 

  • Numbers: 2, 7, and all other numbers, including 2 & 7
  • Days: 7th and 30th of every month (As per the Chinese Lunar Calendar)
  • Colors: Brown, red, or purple
  • Flowers: Carnations or primroses
  • Directions: North
  • Colors: Blue or Black
  • Numbers: 4 or 9
  • Direction: Southwest
  • Worst Lunar Months: Third, sixth, and tenth (As per the Chinese Lunar Calendar)

Final Thoughts

Sheep are reserved and quiet people. One might find them going along with friends, partying around, or chilling near the beach. Also, they might be buying fashionable and branded clothing or accessories, but they are not haughty. They know the value of hard-earned money. They spend most of their time weaving their own cloud of thoughts, particularly about their life. Their motto for life is simple: Work, Sleep, Eat, Help Needy, and Repeat. Hard work always pays off fruitfully.

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