Aries And Scorpio Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries and Scorpio.

Fire – Cardinal – Positive
Ruled by Mars
Symbol: The Ram
Day Forces – Masculine

Water – Fixed – Negative
Ruled by Pluto
Symbols: Scorpion & Eagle
Night Forces – Feminine

Had the pirates kept together it is certain that they would have won;
but the onset came when they were all unstrung,
and they ran hither and thither, striking wildly,
each thinking himself the last survivor of the crew.
Man to man they were the stronger;
but they fought on the defensive only…..

In their secret hearts, Aries men and women rather like to fancy themselves as colorful, fierce pirates. After all, pirates are brave, romantic and dashing. But like the pirate crew in Neverland, Aries often dissipates the Mars energy in the premature exposure of emotional reaction, fighting on the defensive. A Ram never attacks unless struck first. Remember that Aries is the symbolic Infant of the zodiac, and infants don’t yell unless they’re ignored, or someone jabs them with a sharp safety pin. After all, it’s the only defense they have against pain or neglect. When more serious danger threatens, their guardian, Mars, comes to the rescue.

Scorpios, however, are masters of the offensive – an offensive laced with clever, cool strategy, exquisite patience and an uncanny sense of the weakness of others. You won’t find Scorpios coming unstrung, running hither and thither, or striking wildly. When they strike, it’s straight on target, with deadly precision. Anytime you’re stung by the tail of the Scorpion, you know you’ve been stung. That’s why people seldom mess around with Pluto power the second time. Once is usually more than enough.

Still, it’s almost impossible to feel sorry for Scorpions (although offering sympathy to a Scorpio is rather like lending a dollar to the Agnelli family, of Italy – or the Middle East oil czars). It must seem tiresome to watch people recoil when they discover you were born in November.

An Aries friend of mine has a trusted secretary he had always thought was the dearest, as well as the most efficient woman in the world. Then one day he inadvertently found out that Molly was a Scorpio. He nearly went into a state of shock. It was as though he had been harboring a serpent in his office. His loyal Molly – a Scorpio? The normal Mars courage plummeted to rock bottom as the Ram reacted to this frightening astrological blow. When he grew calmer, he remembered Molly’s hard work over the years, her valor beyond the call of duty, her efficient cool in emergencies – and yes, her sometimes rough tongue.

At that very moment, Molly, who was getting out the mail, held up a letter and said, “Considering you dictated this, it doesn’t sound too bad.” Translated into Scorpio language, that meant: “Your creative expression is improving.” My Aries friend felt a warm glow, as if he had received praise from on high. He had. So he ventured to remark, “Listen, about your being born in November … . ”

Scorp glanced up from the IBM Selectric Correctional, threw him a hypnotic stare through the gathering steam in the air (from Fire and Water) and said, “Yes? What about it? ” The Ram then murmured, “Oh, nothing, Molly. Nothing at all. I was just wondering what to get you for your birthday … . ”

Now, if you know anything about astrology, you know that’s not a typical reaction from an Aries employer. Or any other kind of Aries person. Rams don’t back down for anyone.

Strangely, a Ram won’t normally push ahead immediately with a Scorpio, as he or she will with those born under all other Sun Signs. There’s something about those compelling Pluto eyes, reflecting a quiet poise and hidden strength, that flashes a message to the Ram: “Beware. This still water runs very deep. And it could drown you. You’re only a paper Ram, and a Ram is a member of the sheep family. You’re out of your element with me. You’re in the big ocean now, way over your head, full of sharks, seaweed, odd nocturnal creatures, hidden reefs and mystery.”

That’s where all Scorpios originally came from – the sea. If they’re also found on the desert these days, the burning sands are no less a strange territory to Rams.

Aries instinctively absorbs the message, which is “danger.” Ah, DANGER! It’s the one word that will excite the Ram to action, so the initial caution is soon replaced by the Mars forward charge, rising to meet the challenge thrown down. It’s almost always a mistake. When it comes to an actual showdown, a Ram is tougher, louder and more emphatic than a Scorpion. But when things get to that point, the typical Scorpion will simply disappear, wrapped in aloof silence, leaving Aries to ponder the same old mystery. Did he (or she) leave in recognition of defeat – or because I went too far? In other words, even if you appear to win with a Scorpio, you’ll never be sure. You’ll always have to guess.

