The LEO Employee, Leo the Lion by Linda Goodman

The LEO Employee

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This article is from her book, “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs” where she explains all the Signs in detail. In this article we will see her writings and explanation for fifth Sign LEO

She explains Leo in 6 different categories.

In this article we will see the sixth category that is Leo Employee


The sun was shining on the sea,

Shining with all his might:

He did his very best to make

The billows smooth and bright-And this was odd, because it was

The middle of the night.

If your employee is a typical Leo, it will be almost im-| possible to ignore him. If he’s a quiet Leo, it wouldn’t J be wise to ignore him. The more aggressive lion will force j you to appreciate his talents and recognize his value by | simply telling you how wonderful he is. The shy pussycat

type will pout until you give him the same treatment. | It adds up to the same thing. Don’t ignore your Leo em-‘ ployees.

Whether the lion roars from center stage or bides his time in the wings, he is proud. He is dignified. He knows his superiority and he doesn’t want anyone to overlook it. ; Leos are not the kind to hide their light under a bushel. | If tribute isn’t paid to their vanity, both types of lions will find another savannah to honor with their presence. They can’t bear to be underestimated.

All Leos love titles. The bigger and fancier, the better. ; Offer the lion a substantial raise, but give the fellow at the next desk the title of “Chief of Office Coordination,” and the lion won’t thank you for the extra cash in his pay envelope. He’ll be too busy brooding over the increased status of his co-worker, who couldn’t possibly deserve such a promotion as much as he does, of course.

It’s not perversity that causes him to insist on his rights. He was born to be the master of all he surveys. Leadership is an inherent part of his nature and impossible to root out completely. Leo is fully equipped to take charge. He feels useless and helpless, as well as unwanted, when he’s not assuming some kind of obligation. If there’s nothing else available to build his sense of importance, hell get it by handing out free advice to his friends and family. Strangers won’t be neglected, either. Leo scatters his pearls of wisdom impartially. He’ll tell you how much you should pay for having an extra room built over your garage, counsel your secretary about her alimony problems, inform the cleaning woman what kind of ointment to use on her sore toe, and explain to the mailman how he could make his deliveries more efficiently. The less important he is on the job, the more seriously he’ll practice his counseling service,

I know one Leo man (the quiet type) who worked for a large company. For years, his family had the vague im­pression that he was the district sales manager. In reality, he was an ordinary salesman and a route supervisor, as well as one of the most indispensable men in the company. Since he couldn’t be sales manager until the well-qualified man who held the title had retired, the Leo swallowed his injured pride, and satisfied his leonine vanity by allowing his family to assume he had the position.

His enormous sense of responsibility was evident in his consistent loyalty and devotion over the years. He spent a quarter of a century supplying creative advertising ideas to the firm that paid off in steadily rising profits. At the same time, he competently supervised the company’s truck routes at all hours, in all kinds of weather, and waited for the recognition he deserved, but his promotion to the top position was always just around the corner. When the sales manager finally retired, a younger man was brought in from New York to take over. That was the day the Leo quit. There was a heavy Capricorn influence in his chart, so the situation was easier for him to bear than it would have been for the typical Leo, but he’ll carry the scars of the deep wound to his pride all his life. There’s nothing in this world as sad as the sight of the dignified lion robbed of the respect he desperately seeks and has honestly earned.

You had better make a note that the leonine sense of responsibility, which can be so impressive, usually doesn’t show itself until maturity. In his youth, the lion is the classical playboy, prancing joyously through days and nights of wine, women and song, wearing the flashiest clothes in the group, making everyone laugh at his clown-like antics and roaring when someone steps on his mag­nificent tail.

It’s usually wise to use young Leo employees in promotion and sales. They’re natural showmen, and they’ll keep your customers happy with their warm, sunny dispositions. Later, as they mature, the big cats can gradually be eased into the top positions, where they’ll usually live up to every bit of responsibility you give them. It’s a smart boss who knows at what point the lion has graduated from the role of playboy prince to the just, dignified king.

It’s a strange thing about Leos of both sexes. Under­neath their brave fronts, they secretly fear they have no real courage They can behave with the most exasperating pride and outrageous vanity, display insufferable ego, ex­hibit periods of pure laziness. Then along comes a crisis or emergence, either on the job or in their personal lives. Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, the lion and lioness show themselves to be the steady ones. Only under great pressure, weighed down by the heaviest burdens life has to offer, does the inner strength born in this Sun sign come forth in all its glory.


