What Is Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Rising Sign And How Are They Different.

What Is Sun Sign, Moon Sign And Rising Sign, How Are They Different.

Astrology is widespread phenomena and it is barely restricted to any one aspect. We usually are aware about sun sign and Sun Signs are what usually we read about in News Papers and daily horoscope. But there are also other factors to One’s Astrology Chart.

Sun, Moon and Rising these three are the most important signs of one’s Birth Chart. Many people get confused and agitated finding other signs ruling their moon and rising and it gives feeling of sun sign traits being less definite. Such is people’s love for sun sign.

Though Sun sign is not the only factor, it is also not being less important due to other factors. Let us understand the very basic difference between these factors.

The Sun Sign : As we are all aware of, when we ask someone What is your sign? we usually are asking them for their Sun Sign. Sign that shows placement of Sun in particular sign on the day of one’s birth. Sun Signs are distinguished by Birth dates. So question is, what does a Sun sign say about one? Sun sign represents the Core Personality of individual.

The Moon Sign : The Moon Sign shows placement of moon in particular sign at the time of birth, this can be defined in Birth Chart of an Individual. Moon Sign usually represents needs of one, it is like intuitive side of a person. Persons physical, emotional, social and other needs are as per this particular sign, fulfillment of which makes individual happy whereas if these needs not fulfilled individually

The Rising Sign Or Ascendant : This Sign acts like a Glass. Glass from which an Individual sees the World and how World perceives the Individual. Some people even call Rising sign as the Mask.

Overall Rising Sign acts as layer protecting or covering the Individual’s core, Sun Sign is the Core personality and Moon sign is about Needs and Emotional side of an Individual.
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