It doesn’t take many experiences for the average Ram to learn that the best method for dealing with a Scorpio is cooperation – at a safe and respectful emotional distance. The intimacies of romance are something else. Here, we’re dealing with the general vibrations of this 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern between Aries and Scorpio in a business, friendship or family relationship.

Examples of the Aries-Scorpio interaction are always valid, whatever the sex or the age of the Ram and the Eagle involved, and so, the following may be aptly and helpfully applied to any Mars-Pluto association in which the reader may be involved, by simply changing the names and the specific situation. The basics remain.

One summer, a few years previous to this time of writing, I noticed my tenyear-old Scorpio son was becoming markedly plump (well, all right, fat) and also lazy, from consuming the typical childhood diet of ice cream, cake, candy, soda pop and the nutritional poison from fast food chains – using his allowance to buy the “forbidden fruit.” (Actual fruit, you can’t get some kids to eat. It must be forbidden.)

“Michael,” I commanded rather loudly and angrily, with Mars firmness and directness, “you will stop eating that junk, and you will stop now. Immediately. No more sweets will be brought into your room, and hidden on your closet shelf. Nor will you secretly fudge any more Eskimo Pies and chocolate Wing Dings with your allowance. Do you understand that? Do you hear me?”

His answer was total silence. Within two weeks, he gained ten additional pounds. I then cut off his allowance, every penny of it, to punish him. Now, let’s see him find a way to get even with me! I thought. He did.

The following week, I received several phone calls from his various teachers, reporting incorrigible behavior from Mike in school, and an absolute refusal to do his homework assignments. Then, fortunately, I finally remembered that I’m an astrologer. The ban on sweets and bad food was lifted. His allowance was not only restored but increased.

“Michael,” I said to him, gently this time, and softly, “I trust you to know better than anyone else what’s bad for your body, mind and soul – and what’s good for it. You are ruled by Pluto, the wisest, as well as the most powerful planet in the entire solar system. I’m sorry I shouted at you before. It’s just that [here, I became somewhat calculating, I must admit], well, it’s just that it hurts me to hear all those kids at school calling you ‘Whale.’ That’s not the right kind of nickname for an Eagle. I know it’s affectionate, but “I trailed off, unable any longer to fill in the growing silence between us. This time, along with his silent stare, he answered me with a faint, mysterious smile. Inwardly, I shuddered.

I don’t expect my readers to believe what happened next, because if I hadn’t seen it with my own Aries eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it myself. This determined Scorpion-Eagle, whose inner strength and integrity had at last been recognized, actually began to make his own green salads after school, without the slightest hint from me – refused all desserts, munched apples and chewed on tangerines between meals, and stuck to a diet that would starve a Yogi. Miraculously, his secret closet cache of candy bars disappeared. All this without a single additional word from me, and with a steely will power that was honestly frightening.

His reward was a series of weekly karate lessons, where his instructors marveled at his robust health, not to mention his “Scorpio death grip” he taught them. He had no desire for a black belt, however. He just wanted the training as a warning to the school bullies, instinctively knowing the power of suggestion. Karate is excellent training for young Scorps, by the way. It instills in them courtesy, respect for authority, and most important of all, it stresses defense, rather than attack.

Within two months, no one was calling the Eagle “Whale” anymore. His new nickname, dictated by Scorpio himself, has become MOE – and his friends would not dare call him anything else. Certainly, this humbled Ram would not dare. MOE stands for “Master of Eternity.” That figures, with Pluto. MOE then organized a group of his closest friends into an organization called the PEARLS (the meaning is secret, and I have no hope of ever learning it), who are dedicated to defending younger children and the elderly from all manner of Manhattan muggers.

That’s what can happen when an impulsive, bossy Ram handles an Eagle of any age, or any sex, with the proper respect. An invaluable lesson for the Aries person, when dealing with a Scorp, in this 6-8 influenced association.

With a Pluto person, Aries shouldn’t expect to find the fairness of Libra, the compassion of Pisces or the warm generosity of Leo. He (or she) may even find a basic selfishness exceeding that of Capricorn, if not that of the Ram himself (or herself).

