No Matter How Complex Scorpio Be, You Will Never Get Another

Scorpio Traits- No Matter How Complex Scorpio Be, You Will Never Get Another

Scorpios are considered to be most complex and misunderstood people around.
Though I am not denying this, there are traits and so rare and intense a Scorpio possess, that you will always remember a Scorpio no matter what. You may hate them for all the complex nature and troubled fights, you may love them for the undying love and support but you can never forget them.

Scorpion is Driven By Passion And Determination: 

What for others is just a normal work and hobby, would be Passionate thing for A Scorpion.


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Mysterious and Intuitive:

Scorpios have the weird essence of mystery towards them which makes them so desirable to others. Whether you meet them for first time or several times they will always leave with one wanting to know more about them. Not just that Scorpios are also intuitive and their instincts are 24×7 know, making them sensing and feeling things much before they happen.

Honesty and Loyalty:

If there is something that they cannot tolerate it is dishonesty and disloyalty. They prefer honesty so much that the would tell you brutal truth about you rather than lying to please you. Even a slight lie about smallest thing can invoke a turmoil and then one will face the Scorpio wrath.

This Born Leader Is Also Pro With Team Work:

We all know Scorpios are born to lead and rule and that they are amazing leader. With that they are also great with Team Work. They can take out best from people that too without being the very obvious boss or leader.

They Know How To Return What They Get:

What you want Scorpio to be with you or give you completely depends on what you do for them. Give them a flower and they will shower you with flowers, give them love they will pour it all on you. Do them wrong and they will give that back too. The rule that they go with is, Always return multiply by 4.

Dark And Witty Attracts Them Whether Humor Or Appearance:

Scorpios as a sign represents house of death or rebirth thus they are very much curious and attracted towards the dark side of world, which other considers as taboo. The same thing is reflected in their life, Most Scorpios will be seen wearing Blacks or darker shades of color. Scorpios like their humor unique and Witty, Others may speak a Language of a Sarcasm but it is Scorpio who invented it.

Behind Every Successful Person There Is A Lover And That Lover Is Scorpio:

Scorpios when in Love they fall truly, madly deeply in it and there is nothing in this world that can make it any less. They can move mountains for the one they love, they truly believe in the concept of Till Death Do Us Apart And Beyond.

Contrast of Fierce Aggression And Sensitive With Empathy:

They are ruled by Mars making them fiercely aggressive and competitive at times but that does not mean they don’t have heart. Scorpios are very sensitive. They are biggest empathizers of entire Zodiac Cycle. They would always put their feet in others shoes to feel the pain of others before advising on anything.

They Never Give Up:

Scorpios don’t give easily on anything and would work/wait for anything that want patiently for ages or decades. There is a saying that Scorpios Always Get They Want is only because thy never give up on wanting the thing.

Sex is Not Just Sex:  

Scorpios are so inclined towards sex that it defines there Personality. But Sex is not just sex for them it is far beyond a Physical activity, Sex is much of a Spiritual connect for them. If you have Scorpio in bed you would know you can have many after that but never the same as Scorpio again.

So Hey, Scorpion be prepared for the Scorpio Season. Happy Birthday in advance to all lovely Scorpios. 😀  😉

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