Aquarius And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces.

Air – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Day Forces – Masculine

Water – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Night Forces – Feminine

With a blow of their fists they made windows, and large
yellow leaves were the blinds. But roses – ?
“Roses,” cried Peter sternly.
Quickly they made-believe to grow the loveliest roses up the walls.

Roses? Certainly. Why not? A whole field of Dutch tulips, waving in the wind, if you like. These two can make believe, and eventually manifest, just about anything they should happen to choose. Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, is called in astrology “the Alchemist,” and it’s true that most Water Bearers are inventive, mad, and miracle-minded. Only now and then does the Fixity of this particular Air Sign hamper the Uranian lightning flashes of the far-out, causing a few Aquarians to live like regular stick-in-the-muds, all unmindful of the glorious insanity (and genius) struggling to shimmer just beneath the surface of their Fixed habits and opinions, their somewhat monotonous lifestyles. I speak now, mind you, of the minority.

Ah! but when the Mutable Fish enters the abracadabra scene with Aquarius, the Fixity of even these rare Water Bearers is considerably gentled by the Pisces Water Element, and the Uranus essence is free then to break through. Of course, with the average Aquarian, nothing additional is needed for the baffling to break through. The Fish merely adds an extra dimension of madness and magic

In nature, water softens air, creating a moist fog, just the right atmosphere for the mysterious alchemy capable of transmuting wishes and dreams into rainbow-streaked realities. In plainer talk, the Fish and the Water Bearer are good for one another, and also for this weary old world. There’s no end to the wonders and marvels they might conceive and create together. The list is long and varied. They could team up as archaeologists, and successfully dig for a trove of Tutankhamen-type treasures in the silent sands of Egypt become missionaries at Broadway and Forty-second Street or on Eighth Avenue, in Manhattan (much more dangerous than the wilds of Africa or Borneo) develop a communications system with whales and dolphins, so these splendid ones could be warned when the murderous whale boats are approaching … . invent a camera that photographs yesterday in color and tomorrow in stereophonic sound open a shop to repair guitars, tennis shoes, and spinning wheels or any number of marvelous things, just so they aren’t musty and mundane.

The two of them would make a terrific detective team, with the Water Bearer as Sherlock Holmes, complete with spyglass, silly hat, and erratic habits, probing for precise facts and scientific clues – and the Fish as a far more sensitive, precognitive, and clever Dr. Watson than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s character. The moist fog of London, by the way, typifies the Water-Air blend I just mentioned, so it was an excellent and appropriate setting for the Holmes mysteries. With the unconventional, yet ultramethodical, Aquarian following the Piscean’s Neptune hunches, solving the “Great Train Robbery,” the “Great Jewel Theft,” or the “Secret of Goldenrod Lane”….would be a piece of cake. It doesn’t matter whether the Pisces is a male, the Aquarian a female – or vice versa. Neither the age nor the sex of this team changes the potential for penetrating the unknown.

I know an Aquarian-Pisces couple who are a sort of private man-and-wife detective team, in a sense. Ray is a Ph.D. toxicologist, a professor at Indiana State University, and also one of the world’s foremost Lincoln scholars – an Aquarian who walks around with a microscope under one arm and a test tube tucked under the other, always misplacing his pencil behind his ear. She’s a gentle, very pretty girl Fish, named Gus (for Augusta). Aquarian males often nickname their females with tags like George or Sam (makes them seem more like “buddies”), but this one’s nickname is for real. Her sensitive feelings and uncanny perceptions blend beautifully with his disciplined attention to detail and his undisciplined flashes of intuition. When these two clink their heads together, they can find an answer to most anything that’s puzzling to ordinary mortals. Sometimes their everyday magic stretches into a miracle, like the time they helped locate a missing child, alleged to be dead, for a close friend.

When the Fish and the Water Bearer get together in a mixture of boy-boy, girl-girl, boy-girl, or any other combination (Aquarius being the astrological sign of the unisex), they will deviate slightly from the normal in their behavior with one another, not to mention in their combined behavior toward others. Whether they’re found soaring and swimming around in an office, a church, a museum, a home, or a classroom, these two are really something to behold.

Stamped with the 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, Aquarius should sense there’s something she or he should learn from Pisces, but Aquarians, you see, usually believe they already know most everything. The Water Bearer could, however, benefit from imitating the patience possessed by the typical Fish, since Aquarius has very little of the stuff. Pisces should react to the 2-12 vibration of their association with a sympathetic tolerance for the fancies and foibles, the eccentricities of Aquarius, and most Fish do – but some of them may react with nervousness to the Uranus disregard for public opinion. By nature, Pisceans tend to go out of their way to try to please people, whereas Aquarians are not bothered in the least if they please absolutely no one.

