Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries woman with Leo man.

“How clever I am,” he crowed rapturously, “oh, the
cleverness of me!”
Wendy was shocked. “You conceit,” she exclaimed…. “of
course I did nothing!”
“You did a little,” Peter said carelessly, and continued to

A love affair between a Lion and a Ram, although it can be a warm and wonderful experience, will also produce frequent emotional storms – especially when they’ve frozen each other’s considerable pride into icicles. But icicles melt quickly between two Fire Signs, and storms have a way of clearing the air, so that afterward, everything looks all fresh and green again.

It often starts like this: he promises to call her at five o’ clock, then doesn’t phone till midnight, and refuses to apologize. He tells her she can’t spell, and she wears too much makeup. Then he tells her to shut up, and listen to him for a change. He does what?

Well, that slices it. She’s had enough of his overbearing arrogance, and impulsively decides to toss him out of her life. Who needs him anyway, with his bossy Napoleon routine? She does.

With all her independent “I can take care of myself airs, at last she’s found someone who knows she can’t, and who calls her bluff. It’s no good telling him to “go get lost.” That’s just what he won’t do. Later, she’ll remember how his voice was warm and gentle when he finally called, never mind the lateness.

She’ll recall how affectionately he scolded her about the purple eye shadow, and spelling “cat” with two t’s. Maybe he was only being tenderly protective instead of insufferably condescending and maybe she should forgive him. (She might as well. She’s been conquered. Now she knows how Josephine felt, not to mention France.)

It won’t be long until he’s instructing her in all sorts of things she wasn’t even aware she didn’t know until he came along to point out her ignorance. What’s more, she’ll shock herself by blissfully basking in it. Of course, after the novelty wears off, she’ll come down off the ceiling and top him a few times, just to keep the score from getting lopsided – and her Big Cat will discover how a Lion feels in a cage with a Lion tamer. First surprised, then resentful.. then outraged. But finally subdued. Or at least, finally willing to smooth the rough edges of his superiority complex. Actually, her fiery temperament is all right with him, as long as it doesn’t reach the place where it interferes with – or outshines – his own. It never will. He’s concerned over nothing, really. Since when did Mars ever outshine the Sun? Interfering with his own is another matter.

This is the powerfully magnetic 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, and so, when these two Fire Signs see Venus together, the romantic scene is explosive, but it’s also a blinding light turned on an enchanted garden. Maybe those old dreams he packed away aren’t so impossible after all. They’re his dreams, aren’t they? That’s enough to make her positive they’ll come true – and Mars faith makes mountains fly! As for her domineering ways and flashing independence, these are only distress signals for someone to guide her in the right direction. Isn’t that what Lions do best – organize other people’s lives, and save them from their own mistakes? She’s certainly a challenge, and when did a Leo ever run away from a challenge? She may sock him in his masculinity with some rough blows, but Lions aren’t weaklings. He should just sock her right back (figuratively) and let her know that he’s the one who whistles for taxis and things. After he directs her Mars energy into his own groove, he can relax – while she supplies all the fire he needs, when he needs it – and he does need it.

Since he’s more practical and sensible (Leo is a Fixed Sign, remember), she’ll sometimes accuse him of being pokey and stuffy. Since she has more instant vitality, sometimes he’ll accuse her of wearing him out. Eventually, she’ll loosen him up – and he’ll slow her down – so it will come out even, and they’ll both be ahead. Most of their quarrels will be instigated deliberately anyway, on a subconscious (occasionally conscious) level, for the pure pleasure of making up and reassuring themselves of each other’s love. Reconciliations provide the repeated thrill of feeling the magic all over again. Their friends may wonder why they stay together, fighting the way they do, but they’ll know why.

