Things Zodiac Sign Tend To do Lot

The Zodiac Signs, biggest and most known phenomena in the world of Astrology is that of 12 Zodiac signs. There are 12 Signs each representing specific area of our body and represented by character and a symbol.


  1. ARIES -Using Lot of Hand Motion
  2. TAURUS -Wiggling Eyebrow
  3. GEMINI -Taking deep breaths
  4. CANCER -Playing with their lips
  5. LEO- Winking
  6. VIRGO -Smirking
  7. LIBRA -Blushing
  8. SCORPIO – Laughing Uncontrollably
  9. SAGITTARIUS – Picking at their nails
  10. CAPRICORN – Tapping their foot
  11. AQUARIUS -Looking deep in thought
  12. PISCES -Giggling so much

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