Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology. This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries Man with  Cancer Woman.

Hello, Wendy,” he said, not noticing any difference, for he was thinking chiefly of himself. “Hello, Peter,” she replied faintly, squeezing herself as small as possible. Something inside her was crying. 

An Aries man is initially lured by a Cancerian girl because she seems so appealingly helpless and feminine (Note: I said she seems helpless. We’ll take that up later. Appealing and feminine she definitely is, no argument there.) She appears to need his strong masculine shoulder to cry on, his fiery emotional support.

When the Moon Maiden gives a Ram her flattering, undivided attention, it proves to him what he’s always suspected – that no woman can resist him. She’ll cook for him, baby him, laugh at his jokes, add some pretty funny ones of her own and generally make his life one long, sweet song of soothing serenity, with comical lyrics. But the music he hears could be a prelude to a slowly growing feeling of being smothered. As you well know, if you’re at all acquainted with astrology, Rams do not like to be smothered – by blankets, authority or restriction of any kind – not even by love. Smothered in attention is fine, but the Aries male draws a line at having his freedom squeezed out of him. Now, it’s true that no one can squeeze away a man’s freedom as painlessly and pleasurably as a Cancerian girl. If she’s subtle about it, as most Moon Maids are, a Ram could find the trip on her romantic flying carpet a thrilling experience (she has a deep-seated wanderlust hiding behind her homemaking knacks, you know). However, if the Crab shows signs of beginning to cling too closely, the Aries male may jump off the carpet, without a parachute, if necessary.

About her feminine helplessness: He’ll sooner or later learn that it’s somewhat of an illusion – maybe someday when she incorporates her own bank, redecorates a friend’s house, runs for Congress or rescues a child from drowning in the ocean, beating the lifeguard to the spot. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, and these women possess an amazing stamina and tenacity, along with all that moonlight fragility. After the first shock has worn off, he’ll probably admire her for it. He admires any kind of strength, and she’s far stronger than her timid tears when he’s hurt her feelings (which may be frequently) might indicate. He could even fall more deeply in love with her when he discovers she’s not all “sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice,” since he essentially needs a woman who will fight back with him now and then.

But other sour notes may threaten to spoil love’s concert between these two Sun Signs – like money. She has a pronounced compulsion to accumulate it, maybe even paper the bedroom, kitchen and nursery walls with it (her three favorite rooms). To her, financial security is synonymous with emotional security. The two are inseparable. He likes money too, and can think of hundreds of exciting uses for it, but stashing it away in a rusty old trunk in the attic or a bank vault for a rainy day is not at the head of his list. To Aries, money is to spend (or give away). His motto is: “Money can’t buy happiness.” Since they’re both in love and happy, who’s worried about cash? She is. She’s worried about it. Because, you see, her motto is: “Happiness can’t buy money.” The Aries man contemplating a ring-around-the-rosy with a Moon Maiden should think about that. Carefully. He still won’t agree with it, but he should think about it.

It won’t be long until he notices her moodiness. Of course, he’s moody too, but that’s different and understandable. With Aries, everything is different and understandable when they do it – also justifiable and permissible, as well as excusable. (Remember, Aries is the adorable but totally self-centered symbolic Infant of the zodiac.) Her moods he considers to be uncalled-for damp prisons of gloom, and it must be admitted that they are deeper, more indigo and longer lasting than his. Sometimes it happens that a Ram cheers a girl Crab out of her periodic Lunar melancholy with his sheer optimism. It makes him feel strong and masculine, and gives her the emotional stability she needs. But there’s a danger that he may eventually revolt against a fluctuating depression he can’t fathom, if only because it frightens him into thinking that perhaps his self-made Mars miracles don’t have the power to swing the Universe he believed them to have. Rather than face that horrible thought, he could split. He may not get too far. She’s kind of nice to come home to, and make up with – and who else bathes his ego in such charming shades of lavender and soft green, with such silvery sincerity? She’s funny and tender at the same time, and eternally capable of pulling him out of those holes he jumps into, head first. Besides, she bakes a terrific blueberry muffin – and the chemical attraction between them is an added attraction. It might not have been what first drew them together, the initial interest might have been based on other things .. . but after a while it grew into a positive aspect of their relationship well worth considering.


Her Lunar imagination quickly sparks the flame of his Martian sexuality, and his enthusiastic, idealistic lovemaking can pull her out of her bashful (or snappy) shell into a beautiful fulfillment of latent passion. There’s an affectionate quality in the Aries approach to sex that may reach a part of her nature which has timidly hidden itself behind her crazy, Looney Bird laughter until the right man came along to find it. Unfortunately, however, this woman’s ingrained sense of Cancerian practicality soon tells her that “man can’t live with hyacinths alone – he needs bread.” (Cancer sometimes has a way of twisting truisms around, or reversing them, to accent the negative, and eliminate the positive.) That’s when the real cash conflict may begin, when she mentions money in the middle of some romantic interlude, just as the two of them are about to become “one.” Suddenly, sexual closeness is replaced by an emotional explosion.

