Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries Man with  Capricorn Woman.

from first to last she had been wiser than he.

Of course this was a pity; but whatever Mr. Darling did he had to do in excess; otherwise he soon gave up doing it. 

The kind of effect an Aries male and a Capricorn female have on each other mostly depends on her age when they first meet. If she’s still in her teens, or under thirty, she may see him as a rather crude, pushy, cave-man type, with no future. And he may see her as a sourpuss, or at the very least, a weird, grannytype recluse. (Of course, I know of one Goat Girl who’s quite a loose swinger, and about as far out as you can get, but she has all her other planets in Aquarius, afflicted by Mars. Here, we’re dealing with the essentially pure Sun Sign types.)

If they meet when she’s past thirty (the farther past, the better) she may be a barrel of laughs, full of young ideas about everything from psychology to ecology, and they’ll have much more in common. This can lead the Ram to think she’s as impulsive and carefree as himself, but he’s made another one of his rash Aries judgements. She’s still a Capricorn, under the iron influence of Saturn, and her kooky reverse aging twist will never stretch quite far enough to snap or distort her basic ideas of security. Nothing will ever change Cappy’s reverence for success and a solid bank account. Now, most Aries men are bristling with success potential. It shines out from their faces like a beacon light, and shows itself in their aggressive walk and movements. But Rams don’t always display a natural knack for building solid bank accounts. Until they’re past thirty. (Make that fifty. Better yet – sixty. After all, with a potential life span of three to five hundred years, he has lots of time to mature.)

Capricorn girls gravitate toward those at the top by instinct. After all, someone has to know who’s who, and what’s what. Is a sense of responsibility so bad? No, but to Aries it can be un-nerving. It smacks of Caution and Prudence, two words this man never even learned to spell because he has a kind of Freudian hang-up about them. They symbolize the thing he fears most – repression of his Mars enthusiasm.

That’s why a love relationship seldom develops when these two meet in a business situation, where the Ram is the boss and the Goat Girl is his secretary, for example. Right away, he’ll see that she’s a perfect jewel of an employee, with a compelling, if slightly subdued and controlled, sex appeal. She’s capable and efficient, with a bag full of funnies (though she keeps her humor pretty well hidden during working hours). It flatters his Mars ego that she realizes she’s a subordinate, and subordinates must learn from those above them. Then he discovers (hopefully before it’s too late) that she’s unobtrusively learning everything she needs to replace him as boss. Obviously, a Ram who’s threatened like this will forget about her sex appeal and fire her in a flash. But even then, he’ll probably always remember her as an excellent secretary, although his harrowing experience forces him to add a qualifying descriptive phrase, like “quietly ambitious.”

When they’re not competing with each other, however, the Goat and the Ram can make an interesting couple. I didn’t say flashy or fantastic. I said interesting.

By now, you know Capricorn is symbolized by the mountain billy goat. But you may not know that Capricorn’s corresponding symbol in Greek mythology is Janus, the two-faced god. Before you get the wrong impression, let me explain the meaning of Janus’ two faces which is that one of them is turned toward the Past, the other toward the Future. With Capricorn, the Future is important only as it relates to the Past. The Ram will soon discover he’d better have a respectable family tree, going back at least five or six generations, if he wants to impress this girl. As for her, well – a Capricorn woman doesn’t really need a family tree. You might say Capricorns are their own ancestors. Ponder that. If  you know any typical Goats, it will begin to make perfect sense.

Frequently, a Capricorn girl will find herself involved in what can only be called an “impossible” romantic situation. And there’s a good reason. A woman who secretly feels she’s an impossible person will unconsciously seek out an impossible love relationship to match her opinion of herself – and to punish herself. Just what she deserves, she thinks. An impossible affair for an impossible person. Me. But this girl is often much more warm and lovable than she permits herself to realize, and always far more physically appealing and attractive than she believes. On top of that, her mind is stable (barring an afflicted Sun or Mercury) and she’s not flighty.

It’s up to the Ram to convince her she’s a very desirable female. With his talent for enthusiastic appreciation and his tendency to place the woman he loves on an ivory pedestal, he may manage to bring the shy or insecure Cappy out of her shell rather neatly. Aries has a better chance than most other Sun Signs to swing the Goat Girl from self-depreciation into a rightful pride in her feminine sexuality. Still, even if he finally accomplishes this minor miracle, he may not get to take her into his arms right away for keeps. There’s her family.

