Aries And Sagittarius Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries and Sagittarius.

Fire – Cardinal – Positive
Ruled by Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Day Forces – Masculine

Fire – Mutable – Positive
Ruled by Jupiter
Symbols: Archer & Centaur
Day Forces – Masculine

… but perhaps the biggest adventure of all was that they were several hours late for bed.
This so inflated them that they did various dodgy things to get staying up still longer, such as demanding bandages …

Both of these Sun Signs like to stay up late. They’re afraid they might miss something. That’s why they’re reluctant to retire early, leave parties early – or walk past two strangers fighting in the street. Rams and Archers are forever being advised by well-meaning friends, “Stay out of it. Mind your own business. It’s not your concern. It’s a lost cause.” This last warning is a mistake. These two would walk a thousand miles for any cause, and if it’s a lost cause, they simply can’t bear to stand by without trying to save it. The fact that it’s none of their business only makes it more intriguing, since both signs are infused with excessive amounts of curiosity, as well as a determined opinion that they know all the answers.

As for “demanding bandages,” Aries and Sagittarius are also the most accident prone in the zodiac (with Aquarius running a close third). For obvious reasons. Not only on account of the traits just mentioned, but because Aries men and women are always ramming their horns into places where angels fear to tread – or even tiptoe. Sagittarians (symbolized by the Centaur, with bow and arrow) are all just naturally born a little clumsy. It isn’t easy to balance a body that’s half horse, half man. Neither is it easy to balance a personality that’s half philosopher, half clown.

Aries and Sagittarius get along pretty well most of the time, because they have so much in common – like their noticeable abundance of idealism. No one is more idealistic than the naive Ram, with the childlike faith that “wishing will make it so,” unless it’s the Archers, who aim their arrows toward some galaxy unseen by mortal man or woman.

Of course, today, with less idealistic people poisoning the Earth and its atmosphere, the Jupiter arrows can get stuck in a mass of solid pollution before they get past a low-hanging cloud. Rams and Archers aren’t the only people with good intentions, but they’re usually too busy, especially as a team pushing their ideas of Utopia (often running in concentric circles) to be sidetracked by personal or political greed.

Another thing Aries and Sagittarius have in common is their fondness for heated discussion. Only a Libra has more fun starting arguments. But logical Libra is driven by a desire to be fair and see justice done. Rams and Archers are simply constitutionally unable to ignore a verbal challenge for other reasons. Aries argues because someone has dared to tell them they’re wrong, when the Rams know they’re always infallibly right. Sagittarius argues because truth isn’t being told, and if there’s anything an Archer can’t stand, it’s to hear truth distorted.

The fable about the Emperor’s new clothes is an excellent example. There they were, all those brainwashed subjects, thousands of gullible people – standing in the ditches, and cheering their insane Emperor as he paraded by in his carriage – stark nude. Because he was their leader, and could therefore do no wrong, they saw him draped in luxurious satins and velvets, sparkling with precious stones. “See how beautiful the Emperor’s clothes are!”

There’s no telling what might have happened to that mythical kingdom, if a small child (who could only have been a little Virgo girl with the Moon in Sag – or a young boy Archer with the Moon in Virgo) hadn’t shot an arrow of truth into the crowd and called out (in modern idiom), “Hey! Dig that! The old dude is as naked as a jay bird!” I don’t remember what happened to the child in the fable, but I hope the youngster wasn’t picked up by the Emperor’s guards for interrogation. That would have been rough on the guards.

Anyone who has a Sagittarian for a friend has submitted to a certain amount of verbal surgery. This cheerful, friendly puppy dog approaches you on the street, whacks you on the back and opens up with, “Well, hello there – how are you! My gawd, it’s good to see you again, but I almost didn’t recognize you. Boy, are you skinny!” Then comes the usual Sagittarian apology for the rudeness, because these people are basically kind-hearted, and only the occasional, unevolved Archer would wound you deliberately. “Oh, no, I’ve done it again, haven’t I? Stuck my big foot in my mouth. You’re probably sensitive about being skinny, right?”

Or maybe this scene: “How are things going, old chum? Listen, I hear you got fired because you’ve been hitting the bottle too much. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Look at President Andrew Johnson. He was an alky, and they tried to fire him too. Did you ever think of getting a job as a wine taster? Now, there’s a career where you could really go places! Say, how about bringing that married woman you’ve been dating and dropping over to the house tonight? Don’t worry, I’ll tell my wife to hide the liquor. You know what St. Patrick said. God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world!”

Producer-TV personality David Susskind is a double Sagittarian. (Sagittarius Sun Sign and Ascendent.) Perhaps you caught his television show the night of the famous interview between “friendly puppy dog” Susskind and the bombastic Russian Ram, Nikita Khrushchev, which was running along quite nicely until David looked Premier Khrushchev straight in the eye and shot out something like: “Why is your country so deceptive, and why do your officials lie so much?” How’s that for warming up a cold war? Zing! Zowie! As papers across the nation reported the following day, and even owners of black-and-white television sets could see, Aries Khrushchev’s face turned several shades of angry red, and his features strongly resembled a thundercloud about to explode into a storm.

Aries normally admires and defends Sagittarian honesty, since Rams also pride themselves on telling the truth. But they draw the line at hearing the truth about themselves. That’s a marked difference between Aries and Sag. The Archer is nearly as blunt in making unflattering statements about himself – or herself – as in telling others their faults. The Ram champions the truth only up to the point where it begins to sting, or come too close to home. Aries people aren’t noted for easily recognizing or accepting their shortcomings and flaws.