Any relationship between Aries and Cancer is usually subjected to a generous sprinkling of fights over money – how to obtain it, and how to dispose of it. He’s extravagant, she’s thrifty. At least, she’s normally economical, until she spins into one of her many moods, triggered by the phases of the Moon, and indulges herself in a buying spree of feminine frivolities to boost her sagging ego. Most other times, however, she’s a little reluctant to part with cash, to put it mildly.

If they manage to overcome the sensitive point of finances, through mutual give-and-take, Aries and Cancer possess the potential of building some solid dream castles together, especially if there’s a trine, sextile or conjunction between his Sun and her Moon, or vice versa. Her combination of creative flights of fancy and a common sense attitude about cash (an odd contradiction in Cancerians) coupled with his audacity and Mars determination, will usually give this Sun Sign couple immunity from the need to apply for Government Welfare. Still, the problems aren’t over. Her moods keep popping up to plague them.

He may fail to comprehend the delicacy of her emotional needs and be completely baffled by her changing moods. Perception is not an Aries strong point. It can throw him into a fit of perplexity. What could he have done wrong? (Nothing. I keep telling you, it’s the Moon.) Only moments ago, she was skipping around like a dodo bird chattering and giggling and humming a tune, feeding the kitten soybean cakes – all smiles. And now, tears. What happened? Check The Farmer’s Almanac, or the evening paper. It may be the Full Moon. Or it may be that her feelings have been bruised by something he didn’t even realize he said. Perhaps he failed to notice her new dress, or forgot to tell her how delicious her carrot casserole was. Ever since childhood, this girl has feared that no one loved her. He’ll have to gently teach her that the best way to get love – is to give love. (This won’t be easy, since it’s a lesson he desperately needs to learn himself.) The Aries man should remember that the way to keep a Moon Maiden happy is to be sure she always receives lots of love, lots of food and lots of money. She’s not greedy, she’s just security-hungry, and that’s not the same thing at all. I left out something. If she’s a typical Lunar lady, add to the list – lots of babies. Well, at least a few.

A Ram is nearly always enthusiastic about approaching fatherhood, and she’ll adore this quality in him. But after the bundles of joy grow out of their booties into Buster Browns, they may begin pulling their parenthood wagon in opposite directions. He believes in teaching the youngsters to be independent. Although he can be bossy and demanding with them, his general inclination is to give them lots of room to grow in. She takes motherhood seriously, and I mean very seriously. She’ll closely scrutinize their food, clothing, romances, careers and health. They’ll be stuffed with pea soup, cuddled, coddled and watched over – all done in a spirit of friendly persuasion, of course. Mama knows what’s best, what’s right to eat and wear, who’s wrong to love and marry. All this could lead to his accusing her of smothering their individualities – and to her accus-ing him of being too harsh, and too detached, by turns. The offspring may feel they’re being slowly squashed between two cement walls, at times. Compromise in child raising is a must, or this relationship will crack irreparably.


The Ram’s ability to give and receive love depends upon his image of himself as the strong one. He needs constant freedom of expression and action. His woman must have absolute faith in his ability to move mountains. Otherwise, his frustrated emotions may form strange neurotic patterns, turning him from a courageous Ram into a meek, unhappy sheep. Like being under a witch’s hex. She should never remind him that she is better than he at juggling the bank balance (even if she is) – or anything else that may cut sharply into his masculinity. If she refrains from tossing wet blankets on his dreams, he’ll stay close to home, contentedly. If she allows him to lead the parade, without dampening his hopes, he’ll be able to make her mountains of secret worries and fears disappear forever. But there’s always the possibility that her despairing silences, sulky temper and occasional touches of hysteria will drive him right up the side of her money-papered walls, and out of the house – and that his rash words and impulsive behavior will bring her watery nature to a boil, until it sloshes over and drowns his incentive.

When she’s weeping, and he doesn’t know why, he shouldn’t storm out of the room impatiently. He should take her in his arms, and lullaby her with tender reassurances, to stem the tides of fear and loneliness rising in her, whispering softly, “Please don’t cry, and don’t worry. Everyone loves you because you’re so smart and so pretty, and you tell funny stories. Besides, we’re almost sure to be rich someday. And as for me, I love you even more than other people do, and that’s really a bunch. You don’t have to offer to do the neighbor’s laundry. We’re not quite that poverty-stricken, and we never will be. Now, I want you to wash your face, brush your hair, blow your nose, and get dressed in something beautiful, because I’m going to take you out to dinner.” He should then mention the name of the most expensive, exclusive restaurant in town. She’ll stop sniffling right away.

“All nine courses – including the dessert tray?” she’ll ask, then, tentatively, her eyes beginning to sparkle.

“Yes, darling, all nine courses, including the dessert tray .. and afterwards, we’ll go to a movie, whichever one you want to see.”

That last promise ought to do it. It may be the first time in years the thoughtlessly selfish Ram has allowed her to choose which film to see .. or anything else.

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