Pisces – Reasons Why The Fishies Are Loved All Over The World

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Pisces – Reasons Why The Fishies Are Loved All Over The World

The 12th and the last Sign of the Astrological Zodiac Cycle, Pisces, is represented by the symbol of Two Fishes swimming in a different direction. Pisces is any day considered to be the most loved sign! Let us find out why it is so.

1. The Most Dreamy Creature On Zodiac Chart: Out of all 12 signs, Pisces is probably the most imaginative. No, don’t get offended if you are not a Pisces. Trust me; the Fishes are most dreamy. They seem to zone out of ongoing things; whether it is a Lecture at School, Meeting, Outing with friends, nothing can stop their mind from wandering off to places that only their beautiful imagination can create.

2. Level Of Judgement = Zero: In need of someone Non-Judgmental? Run to a Pisces. They are the most accepting people existing on the surface of the earth. Weight, Complexion, Looks, Past, Situations, Habits, Personality let it be whatsoever. A true Pisces will never judge you and accept you as you are. They find perfections in imperfections. Heard these lines from Bruno Mars Song? “You’re amazing, Just the way you are ” or “If perfect’s what you’re searching for, Then just stay the same.” This is what a typical Pisces would say.

3. Their Sixth Sense Can Beat Anything: Their intuition and the sixth sense are so much awake that Pisces people come across as Psychics. Their heart and mind predict if something good or bad is to occur; even most decisions are made by following instincts rather than analyzing the pros and cons. They are like babies who would do what they feel from the heart with, even in this big material heart. Where can we get Pure Hearts like this?

4. They Are Hell Of An Observer: If you assume Pisces to be an ignorant cause of their drifting nature, you are seriously mistaken! They are GREAT observers. In just one look, they can observe you like an X-Ray machine; even the tiniest change in your face would not go unnoticed. They notice it all. Thus it is almost impossible to hide mood swings from them; they can see pain or anger behind the unspoken words within a few seconds.

5. Perfectionist With Responsibility: Pisces are considered very hard working in whatever they do; they tend to put all their heart into what they do. As by their nature, they like things that they do BEST. Quality over Quantity is always their Motto. For Pisces, work is worship with no shortcuts; they can cross deadlines for work but never compromise with the Quality of Work. Pisces hate being the leader, but if put in a situation where they have to bear Responsibility, they do good there. As they hate turning anyone down, they can happily lift Responsibility on their shoulders. Kudos!

6. Not A Money Baby, But A Creative Soul: Pisces soul wanders and wanders for the lust of artistic beauty. Their imagination is so beautiful that no canvas can represent it. With this tremendous imaginative mind, they are more of a creative person than a routine materialistic. They would prefer a job/work where they have to sit in a corner with a cup of coffee, scribbling down their thoughts/drawings/doodles/poetry rather than doing an Office job with lots of Data and Reporting.

7. They Are Either Forever Young Or Time Travelers: Pisces is not just the most charming of the zodiac but also the most young-looking. One can never guess the age of a Pisces by the way they look. Pisces that looks like one in high school or college might be actually in the mid or late 30s, and no one can even assume it to be. Look at the Actors/Actresses who are Pisces, and you would know what I am talking about. They indeed have a Secret Age Lock, which keeps them Evergreen. 😀 

8. Introvert Yet Lovable: Pisces enjoys the Me Time The Most. They are at their best when left alone with their thoughts; when the mind is clear at peace, that is when they are relaxed. But this does not mean that they are a loner. Pisces craves for a partner; they like to be in Cuddle Worthy Relation with Someone deserving.


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