Unless her parents outraged the Saturn sense of decency in some way, leaving bitter scars, the average Capricorn is fanatically devoted to them. If her family doesn’t approve of the Ram, she may not either. If they do approve of him they may be ill or in financial straits, and she feels it’s her duty to remain with them as long as she’s needed, even if love itself must be sacrificed. I tell you there’s only one way out of that Capricorn family trip. Offer to let her bring Mums and Pops along to share your married life – find a large house or apartment with plenty of spare bedrooms – and make the best of it. Otherwise, if the Ram talks her into deserting her relatives in their hour of need, or into leaving them to cope with their own problems she’ll become gloomy, blame herself and feel constant guilty twinges. It’s disconcerting to try to make love to a woman who’s continually having gloomy chills and guilty twinges. Especially for an Aries male, who needs and demands, at all times, intense, concentrated attention – directed toward himself.


Their sex life can be greatly improved if the Ram studies the astrological implications of the Saturnine emotional nature more closely. Sometimes when a Capricorn girl wears a mask of casual indifference, it may be concealing the most tormenting passions. If she represses physical expressions of affection, it’s only because Saturn keeps silently warning her: Watch out. Be careful. Don’t be fooled by your senses. They’re unreliable, and they can trick you.

Listening to that inner voice, while burning with the desire to consummate physically an emotional and mental attraction, can build up frustrations – and frustrations can take many strange forms. With Capricorns, it can result in filling up the inner emptiness with ambition for power, excessive financial security – or even collections of antiques. Some of them become cranky and cross, and a few accept their fate by pretending to believe that solitude is a sign of spiritual attainment. The courageous Ram won’t be afraid to rip off the Goat’s icy mask of indifference to expose her hidden passion. The trouble is that the insensitive Ram may fail to recognize it as only a mask, never guess the depth of feeling behind it and give up before he’s begun to fight.

It may also freeze the flames of passion between them if the female Goat uses her self-chosen, protective cloak to shatter the confidence of the Aries man in his ability as a lover. Once he feels his lovemaking is not arousing an equally intense response in her, he’ll suffer agonies of inferiority. It hardly matters if his unhappiness is based on a fallacy, and she really longs to love him as fiercely in return but can’t trust her own emotions and feelings. He may not be perceptive enough to grasp her secret desire to reciprocate his passion, and another Aries-Capricorn relationship ends before it’s had a chance to grow into the kind of profound emotional experience it might have been.

The general rule between these Sun Signs should be to check each other’s Moon Signs. If the Sun and Moon in the respective charts are harmonious, the Ram can magically transmute the cold, grey lead of Saturn into the sparkling diamonds of Mars, through the pure alchemy of love. But if the Moon and Ascendent of one or either was in negative aspect to the other’s Sun Sign at birth,and vice versa, these two may have to wait, and catch each other the next time around, in a future incarnation, when some karmic patterns have worked themselves out. However, such mutual natal afflictions are rare, and most Rams and Goats can achieve harmony together eventually, if they try, however rocky the path may be in the beginning. Mountain climbing is always harder when you start; yet the closer you get to the top, the easier it is, the fresher the air, the brighter the Sun .. . and the spirit leaps with joy at the nearness of the dream’s fulfillment.

The Capricorn train of thought is never permitted to run off the rails. Consequently, the Goat Girl becomes upset when anything unexpected or unorthodox threatens to disrupt the smooth status quo, and a Ram may unknowingly supply such disruptions. When Cappy is upset, it can make an Aries man feel more than a little tense. This female normally has nerves of steel, eyes like a hawk, and the patience of Job himself. The impatient Ram may feel, somehow, inferior to her self-control. He shouldn’t. For her self-control is only the chain she uses to bind her spirit from flying too far out, where there’s no one to catch her, if she should happen to fall. His arms are strong enough to catch her. And he’s persuasive enough, determined enough, to convince her of this – if he’s patient. This man follows the sunrise, and he’s hurt when the Capricorn he loves won’t join him. She’s gentle and warm, and makes his heart smile with her jokes. Yet, there’s something about her manner that says: “Don’t come too close.”


Must astrology interpret this message for a bright Aries man? What she really means is – “I want you to come closer, but I’m afraid it’s only my stability you want, that you don’t really need me – as a woman.” Surely a Ram will know how to answer such a silent plea in this girl’s lonely, quiet eyes. Later, she will move nearer, and maybe not murmur any romantic words, but if he watches closely, he’ll see that soft, secret little Capricorn smile of deep pleasure. If he doesn’t look fast, he’ll miss it. All the same, it’s there, reflected from the sunlight within .. . of knowing she’s loved.

He’s really a very lucky Ram. As beautiful as she looks at this moment, Saturn has promised to make her look lovelier every year that passes. He may be a stern ruler of her emotions, but Saturn never breaks a promise. And neither does she. At last, the Aries man has found a love he can trust, a love to have and to hold. That’s surely worth the challenge of fighting a few dragons of  selfishness – and rounding off their squared Suns into a circle of understanding

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