Taurus An Impeccable Combination of Practical and Peaceful Life..

What makes Taurus practical yet peaceful , Understanding Taurus traits.

Tauras (Vrishabh Rashi) is ruler of the second house and symbolized by the bull. Like its celestial spirit animal, these individuals enjoy relaxing in a peaceful environment, mesmerized by scenic beauty and luxurious comfort.

In their perfect world, you might notice them all time pampering themselves in a salon or a boutique. At the same time, these earth signs understand the value of money!

Tauras, the second sign of the Zodiac, is considered an open book to many but mysterious in their own way.

Let us dig in for more illuminating facts and traits that a Taurean possesses, making them the hilarious person to be around!

  • They prefer security, stability, and a back-up plan.

They are the practical and logical individuals you may come across. They crave structure and orders in their impeccable world. They believe in savings and make the security for their family. They always have a plan of what’s around the next corner and stays away from surprises.

  • Consistency is the Key!

Like their true nature, Taureans are extremely comfortable in consistency. They like to have a routine and work of their free will. Any individual or thing that modulates their routine or work-flow could find themselves facing irritated and arrogant behavior.

Just imagine the consequences of messing up with the morning routine of Queen Elizabeth II!

  • Honesty is the Best Policy!

Being it a professional or personal life, the value of honesty is above everything else for Taureans. Security is paramount to them, and any threat to their feelings or sentiments will be sure to face a red bull eye. They never forgive nor forget the individuals who have deceived them.

Stay natural and speak out your heart to them. The Taureans will acknowledge the bitter truth, then the sugar-coated illusions.

  • Work Hard, Play Harder!!

Physical pleasure and expensive goods are the affirmative factors to motivate a Taurean to accomplish their goals. However, Taureans never flee away from the hardship. They invest in all luxurious and comfortable items, but at the cost of their own time and money.

For instance, Sachin Tendulkar was not built in one day!

  • Challenging the Authority at their Own Will

Taureans are not attached to authority. Their stubborn and logical brain always rationalizes the facts, based on which they believe or disbelieve their queries. They cannot take any illogical orders from the upper authorities. They are always ready to challenge the system to prove their point.

  • Help Awaits at your Door!

People born in this zodiac sign are reliable, steadfast, and loyal in nature. When given a specific situation, they will always volunteer to help. They will execute every action with a laser-sharp approach until its complete. Tauras is very loyal to their friends, family & people who have earned their trust.

  • Dedication is Misunderstood by Stubbornness

Often, what a Taurean presumes as dedication, is considered by others as stubbornness. They are strong-minded individuals with firm convictions. They may end up procrastinating in unhealthy situations- whether a relationship, work, or home- longer than essential just to prove their point right.

  • Individualistic and Amazingly Confident

Taureans are often independent. They make their own decisions in both professional and personal life. They are incredibly agile in the workspace and motivated to work on prime assignments that need a meticulous hand. They believe in their instincts which makes them confident in their betterment.

  • Inherit Sixth Sense of Detecting Lies and Fake People

Like we said earlier, honesty is above everything else to them. Since they are honest with you and will expect the same courtesy in return. They are the Lie Detectors. They have a superhuman ability to detect lies and anyone that is being ” Fake”  If they found you guilty and feel insecure in your presence, they will walk away and never turn back.

  • Plays the Long Game Passionately

Empyrean ox is the symbol of Wall Street. Taureans believe all their time, efforts, and knowledge must yield some returns in the future. They know to play long games in both professional and sentimental pursuits. They are truly passionate and ambitious about their life for which they work harder. They look for someone who is reliable and that they know they can count on.

  • Rewards and Acknowledgement is Everything

Rewards are something admired by the typical Tauras clans. They like to be the center of attraction and adores comfort, soothing things. They are the anchors of the show and loves to be pampered. However, you should never underestimate the abilities of a Tauras. You must acknowledge their hardship more than their achievements.

To Conclude:

The basic philosophy followed by the Tauras individuals is “I POSSESS”. These individuals believe in establishing, building, and accomplishing their goals in any given field. Their beliefs are rational, practical, and earthly balanced. Having a Taurean partner is a blessing. They will guide you to live your life to the fullest!

Aditya Dhanuka
Aditya Dhanuka
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