Number 1 in Numerology

Number 1 in Numerology

Number 1 in numerology can represents the beginning. As we all know One or 1 is the initiation or the start of all. In this article, we look at everything about the very first number of numerology.

Number 1 : Ruling Planet

Number 1 is ruled by the Planet of the Sun. Sun is center of our universe from an astronomical point of view, similarly in astrology also Sun holds utmost power. Simply put, we can think of the Sun with the most influence as a King or a Ruler of a kingdom.

1 shows the quality of a Leader or a Ruler as well. It also defines the inception of anything. Number 1 is proud like a King and thus has immense ambitions to achieve it all & can have an egotistical side.

Number 1 : Who Is Influenced by Number 1?

Those born on the 1st of any month of any year are by default governed by 1 and will show the traits of the same. Those born on the 10th, 19th, and 28th of any month or any year also have effects of 1. As the total of these dates to a single digit is 1. (19 -> 1+9= 10 -> 1+0 = 1)

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Those with the life-path number of 1 are also influenced by Number 1. We can calculate the life path by adding the entire birth date of an individual.  For someone born on the 28th of December 2015, their life path number will be 3. Check the calculation below.

Date: 28 -> 2+8=10 -> 1+0= 1 so D=1
Month: 12 -> 1+2= 3 So M=3
Year: 2015 -> 2+0+1+5=8 so Y=8
Life path = D+M+Y -> 1+8+3 =12 -> 1+2= 3

Number 1 : Basic Traits and Characteristics

Number 1 is the beginning of all the numbers thus it will always display a desire or intense ambition to always be on top or be better than others. Number 1 is stubborn and has a restrictive nature. They do not like to listen to criticisms and can ignore genuine advice too.

These individuals crave respect and like to be in a position to influence others. They can be generous too with the need to help the helpless and weak people. Their rationality often takes a backseat, due to arrogant thinking. They think that they know the world and whatever they are doing a little better than others.

They may have a bit of a superiority complex with the Sun ruling this number. Thus they could also have ego or extreme pride issues, which hinders their helping nature and rather makes them arrogant or non-cooperative.

Their Life is like The Sun

Just like Sun, these individuals have a life that follows the pattern of the Sun. As the Sun is center of our universe yet no planet or people can get close to it. Similarly even when surrounded by friends and loves ones, they are aloof and detached.

Sunrise, Afternoon and Sunset

Like Sunrise, the childhood and youth of these individuals are usually happy & blooming. With nothing to worry about and countless dreams in their bright eyes, they get ready to shine on top.

Their middle life is like the afternoon sun, where they shine the brightest. Even though the afternoon sun is the source of light hardly anyone can look at it directly. Similarly, people with number 1 are surrounded by people in their mid-life, yet feel alone and irritable. These years are the hardest for these people.

The last period of age for these people is like Sunset. In such years they take it easy, are relaxed, and are happy.

Number 1 : Health and Wellbeing

These people seem to be in better health when they are surrounded by Number 1. The months of October and January are better healthwise as both months total 1. Similarly, the ages of 1, 10, 19,28, 37, 46, and 55 are good for their physical well-being too.

People with 1, tend to have anger and short temper issues. This may result in high blood pressure or palpitation issues. They can also suffer from headaches or eye-related issues. These people either have truly luxurious hair or can face baldness issues.

They suffer mostly due to over-exertion and negativity surrounding arrogance and pride. As they age and learn to let go, their health and nervous system get better too.

Number 1 : Favorable Things

Sunday and Mondays prove to be lucky for these people. Dates like 1, 10, 19, or 28 of any month are also favorable. When it comes to colors, yellow, gold, orange, brown, purple, and any color that shows royalty are fortunate.

Although it’s better to do new tasks or important tasks on favorable dates or days, or with colors. Yet they must be careful not to let overconfidence or arrogance shadow the actual skill and task at hand.

Number 1 : Compatibility

Those with Number 1 get along well with numbers 2, 3, 5, and 9. Usually, compatibility with the same number is good. But 1 may not gel well with 1 when it comes to relationships. They are on the same wavelength with behavior, and outlook towards the world. Which sets them to be great friends or company. Yet, when a love relationship is concerned the ego clashes, attitude, and anger issues keep resurfacing.

Please note, that compatibility comes down to two people willing to work it out as a team against issues. No matter what numbers and planets.

Bijal Vyas
Bijal Vyas
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