Aries Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology. This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries woman with Pisces man.

“Which story was it?”
“About the prince who couldn’t find the lady who wore the glass slipper.”
“Peter,” said Wendy excitedly, “that was Cinderella, and he found her ” 

I don’t want to shatter any glass slipper dreams, but this combination usually works out better when the girl is the Pisces and the boy is the Ram. An Aries female needs a determined, thick-skinned male who has the aggressiveness to say, “Shut up, and listen,” when it’s necessary. And it will assuredly be necessary, from time to time, with this girl.

There are, of course, as always, the exceptions that prove the astrological rule. A Pisces man, for example, with the Moon or Ascendent in a Fire Sign, such as Aries, Sagittarius or Leo, may possess just the right blend of fiery command and gentleness of manner to make this rather spunky one become as meek as a lamb. Well, maybe not that meek – but more docile and manageable than she’d be around most other men.

In a way, it’s what she secretly seeks and longs for – someone who will control her firmly (and make her feel feminine) – on occasion. Someone who will allow her to be boss (half the time) – and be the tender, charming Prince of her dreams (the rest of the time, whatever time is left). She needs a strong big brother to protect her, a companion she considers her equal in intelligence, a lover who will physically conquer her, and a quiet man who will not try to confine her spirited personality, or domineer her. It would also be nice if he could be a poet.

And of course, he should be willing, even anxious, to defend her loyally against her enemies (until she forgives them, then he should love them) as she will defend him against his (whether he wants her to or not). And let’s see – yes, he must also admire and respect her, and tell her so frequently – be the kind of man who likes to chop wood and fix things when they’re broken (including her heart) – a man who can handle an emergency with cool poise, and meet a crisis with great courage. He must, by all means, be possessed of impeccable integrity, and be snowflake-pure-sexually-faithful to her. (But he must not be a doormat, or self-effacing.)

If possible, she would like him to consist of equal parts of Rhett Butler, Robert Browning, Muhammed Ali, Mike Todd, Abraham Lincoln – and her favorite saint. Maybe a touch of Charlton Heston, Warren Beatty, Jimmy Stewart, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen, with just a dash of Norman Mailer – if that’s not asking too much.

Nearly every single Christmas of her life, for as far back as she can remember, she carefully printed out her request in a letter to Santa Claus, and he ignored it, year after year, leaving all sorts of useless things under the tree, except this one most important gift. (You can sympathize with his problem.)

When you consider it carefully, a Pisces man has as many chances to live up to her romantic ideals as any other male. None. Which means that he at least starts out even. You know? The Fish certainly can’t ask for better odds than those.

A girl Ram is fun and fresh. She’s pretty and punchy, full of spirit and sparkles and warmth and generosity – all that. But she does need to be sat upon occasionally, when her Mars will causes her to be a bit too frisky and free for her own good – or for the peace of mind of the man who loves her. Pisces men just never sound very convincing when they say things like “Shut up, and listen.” The Fish is more in his own element when he’s figuring abstract physics or math theories, calculating the relativity of time, in relation to space – or quoting Tennyson. It’s possible for the Ram and the Fish to meet, mate, and murmur sentiments into each other’s ears happily, for a lifetime. It can happen. Not often. But it can. Where’s your faith in miracles?

A Pisces man is more likely than any other to genuinely believe in the kind of enchantment every Aries girl lives within, and demands romantically. She’ll adore him for it. She’ll trust his dreams, have faith in his visions – and she’ll respond (at first, anyway) with little flutters of excitement to his sensitivity and his gentleness. Then she’ll feel an irresistible urge to defend him against those who judge him unfairly as an idle dreamer with no future. (She’ll have simply bushels of chances to do that!)

