Zodiac Signs When Home Alone

Zodiac Signs when home alone!

We are all going through a global crisis right now and whether like it or not are stuck at home.

In this article let us look at the state of mind of people when home alone based on Zodiac Signs.


  1. 1 Aries

    Aries when home alone

    Aries When Home Alone

    Aries are the baby of Zodiac, who is most impulsive ones. The most likely things that Ram ends up doing would be, to be frustrated on fridge for its incompetency to not bring new food/snack every time the door is opened.

  2. 2 Taurus

    taurus when home alone

    Taurus When Home Alone

    Taurus loves cosy comfort more as much as they love their food. Taurus needed break more than anything, so they wouldn't let go the golden chance of being alone and doze off. 

  3. 3 Gemini

    gemini when home alone

    Gemini When Home Alone

    Geminis love to talk. Imagine when you are alone, who would you talk to. So, they would spend time coming up with all the possible conspiracies of world. Does time travel exist, what if pandemics are bio wars by aliens... YouTube videos here they come.

  4. 4 Cancer

    cancer when home alone

    Cancer When Home Alone

    Denial! They would be happy chirpy and ignore the fact that they are alone. They'd spend this time to catch up with friends and world of internet, unless the realization hits. and when it does... May God save them

  5. 5 Leo

    Leo when home alone

    Leo When Home Alone

    Leos are Stars. They would be feeling the worst, but would not let that image get revealed in front of World. They'd start motivating people fit, tips, tricks, advices. who cares if it's not something they'd follow themselves?

  6. 6 Virgo

    virgo when home alone

    Virgo When Home Alone

    Do we need to explain this really? Virgo is home.... House is happy, furniture is happy, plants are happy, every corner is happy. 

  7. 7 Libra

    libra when home alone

    Libra When Home Alone

    Remember seeing the main character of movies/dramas acting all crazy, in love and singing song while pampering self... Yeah that creature that’s your Libra.

  8. 8 Scorpio

    scorpio when home alone

    Scorpio When Home Alone

    Just like their mysterious nature, it can be bit hard to pin point what they'd end up doing. But one of it would definitely be reflecting on their lives.

  9. 9 Sagittarius

    sagittarius when home alone

    Sagittarius When Home Alone

    They are our favourite! They'd take fancy books and stationery. Will make long list of things to do… while they are at home and list of things they'd do when they'd be out. But trust us, they'd end up just scrolling endlessly through memes and tik-toks.

  10. 10 Capricorn

    Capricorn when home alone

    Capricorn When Home Alone

    Now Capricorn is extreme moody and unpredictably lazy. So, they can either take advantage and be super productive or will end up lounging around to not get up unless absolute emergency.

  11. 11 Aquarius

    Aquarius when home alone

    Aquarius When Home Alone

    Aquarius hates restrictions. Cloths are social norms that they have to follow despite hating it to the edge at times. Would they let go of an opportunity to be roaming around naked.

  12. 12 Pisces

    pisces when home alone

    Pisces When Home Alone

    They'd literally be doing everything that other signs are doing... only to lose their mind and patience. Pisces needs living creature nearby.

    Note to other Signs... Never leave these wonderful babies alone. Never

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