Although most Sagittarian arrows are shot in good faith, with no real intent to be malicious, an occasional unevolved and unenlightened Centaur will blast a Ram with a cutting and cruel remark that bears no relation to truth, guided only by a desire to hurt. (All traits of all twelve Sun Signs can be, at times, expressed through their negative polarity.) While such a brutal Sag may get away with this sort of behavior with most people, he or she will discover it isn’t very smart to so attempt to shoot down a Ram of either sex. The arrow will be shot right back, with the added Martian thrust of righteous outrage, not always hitting its mark immediately (Aries aim is not as true as the Archer’s) but eventually finding its fiery way home. Jupiter is a large and powerful star, but even in the sky, Jupiter remains a healthy distance away from the warlike Mars, ruler of Aries. To fail to defend against attack would disgrace the Mars reputation for fearlessness, and topple the entire astrological structure. It will never happen.

But this is a 5-9 vibrational association, and the frequent friction between these two can be smoothed with the quick regret and open forgiveness both Sun Signs are capable of demonstrating when they’ve been naughty or unkind toward each other. Neither Sag nor Aries is able to contain anger for long periods of time, and neither Sun Sign bears ill will beyond the passion of the moment – unless one of them happens to have a Scorpio Moon Sign. Then the injury might be remembered for more than a few days. Even so, the Sun is more powerful than the Moon’s lighter influence, and eventually, the sunny dispositions of the Ram and the Centaur will restore harmony between them.

Many careers and activities attract the wandering, restless Sagittarian, from jungle safaris to gambling dens or the stock market, the biggest gambling den of them all – from horse breeding or dog training to religion – from medicine and the law to higher education – as long as the Archer is free to move around, and talk – to take a chance, and find a thrill.

Many careers and activities attract the gregarious Aries too. Just pick a profession, and the Ram will be happy to run it for you. They’re not choosy, as long as they can be boss. Aries is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. Sag is a Mutable Sign, and less inclined to seek authority. Intuitively, the Archer knows the boss is tied down to the desk, often being unable to take as many vacations as his or her employees – and Sag does love those vacations! Actually, both of them prefer being their own boss, and gravitate toward occupations or professions where nobody tells them what to do, or when to do it.

Although the Ram and the Archer are both essentially extroverts, both born under the Positive, Masculine Day Forces, you’ll meet more quiet Archers than quiet Rams. Perhaps that’s because the more philosophically oriented Sagittarians have discovered the hard way – and I do mean the hard way – that you learn more when you’re listening than when you’re talking. After all, Jupiter does rule higher education (among other things), and it’s only natural that the Jupiter-ruled gradually become adept at self-education. Archers are all naturally intuitive, and the meaning of “in-tuition” is to be taught from within.

To understand the basic difference between Sag and Aries, it’s necessary to understand the differences between the two planets that rule them, Jupiter and Mars. These two people are so much alike, on the surface, that it may be hard to detect any differences, but there are.

Jupiter influences the Sagittarian man, child, woman, boy or girl to be expansive (often to exaggerate experiences and feelings, but seldom the facts) – to be brutally honest and extremely experimental, in all areas of life. Jupiter’s vibration also creates a great wanderlust in Sag, and blesses the Archers with occasional flashes of prophetic vision. Symbolized by the Centaur, which is half horse, half man, the Archer has far more personal confidence and assurance than the Ram (never mind the Aries surface brashness) because Sag contains the total experience of both human and beast.

Mars influences the Aries man, child, woman, boy or girl to be forceful and direct in all ways – to fiercely defend themselves against attack – and to be bravest in an emergency or a crisis. Such defense from the vibration of Mars is necessary for the Aries person, because Aries is symbolized by the Infant, newborn, and like the human infant, Aries would, quite literally, die without affection and care, unless Mars protected.

Not as wisely prophetic as Sag, Aries, nonetheless, sees straight through to the heart of all things, being blessed with a combination of Mars penetration to the core and the Infant’s innocence and naivete, which is the purest wisdom of all. The most vital difference between these two, however, is that the Ram is far more vulnerable to cruelty and neglect. Also, there is never maliciousness in the Aries intent, for, like the newborn, Aries comprehends, essentially, only goodness – whereas Sagittarius has lived long enough (soulwise) to have developed more cynicism and worldly-wise attitudes.

Great idealism and striving are present in Sag, but seldom innocence. Sagittarius has learned to think, to use the intellect, to prophesy and to philosophize. Aries comprehends no other path to happiness than the newborn instinctive emotional reaction to love and kindness. Only the fierce protection of Mars keeps the Ram from being totally helpless in the hands of stronger people. Wasn’t it wise of our co-Creators, in arranging to keep the karmic plan in order through astrology, to insure that the Infant of the karmic wheel would be watched over and protected by the devoted warrior (and lover of Venus) Mars?

This is the graced-by-the-gods 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, making compatibility between the Ram and the Archer relatively easy to achieve. Both the rare, quiet Arians and Sagittarians – and the more common, typical, extroverted types – are far happier when they’re both mentally and physically active, learning. Like the proverbial prophets, Sag frequently fares better away from the place of birth, and delights in traveling to get there (with little nostalgia for the “roots” left behind). Aries suffers painful heart tugs from the memory of the “safety” left behind, but nevertheless bravely joins the Archer, trying to match the faster pace of the Centaur’s canter. When the Ram joins Sag, and they travel together, the trip may be a little noisy, but never dull, and they’ll energetically defend each other against any baddies who threaten them. Despite their frequent squabbles, the unquenchable idealism of Sagittarius will forever move Aries to spontaneous affection and an unaccustomed compassion – just as the Archer will forever be touched by the naivete and honesty of Aries, knowing that here is someone who can be trusted never to be hypocritical or disloyal. After all the
smoke has cleared away, these two will still be standing there, smiling at each other with their hearts. You might say that the Ram and the Archer are combustible,
but compatible.

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