Jacqueline Kennedy’s childhood of ease and comfort left people totally unprepared for her incredible courage in the face of unspeakable tragedy. The Leo with the reputation of a playboy will surprise his friends when he bravely and cheerfully supports an invalid wife and two elderly aunts after a thoughtless, carefree, irresponsible youth. Those born under the sign of the Lion and ruled by the Sun never guess what awesome power they possess until the test comes. Until that time, always remember, they are only pretending to be strong. The lion’s fierce roar hides an in­feriority complex which is totally unnecessary.

If Leo can’t be the boss, then he must have a position where he can display his talents and abilities to the world in some way. After changing jobs a dozen times because he hasn’t advanced to at least a vice presidency, the typical Leo will usually head for a profession where he can be his own boss. If the role of executive or leader is denied them, they’re happier as teachers, salesmen, doctors, lawyers, managers, counselors, speakers, announcers, actors, ac­tresses, writers or even plumbers and tourist guides. The lion seeks an occupation which allows him to give his su­perior knowledge to others in some manner, or to stand in the bright spotlight of publicity. They shine the bright­est in the fields of politics and public relations.

Keep in mind that the Leo employee will either become an executive on your own level in a reasonable length of time, or he’ll leave. He can never be content to work behind the scenes. The applause he needs is out front. Still, you’re lucky to have the lion for whatever period he remains with you. He’ll work harder than almost anyone else to show you what a wonderful person he is, and a steady supply of compliments will inspire him to a point where he’ll show an unbelievable vitality far beyond the limits of normal endurance. Withholding flattery from your Leo employee will rob you of at least fifty percent of his potential value.

See that your lioness gets her vanity plumped up reg­ularly too. Occasionally bring her a yellow rose to tuck in her hair, and never mind the whispers of the gossips. You can’t afford to lose her. The gossips don’t have her virtues and abilities. Tell her frequently how lovely she looks, how smart she is, and occasionally hand her com­plimentary tickets to a concert or a gala affair. Always two tickets, please, because the Leo girl will invariably be mar­ried, be in love or have a special boy friend in all seasons.

As for the lion, take him to lunch often, in an expensive restaurant, where important people can see him with the big man. Let both your male and female Leo employees be the ones to train new workers when you can. They won’t mind the extra work, they’ll be proud of the re­sponsibility and they’ll love telling others what to do and how to do it.

A little astrological psychology, cleverly applied, can make your proud, touchy Leos a real credit to the com­pany. They’ll decorate the office with their grace and en­thusiasm. Surround them with bright lights, vivid yellow or orange draperies and carpets, and the most expensive desks and typewriters you can afford. Nothing depresses a Leo’s spirit more than having to work with shabby, ob­solete equipment, unless it’s working with pessimistic, un­imaginative people.

They’ll need generous expense accounts and a little extra time for lunch. Meals are social occasions for Leos, and they use such opportunities to practice their art of pro­moting. Just give them the barest idea to start with, and they’ll explode it into a dramatic campaign which may bring in lots of new customers. You can’t expect them to operate at full speed when they have to watch the clock and worry about money. Leos can be fast with figures, but somehow they seldom learn the knack of counting pennies.

As for the clock, it cramps their style. The lion is easy to tame, when you know how. Relax the rules slightly and let down the bars a little. These employees can’t be fenced in, or they’ll sulk away the hours and lose their bright in­centive.

It’s smart to hire a Leo. He’ll add a dash of excitement and he can carry some gigantic loads on his back without complaining. He needs a rich diet of compliments, au­thority, raises, titles and freedom, but it’s not too high a price to pay for his intelligence, loyalty, faith, ideas and sense of responsibility. After all, how many bosses have royalty on the payroll? Feed both your big cats and shy pussycats plenty of catnip, and they’ll justify it by being your biggest boosters, as proud of your company as if they owned it themselves. The lion’s heart is as big as his ego.

“If  seven maids with seven mops

Swept it for half a year, Do you suppose,” the Walrus said,

“That they could get it clear?” “I doubt it,” said the Carpenter,

And shed a bitter tear.

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