Most people have been so brainwashed by astrological over-simplifications, they think every Pisces is a wishy-washy candidate for Alcoholics Anonymous, or group therapy (nude group therapy, considering the Age we’re living in). True, he was born under a complicated and difficult Sun Sign. The stars portended at his birth that he’d have to pick his way through a haze of daydreams. He was also fated to get caught in the sticky octopus tendrils of other people’s troubles as he swims along through life trying his best to mind his own business (which can be even more tangled and confusing). His ruling planet, Neptune, seems to be forever leading him into situations so mysterious, so intertwined with intrigue and half-truths that even a Ouija board couldn’t get to the bottom of the whole mess. This is so for Pisces of both sexes. Talk it over with Ted Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Gleason, Dinah Shore or Pamela Mason sometime. They’re all Pisceans too, and they’ve been there. EVERYWHERE. More than once.

The Aries girl who’s annoyed by the elusiveness of her Pisces man should ask herself how she would react to being part of what some flippant astrologers call “the dustbin of the zodiac.” It’s not much fun to carry the weight of knowing you’re the embodiment of all the other eleven Sun Signs. And this man has the added burden of frequent precognitive flashes that clutter up his consciousness. Not only that, but his Neptunian compassion can seduce him into some situations that can only be called weird. This forces him to cover the fact that he’s the softest touch in town under a variety of false fronts. These can range from crankiness and crustiness to drunkenness – or a psychedelic trip that’s far out (far out from this harsh world). But lots of creative writers, imaginative artists and abstract thinkers (like Einstein) have also been Pisceans, and they learned to handle their Neptune vibrations. This man does have a choice of streams, you know. All Fish do, when they break away from the chaotic crosscurrents.

The danger inherent in a relationship between an Aries woman and a Pisces man is that the sexes tend to get mixed up. A male Fish can be as masculine, as virile and as muscular as the next guy. But he’s also ultra-sensitive – for a man. The female Ram can be as feminine, as tender and as glamorous as the next girl. But she’s also strong-willed, determined and independent – for a woman. Because of his instinct to withdraw from conflict, the Pisces man may prefer to retreat, rather than face up to the Aries girl’s Fire. She won’t like it. Rams feel helpless, and become even angrier, when they’re forced to shadow-box their way out of a disagreement. It can drive her up a tree to be ignored, and a Piscean is an expert at the technique of passive non-resistance.


She may also resent his reluctance to push himself with others. It’s beyond her comprehension how anyone can take so much lying down. Just as it’s beyond his comprehension how anyone can stand up on his feet constantly, fighting and attacking and counterattacking, and wasting all that energy. His mildness, if carried to extremes, can finally goad her into lashing out at him with some cutting and unkind remarks that she doesn’t mean but that can nevertheless wound his feelings deeply. This sort of scene can be triggered by almost any minor incident.

PISCES: My paintings are going to be exhibited at the museum’s Art Show next week. See? Here’s the program. It says: “Special showing of new art forms by Fried Hot.”
ARIES: Are they talking about an artist or an egg? That can’t be you. You’re Fred Haught.
PISCES: I guess they weren’t sure how to spell my surname, and maybe the mistake in “Fred” is just a printer’s error. I’ve been trying to decide what to do
ARIES: Don’t tell me what you’re going to do. Don’t tell me, let me guess. You’re going to change your name, right?
PISCES: Well, I hadn’t thought of going that far. Do you think I should?
ARIES: I think you should grab the art director of that museum and say, “Look, boob, you spelled my name wrong. Print new programs, or I remove my paintings from the exhibit.”
PISCES: Oh, I couldn’t insult him like that. He might be offended, and then I’d lose my big chance to exhibit my paintings.

He won’t refuse. He’ll agree with her, and leave for the museum. But he may not return. He’d rather be Fried Hot than boiled alive in her Mars temper. Of course, this is an extreme case. Still, it does illustrate the challenges and hurdles to be met when there’s a reversal of the dominant-passive roles between these two lovers. If there’s a compatible Sun-Moon-Ascendent aspect between their birth charts, their relationship can work out ideally. She’ll have enough Fire to spark him to great accomplishment, to give him faith in himself and his dreams – and he’ll have the right amount of Water to soothe and gentle her fears, to give her emotional security. With an adverse Luminary or Ascendent aspect between their nativities, however, they may face a few problems.