One matter which may be difficult to harmonize is the Neptunian tendency to be secretive, always keeping back a little something. This can drive the average Aquarian right up the curtains. Ordinarily, a Water Bearer is not interested in other people’s personal or private lives, Aquarius being the least likely of all Sun Signs to gossip, barring an afflicted Mercury in the horoscope. Under average conditions, these people are not super snoopy. But this man or woman is tempted and tantalized by deliberate elusiveness, and should this occur, out will come the spyglass, and the secret will be both perused and pursued. Aquarius simply cannot stand for Pandora’s Box to remain locked – once the Water Bearer has noticed it’s locked.

When it comes to the riddles or puzzles of life in general (or of people in particular), the Fish and the Water Bearer will delight in guessing the answers together, whether it’s why a fly must buzz in circles before it’s able to take off and fly in a straight line (a secret of energy, which hides a mystery of human emotion within it)… . or why those people across town are building a house in the shape of a pyramid. Aquarius will pop his or her head right in the window and ask. Pisces will hang back a few paces (the typical Fish wouldn’t dare in’trude in such a manner with strangers) but be filled with curiosity and excitement to learn what the Water Bearer has discovered through the Uranian casual, yet direct, approach. These Aquarians will walk right up to people and ask the most astounding questions. They’re not intentionally rude – they simply want to know. Quite often, they find out because most of us are so surprised to be asked something like, “Did you ever fill balloons with water and drop them out the window when you were small?” that we answer immediately, without thinking twice. Only Sagittarius has more curiosity than Aquarius. (Leo and Scorpio are curious too, but it’s a more controlled kind of curiosity.) There’s a difference between “gossip” or “snooping” (as I mentioned a couple of paragraphs back) and the Uranus curiosity. An Aquarian won’t give two safety pins about why a neighbor has been married six times or what his bank balance may be – but she or he will unexpectedly ask why he painted his house pink, if he ever kept a pet snake, what he thinks about cloning, or if he ever earned a free ticket to the circus by carrying water to the elephants. It’s difficult to define.

Most Pisces don’t ask outright questions. Their guesses and psychic perceptions are usually so revealing they don’t need to query much. The Uranian hunches and natural intuition should allow the Water Bearer to guess just as effectively as Pisces, in silence, but Aquarians like to cover their bets and submit everything, including their own estimates, to a blue litmus-paper test. The Aquarian Fixity again, you see. They need to be sure that what they feel or sense is reliable – so they test it by asking.

There are many quirks and qualities Aquarius and Pisces have in common. Yet, there are also a few marked differences. Neptune folk are, for example, dreamy. Uranus folk dream too, but in a wilder, more crisscross pattern. The Fish likes art, music, and poetry, or most of them do. The Water Bearer likes these things too, but may prefer graphics or graffiti to a Goya, a xylophone or a hand organ, complete with monkey, to an ordinary piano – and the limericks of Lear or the fanciful trips of e. e. cummings to heavies like Wordsworth or sentimentalists like Browning.

These two will also probably lose their tempers differently. When Pisces becomes angry, he or she either spills out a stream of irritable words – or measures out a few soft-spoken, but clearly disapproving, sentences, then retreats in watery silence to the ocean floor, which frustrates the Aquarian, who can’t understand this way of coping with a disagreement. The Uranus way of meeting a misunderstanding is to explode quickly (and unpredictably) a few flashes of lightning and claps of thunder, expecting the storm to clear the air, then be forgotten. But Pisces remembers unpleasantness a bit longer than a few moments, and needs a time to meditate alone before swimming back out from behind the
coral reefs.

On the subject of money, they are more or less alike. Some Aquarians carefully count every single penny they earn or spend – then promptly proceed to forget the total. Pisces is equally confused about cash. The Fish frequently keeps a bank balance in his (or her) head, on the back of an envelope – or on the wall, near the telephone. However, if they both should have the Moon or Ascendent in Virgo, they’ll behave like regular human calculators, these two. Of course, we’re studying the average or typical Water Bearer and Fish, as with all the Sun Signs, but I feel I should keep reminding you of the exceptions, whose other planetary positions dilute the Sun Sign qualities either a little or a lot. There won’t be as many of these as there are of the typical ones, but you’ll come across them, scattered here and there. Still, when you scratch the surface, you’ll find the basic qualities described pertaining to their Sun Signs, in one form or another, stamped upon the subconscious if not on the conscious level.

In helping Aquarius understand how to comprehend and cope with the Fish, astrology would counsel great amounts of gentleness, peace, and quiet. And imagination. The Neptune-ruled are easily made nervous by a lack of tranquility, and they need also constant abstract mental stimulation. A check of Webster’s definition of “abstract” would be constructive.

In helping Pisces understand how to comprehend and cope with Aquarius, I would personally advise memorization of an observation by Aquarian Abraham Lincoln……..”they do what they do because they are what they are.” No one could possibly sum up the Uranus nature more succinctly. It takes one to know one.

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