Are you a True Taurus?


  1. 1 A Perfect Vacation for you is....

    1. Clubbing till I Die
    2. Beaches Baby
    3. Spa and Luxurious stay on Islands
  2. 2 If you had to Choose one what would it be....

    1. Books.. How can I survive without Reading
    2. Food... Anything and everything but Food is always priority
    3. Coffee! Caffeine is the Blood that runs in my veins
  3. 3 How would your Birthday Party look like?

    1. With all the people you know singing Happy Birthday for me
    2. In a Fancy restaurant with People you Love
    3. Crying in bed alone....
  4. 4 Which of the following do you think your friends would choose to define you?

    1. Hell of a Stubborn
    2. Easy Going
    3. Selectively Argumentative
  5. 5 When it comes to Food....

    1. You hate to Experiment
    2. You try different Cuisine once in a while
    3. Food is Life... and What is a Life without Risks.
  6. 6 You want your Love life to be?

    1. One Night Stands every Night
    2. Cuddly Commitment
    3. Steady and Sensual

Are you a True Taurus?

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  1. Quiz result

    Do you even need this test?

    Hey Taurean! Why are you even taking this quiz, Who can doubt you being the Sensual, Smart and Stubborn Taurus.

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  2. Quiz result

    You are mostly Taurean!

    Hey your results show that you are pretty much Taurean. Though not as headstrong but definitely sassy. 

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  3. Quiz result

    Umm! Looks like Bull is missing here

    Hey, you sure you are a Taurean. Your results show you to be opposite of a Typical Taurus. It is possible that some other sign may have more influence on your birth chart. 

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