Zodiac Sign of Iron Man / Tony Stark

  1. What sign you think Tony Stark(Iron Man) is of?

    Tony stark the Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist born on May 29, 1970. 

    Tony is someone whose swag level is on whole another level. The Rich industrialist with sarcastic one liners and crazy nicknames for those around him, is not just another brat but is man with conscience. 

    He is smart enough to build a suit from wreck, brave and courageous to fights the evils of earth and beyond, the man has feels that his love for Pepper proves, he is father figure to Peter Parker.

    Being born on May 29 makes him a Gemini, but his intellgince and egositic arrogance hints towards him being Aries or Leo

    What is your Pick? What sign Tony Stark belongs to?

    1. ARIES
    2. TAURUS
    3. GEMINI
    4. CANCER
    5. LEO
    6. VIRGO
    7. LIBRA
    8. SCORPIO
    11. AQUARIUS
    12. PISCES
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