Zodiac Signs as Marvel Movies Characters

Signs as Marvel Characters

We all love Marvel Movies and the Characters have become part and parcels of our lives. Let us see which Zodiac sign fits our favorite Marvel Characters.

  1. 1 Aries - Tony Stark/Ironman


    Tony stark the Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist

    Tony is someone whose swag level is on whole another level. The Rich industrialist with sarcastic one liners and crazy nicknames for those around him, is not just another brat but is man with conscience. 

    He is smart enough to build a suit from wreck, brave and courageous to fights the evils of earth and beyond, the man has feels that his love for Pepper proves, he is father figure to Peter Parker. Don't forget his I should start this and I should do this at everything is just like Aries. 

    His intelligence, saracstic humor, taking intiative nature and egositic arrogance hints towards him being Aries

  2. 2 Taurus - Steve Rogers/Captain America


    Steve Rogers the weak but generous man who went through SuperSoldier experiement program to become Captain America the First Avenger. 

    Now that he has lost everything after being awaken from sleep of 70 years, he is left in world and era that is all new, all those he loved are lost, his best friend is long dead and his only love Peggy Carter is old and captured by Alzeimers. Yet the man determines and keep fighting for the nation against evil. 

    His amazing leadership skills, emotions, loyalty towards friends and country and more than anything his stubbornness not to give up clearly makes him Taurus.

  3. 3 Gemini - Loki


  4. 4 Cancer - Scott Lang / Ant man


  5. 5 Leo - T'Challa / Black Panther


  6. 6 Virgo - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow


  7. 7 Libra - Thor


  8. 8 Scorpio - Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier / White Wolf


  9. 9 Sagittarius - Clint Barton / Hawkeye


  10. 10 Capricorn - Doctor Stephen Strange


  11. 11 Aquarius - Nick Fury


  12. 12 Pisces - Bruce Banner / Hulk


    Bruce Banner the scientist who has seven Ph.D.s and vast knowledge in the field of gamma radiation. When exposed to Gamma in a failed experiement, made him transform into a complete different personality of HULK

    Bruce just like one personality of Pisces is calm, smart, awkward, intelligent, some what empath and visionary. While Hulk the green monster just like other side of Pisces, imaptient, angered, reckless, uncontrollable. Due to his feelings of suppression, loneliness and hurt from being used and manipulated by everyone

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