For one thing, they don’t spend all their time together in dispute. Influenced by the 5-9 vibration as they are, they will have many moments that will be marvelous and mad, merry and miraculous, full of lilacs and raindrops, druid dust, violets and enchanted carousels. Her genuine guilelessness moves him strangely, touching a chord of response in his own idealistic heart. Her sparkling excitement is contagious, matching his own sunny enthusiasms. Aries is the symbolic Infant of the zodiac (as explained in The Twelve Mysteries of Love section in the front of this book); therefore her naivete and air of innocence stir some deep well of tenderness in him. He’s compelled to protect this bright, brave spirit, who, like the real infant, hasn’t the slightest notion how many yawning chasms lie in wait for her to stumble into .. in the darkness. He’ll help her avoid them, affectionately, with his wiser, more mature judgment, for Leo is ahead of Aries on the karmic wheel of life.

She will, living up to the “infant essence” of her Sun Sign, stop demanding her needs, and lose her fear of falling with no one there to catch her, once she’s experienced the warm security of the Lion’s devotion. His strong arms will catch her if she falls, and he’s clearly capable of meeting .. any needs .. she may have. And so, she relaxes, becomes calmer, more tranquil… gently soothed by the Lion’s loyal lullaby of love. A Mars-ruled woman admires strength, of both the physical and the moral sort, and this man possesses it. She will place her trust in no other kind of male, however much she may struggle against submission.

Aries and Leo strike a powerful vibration of physical response in each other, which is intensified by constant emotional stimulation. Sexual expression between them can be wonderfully healing, because each fulfills what the other requires of mating: passion, blended with affection. That’s not as common a need as you may think. Most people desire – and are able to give – only one or the other, not both. The result could be a stirring of feelings they both thought were safely buried with the lost ideals of childhood. That’s pretty heady stuff, the kind of happiness they’ll pursue together at almost any cost in temporary tears or heartache .. . or punctured pride. But Leo won’t pay the price of being possessed for it. He wants to roam the jungle, unfettered by the clanking chains of jealousy. So does she. Therefore, does the “freedom” bit work both ways?


It does not. She’ll have to give him plenty of rope, while he’ll permit her just about enough with which to hang herself. As frustrating as it is for the Aries woman to turn the other cheek to her Leo lover or husband, it’s immeasurably more agonizing for the proud Lion to humble himself. Humility is a virtue he constantly preaches but nearly never practices. She’ll have to be the one to forgive first, and try to understand. I wish her luck and courage. She’ll need it.

Their sexual compatibility will not be without some sharp growing pains. A girl Ram has this strange quirk. She knows how small her chances are of finding a male virgin, but she comprehends this with her head. Her Mars-ruled heart has other ideas. Incredible though it may seem, she’d like to believe she’s the first woman he’s ever touched, whispered to or conquered sexually. Since romance is as natural as breathing to Leo males, she’s indulging in a vain hope. When she prods him into admitting every passionate sigh in his past, with names, dates and places included, this fact will be driven home. All right, so he’s made love to other women. She’ll accept that, though it will be painful. (Rams always face unpleasant truths with courage, once they’re recognized as inevitable.) But another shimmering Aries dream must yet be subjected to the cold, hard realities of human nature. It doesn’t have to follow that he enjoyed it, does it? Perhaps he was seduced; maybe some vixen handcuffed him or tied him with ropes while he struggled desperately, and he still has nightmares about the ugliness of it all?

Now, there’s no use expecting a Leo male to plead frigidity. He’s too proud and honest. No, he wasn’t tied to the bedpost with square knots, or handcuffed. (Remember, we’re talking about romantic experiences before they met, past tense. There’s no way she’ll be able to forgive or forget a present or future tense infidelity, not after they’ve given themselves to each other, and made a commitment. It isn’t that she won’t forgive, she can’t. That’s the way Aries is.) Anyway, after she tricks him into relating his former affairs by touching his swollen vanity, he’ll hasten to tell her that he didn’t give his heart away to any of those girls, not until he found her. But she may not hear him. She’ll be too busy picturing wild orgies. He doesn’t really belong to her, as he said. It was all an illusion. Her knight-in-shining-armour has muddy feet; his white horse has turned into a splotchy, grey donkey.

It’s this sort of shattered dream of misty purity that can destroy the sexual harmony between the Aries idealist and a Lion with a long romantic history behind him. Her past love life? That’s different. It will be rationalized away by a dozen different excuses. She didn’t enjoy it, you see. (I keep telling you that Rams are unintentionally selfish.)

