The Aquarius Woman – Get To Know Her

The individuals born between the dates from January 20th till February 18th fall under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius.  

The 11th sign of the Zodiac cycle Aquarius has quite an impression of being the outcast or free bird. 

Remember those female leads in movies or dramas that fought with family, society, and everyone around to do the right thing without worrying a bit about fitting in or what the world thinks of them? Does this characteristic remind you of someone? The chances are that she may be your typical Aquarius Woman! 

The Aquarius woman is the charm, passion, longing for the world into a bundle. What you’re about to witness from such a girl is nothing – nothing, but electrocution. Yes, as confusing as it may sound. The electrifying heat, no not the warmth but cold blue fire kind of heat, that Aquarius females emit is famous for all right reasons. 

The Qualities of Aquarius woman that are her strengths:

Brilliant, intelligent, intellectual, independent, passionate, charming, quirky, longs for justice and harmony, humanitarian, and quite a revolutionary. 

The Qualities of Aquarius woman that are her weakness:

Detached, unpredictable, lacks empathy, lacks emotional expression, aloof, critical, cynical, finds it difficult to fit in, impatient, and at times impulsive. 

Hobbies/activities that Aquarius woman enjoys:

Traveling, gardening, research, making something personalized for close ones, anything adventures, knowing all current trends, and being a nerd or geek of movies, comics, music, dramas, tech, or culture. 

Let’s dive deeper and decode females born under this sign of water bearer. 

Friendship like no other!

People around may know this woman as the friendliest person. She is someone that you can go on talking about everything and anything. She loves peace and the sound of silence when alone, but when with someone, she wishes to keep the conversations going on.

Animals and nature above humans 

This woman may not be an outright empath, but her love for any living creature other than humans is undeniable. She is walking and comes across a cat or dog; she would feed and pamper them. If She has had a bad day, she’d prefer to sit with her favorite beverage next to a tree or plants, watch the sky and feel the breeze. 

The consciousness we all must learn from

This female is just aware of how things should be. She knows what is right; she longs for the rightful justice. She weighs things on a scale of the greater good. It is the reason we may find Aquarius lady be an activist. You will find her in protest against illegal constructions, petitions of events for animal rights, participating, or even leading an environment awareness march. 

Simply put, this woman is conscious about everything around her and is always thinking about ways to do the right things. 

Empathy! Emotion! Loading…

So this woman may think about every living creature on earth but is she connected with everyone? No. The more that she thinks about, the greater good, the less she feels for closed ones. 

This female may lack empathy and emotions for her friends and family. Her closed ones’ problem may seem like weakness or vulnerability. Thus she prefers not to invest her energy to respond or participate in other’s emotions.

Commitment phobia? Neah Love that lets her breath.

It is a well-known fact that Aquarians are detached and may run away when the Commitment word is popped open. Aquarius female is no different on the surface. It’s not that she wishes to spend her life alone, but her own space and time are where no compromises are accepted. 

She falls in love quickly, but she may not appreciate the cliches of romance. She may smile with a smirk when she receives a flower bouquet. But she will smile wider with a spark in eyes when the partner opens up his/her opinion about life in general. She aims to know more of you instead of you to learn more. 

She hates conforming to dating’s set norms; thus, romantic dinner may work once or twice. Dates with a partner where they share an experience is something she will remember for a long time. 

It is worth noting that when it comes to independence, Aquarius women don’t only wish to be financially self-sufficient but emotionally independent. 

The idea of home, marriage, and family are also different for her. She would want to keep the right person by her side, and never let them go. Who is this right person? Someone who excites her physically and mentally can keep the conversations going can understand her revolts. Someone who enjoys his/her own space and doesn’t interfere when she wants her me time. 

More words, No Action!

This female has her brain and worries of the world occupying her mind all the time. It may happen at times that she would enjoy coming up with ideas to deal with problems. Jumping from resolving or thinking of one situation to another, she may not be able to solve. At times coming up with ideas keeps her at peace and gives her delusion of false achievement. 

Cynicism, haterade, detachment! The only constant thing is change.

The constant worries of the world at times makes this female go down the road of cynicism. She may start to criticize every little thing; finding despair and disappointment in things becomes a habit. She may even slowly start detaching from everything she loved and adore. 

She can quickly be bored with routine. If not that she may start criticizing or distancing herself. 

She needs to learn to love the things with her at present or keep changing a habit or routine now and then. 

So this is all about Aquarius woman; we hope this helped you.

If you are an Aquarius lady, do let us know if we described you correctly. 

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