But Scorpio is intensely loyal, and never compromises principle. This makes a big hit with the Ram, who, is also fiercely loyal, and who has an equal contempt for the compromising of ideals or integrity. Scorpio never gives in, never admits defeat. Aries is likewise dedicated fiercely to winning. Only sissies give up, and give in. Everybody knows that. These two certainly know it. Yet, there’s another Scorpio quality, intangible, indefinable, that Aries finds impossible to fathom. Is it will power? Or is it, simply – will? It is the latter, and it’s responsible for the strong, emotionally charged aura surrounding even the quietest, apparently harmless, Scorpions.

Now, this doesn’t mean that every Scorp has to come on like Dracula. Many of these men and women have undeniably sweet and pleasant personalities. They’re interesting, intelligent and courteous. But shy, insecure and defenseless, they are not – and Aries should not allow himself or herself to be fooled by their gentle voices, their unobtrusive demeanor and lack of surface aggression. In this association, it’s always wise to remember that the elements of Fire and Water are combining, and each has the latent ability to destroy the other, which is explained in more detail in the section called “The Elements” at the back of this book, and in various other chapters dealing with the Fire and Air Sign compatibilities.

I know a Scorpio man who married a Scorpio girl, after a long (and naturally secret) engagement. When Herb and Donna’s first baby arrived in April, my initial impulse was to offer to adopt the child. A tiny Ram, under the restrictive dominance of two Scorps? Little Joshua must be rescued, I told myself, before his Mars ego is completely crushed. But the truth is, that Aries Joshua has benefited tremendously from the quiet discipline, and intuitive wisdom of his double Pluto-ruled parents. An evolved and enlightened pair of Eagles are an excellent example of moral courage and personal integrity for a Mars youngster, who needs and wants guidance in the right direction. Scorps are perfect teachers of will power and stability to an explosive Ram, who tends to explode in a burst of enthusiasm, then lose interest before the sparks have settled.

There is always, of course, the danger that Pluto power exercised over Mars will be too severe. A Ram of any age may be dampened by Scorpio’s Water element caution into becoming the sheep-type Arian, unnaturally introverted and self-effacing, which is definitely not desirable, because it’s a denial of the Mars birthright. In the happier Aries-Scorpio associations, however, the Ram will respond beautifully to the strength of the Eagle friend, neighbor, relative, business associate, lover or mate, and try to imitate the Pluto poise, which is a decided positive result of this blend. Just so, the Scorpio half of the team tries to develop more elasticity of viewpoint, in relation to the Ram’s more open nature, and far more free and friendly approach to life. The emotional coldness Scorpio can project at times is capable of breaking the warm Aries heart, as well as his (or her) spirit, and self-confidence.

There will be occasional moments when the Scorpio’s penetrating gaze of angry disapproval, or thwarted will, can be downright spooky to an Aries, causing the Ram to inwardly quake, never mind his or her Mars ruler-ship. I know a Scorpio father who, when he was frustrated beyond further discussion by the contrariness of his three sons (one of them an Aries), would simply grow stone silent for a few seconds, then speak, in a sepulchral voice, the ominous Pluto words: “I’ll remember this.” It’s rather a healthy idea for all Rams involved with Scorpions to remember that. Meaning, the Eagle will never forget an injury. Never. Nor will the Scorp man, woman or child ever forget an act of love or kindness. It’s much safer and happier to give them the memory of the latter, and avoid the former, whenever possible.

Some Scorpions become slaves to their own wills. So much so that the Eagle will persist in a purpose, even when it’s become obvious that the continuation of a certain course will surely lead to self-destruction. Aries well understands that kind of intense, later-regretted compulsion.

But Aries is a Positive Fire Sign – the reckless, Mars-driven crusader, stirred emotionally by dedication to a cause, and the excitement of a dangerous mission. Scorpio is a Negative Water Sign – the seasoned veteran, possessing a deep sense of realities and the strength to endure hardships, with no illusions about the glamour of marching bands, uniforms and decorations for bravery. Their strategies are very different. Aries defends fiercely, in the front lines. Scorpio attacks suddenly, unexpectedly, from the rear. At war, these two Sun Signs are natural enemies. Peace is better – and it begins with Love.

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