There are two possible solutions. The first one is for her to grow up emotionally and realize that the Present, if it’s strong and beautiful and good, cannot be soiled by Yesterday, which is already gone and forgotten. In light of the typical Mars temperament, however, that solution is highly unlikely. It’s against her basic nature, unless she has a more detached and objective Moon Sign or Ascendent, like Gemini or Libra. (An Aquarian Moon or Ascendent will work too but may cause her to be too detached and objective to suit him, creating other problems.)

The best solution is for the Lion to tell her frequently and periodically about the negative reactions he had to his discarded past sexual experiences (till she feels safe from falling into the darkness of loneliness) – and then to enumerate all the aspects of his sexual fulfillment with her which are not only superior to the others but “firsts,” between them alone. There’s no need to explain here the meaning of the word “firsts.” Any Aries-Leo couple will immediately understand.

Her frank admiration of his courage and confidence and wisdom arouses all the Leo male’s masculinity (although she may also, at times, considerably dampen it with her other qualities). His firm refusal to be dominated brings out a latent femininity in her she never knew she possessed, and perhaps she didn’t until him. However, although she may submit to her Lion emotionally and sexually, she’ll never give up her individuality and independence, not even for him. He needs large amounts of worship to feed his hungry ego, and to her worship is analogous to meekness, a quality she’s never acquired. Leo will give her ample opportunity to cultivate it. She knows he’s stronger than she is, and this turns her on. Yet, if he uses his strength to boss her around like an arrogant male chauvinist, it will turn her right off again. An Aries girl will never conform to any form of feudal feminine fiefdom. But she’d better take it easy if she wants to be liberated by this Lord and Master. When she demands her rights, he’ll roar at her in frustration a Great and Mighty Truth: “I can only permit you to be my equal if you first acknowledge my superiority!” It shouldn’t be difficult for an intelligent Aries girl to interpret such a command. It simply means that a proud Leo King, whose supreme sovereignty has been properly and duly recognized, will then have the confidence and power to place his Aries Queen on a throne as high as his own, and allow her to reign beside him. (She can wear the diamond tiara, but he’ll hang on to the sceptre.)

She’ll admire him, respect him and love him intensely. She will also remain quite fond of herself, and of doing her own thing – though she may permit him to show her how to do it. There will be moments when he drowns her enthusiasm by scolding away her hopes with Leonine practicality. There will be other times when she wounds his pride by interrupting him, or forgetting to ask his advice. Then he’ll freeze her with his regal dignity, and she’ll outrage him with her stormy anger. But when his icy aloofness melts, and her fury subsides, happiness will always return to these two. After the flames of indignation have flared and died away, the overwhelming need to run into each other’s forgiving arms again will create the miracle of spring – eternal magic.


As with all 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern couples, the Ram and the Lion will discover that their devotion for each other spills over into a larger love and compassion, because their powerful trined Suns vibration is influenced by the benevolence of the 9th house ruler, Jupiter. Every 5-9 Sun Sign association in which the two people involved are really serious, feels Jupiter’s beneficent rays, to some degree, in their relationship. When you really love someone all the way through, I mean love him (or her) so much that everything seems to be part of everything else, you understand better how everybody feels. You know how it is with people when they hurt, when they’re lonely. Somehow, you want to share with them your own peace and joy. And in some manner, you find a way, together, to do this.

Love is a benediction to Aries and Leo because of what they see when they look deeply into each other’s eyes. He sees a woman vulnerable enough to need his wisdom, yet independent enough to challenge and stimulate him. She sees a man gentle enough to treat her tenderly, yet strong enough to protect and conquer her. And they both see … . something else … . some mystery of Yesterday, some promise for Tomorrow … . something they can’t define, accompanied by the music of memory. Between Aries and Leo, the chemistry is right. The moment they touch, then together make a wish on Venus in the morning sky, whole waiting galaxies of stars are watching in wonderous joy, and making a wish on them .. . in anticipation that the birth of love between these two might herald the long ago prophecies of Peace promised to the world .. . “when the lamb shall lie down with the Lion.”

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