The Aries woman is woven of finer threads than those who see only her surface confidence ever suspect. She is many things more than a fireball of impulse. She’s the ecstasy she felt when she buried her nose in the fragrance of the bouquet of violets she picked in an elf-haunted, shady corner of the yard, when she was three the kitten she watched get run over by a streetcar she’s red kites and yellow balloons, the rainy days of childhood the newborn baby a lady on the bus let her hold in her arms when she was nine, and acting out a private madonna make-believe the snow sparkles under the street light she truly thought were diamonds the spanking with a wooden paddle her fourth grade principal gave her at recess, before everyone in school she’s the sunrise someone forgot the song someone remembered … . She’s her first belly-smacker in the pool, when she was trying desperately for a perfect swan dive and more. She’s the poem the Pisces man tried to write, but couldn’t quite complete yet he could, if he’d only allow her to help him write the last verse.

The sexual relationship between them will be the eternal and beautiful mutual attraction of explosive activity and cool stillness. But it can also be the attraction of a potential conqueror for a potential victim, if there are severe planetary afflictions in their respective horoscopes. With favorable planetary exchanges in their nativities, however, the Ram and the Fish could enjoy an exceptionally happy physical chemistry that could outlast periodic bickering, or hurt feelings. Their philosophical approaches to Life may be different, but their romantic goals are identical. Both of them desperately seek a sexual experience of great intensity – and both are sentimental and imaginative. In expressing their love through sexual union, they can fulfill each other’s secret fantasies, escape into their own private wonderland and close the door against the rest of the world.

A Piscean who wants to teach an Aries girl to float tranquilly in his pond must make a decision to level with her about everything, and then stick to it. His fondness for keeping secrets, and for telling half-truths to spare her feelings (or his own), is something this woman will never stand for. She puts all her cards on the table, and she can’t trust a player who hides any aces up his sleeve. Unless the Fish is prepared to be 100 percent honest with her, in every way, he’d better find another poker partner.

If someday he should discover he can’t keep anything from her, not even his innermost feelings, and he’s compelled to confess to her all his secret yearnings – he loves her. It’s the first sign of capitulation from a Pisces man.


It’s not, however, a guarantee that he’ll capitulate all the way into marriage. This man is extremely reluctant to take on the complications of both emotional and legal involvement. The first one is hassle enough with which to cope, as far as he’s concerned, without adding the burden of the second. The common Neptune definition of marriage is “a close friendship, recognized by the police.”
Eventually he’ll gobble the bait, and allow himself to be reeled in, but he’ll struggle less in the marital net if the Aries woman will pretend they’re still having an affair that’s not recognized by the police. I know an actual, living, breathing Piscean male in California who has substituted a Siamese cat for a family (the typical Fish fears the responsibilities of a family, as he fears the snooping of Big Brother or Sister, the Internal Revenue, CIA and FBI). The Fish with the Pussycat has a motto he repeats often: “Kitty litter is cheaper than diapers.”

The Ram will have to make-believe with her Fish that they’re involved in only an emotional union, nothing more, even after they are duly wedlocked (she should never use the term wed-lock with him). If this keeps him romantic, makes him happy and causes him to feel freer, why not allow him to live in his fantasy of bachelorhood?

He may alternate between leaving her, and returning again, unsure of how to convince her of his devotion. But all she wants is to be loved and understood, never to be questioned – to be accepted for exactly what she is. As a matter of fact, that’s all he wants too. The only dragons that stand between Aries and Pisces are his Neptune illusions, which to him, are reality – and her Mars reality, which is, actually, an illusion. Plus the smaller gargoyles of his passivity, and her impatience – and their mutally sensitive, vulnerable natures. No outsider can slay these dragons and gargoyles for them. They must be destroyed from within. That’s the way it always is in faerie tales. At least, in the ones with happy endings.

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