Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Aries woman with Sagittarius man.

The Never bird saw at once what he was up to, and screamed…. 

To face an astrological truth bluntly and candidly, as Archers like to do, a Sagittarius male is more likely than any other (with the exception of Gemini) to be unfaithful in some way, if not physically, then mentally, through harmless flirting.

Naturally, that’s a generality, certainly not true in every single case, with every single Centaur. But it’s true often enough to make a love affair between a girl Ram and an even “mildly” promiscuous boy Archer about as much fun as skipping rope in sandals with cherry bombs strapped to the heels. Any man who thinks it would be a challenge to play that kind of romantic Russian roulette with an Aries female would be safer taking American singer Anita Bryant to a meeting of the Gay Liberation group. If you should run across a Mars-ruled girl who claims she isn’t jealous in the smallest way of her man’s attentions to other women, and theirs to him, she is either lying (because she has an afflicted Mars or Mercury in her nativity) or she’s adopted, and her parents didn’t tell her her true birth date. You can wager on it, and win. You have astrology’s guarantee.

Of course, there’s always the chance that she’s not in love with the man who doesn’t arouse her jealousy (jealousy of all types being merely a deep-seated fear of rejection), and she simply doesn’t care. Aries ice. In fact, that’s an excellent barometer of the girl Ram’s feelings. If she’s casual or detached regarding her lover or husband’s flirtations, she’s no longer in love, and he’ll be told soon enough that she’s stopped caring. It’s the earliest Mars warning signal of romantic dissatisfaction, and very little time will elapse between such a signal and the final goodbye wave from this woman.

Aries and Sag are both Fire Signs, and fire attracts nearby fire, simply by a spark leaping from one flame to another, sometimes many feet through the air, let alone across a room. Therefore, the Sagittarian man will be drawn to the Aries woman almost from the first time they meet, for the purpose of either love or friendship. Being influenced by the 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern, their natal Suns are trined, and so they are, in a word – sympatico. It might be better if he aims for friendship, instead of love, if he isn’t quite yet ready to settle down to being a one-woman-man. He may have enjoyed the four-in-a-bed scene in the American film Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, and accepted it all in a spirit of fun and laughs – but she’s the one who walked out on the scene, and tossed her buttered popcorn in the usher’s face as she left the theatre. (As I’ve said elsewhere in this book, Aries anger is never discriminatory.)

One thing to be said in defense of a typical male Archer is that, if he’s tempted to succumb to the charms of a new love, he’s as likely as the Aries woman to confess it almost immediately. Basically the Jupiter-ruled male is both sincere and honest. Neither of these two will ever carry on a long-term deception. Admittedly, with an Aries girl, he’d be better off not being quite so truthful. He shouldn’t feel obliged to report to her every single wink he receives from the predatory females who abound these days, urged as they continually are from so many directions to be sure they aren’t deprived of their share of multiple sexual adventures, with no rules to the game except variety. The Mars woman’s imagination supplies her with more than enough images of infidelity, without his adding the burden of meaningless winks to her feelings, and to their relationship.

It seems strange for a girl with such apparent self-confidence, who is so openly independent, to be so emotionally vulnerable. But she is, and she suffers greatly through her inner fear of being hurt or deceived in love. Aries is a masculine sign, and so the girl Ram is never quite certain of her femininity. This makes her secretly believe that even women who are clearly less intelligent and less attractive than she, are nevertheless more desirable to the man she loves, if for no other reason than their outward feminine manners. Wondering about a thing like this can be an indescribable private torture. Yet, unfortunately, her outbursts of jealousy will often receive little real sympathy or compassion from an Archer, who places a high value on personal freedom and mutual trust between two people in love.

Such an attitude is all well and good, but if he doesn’t train himself to be somewhat more gentle with this woman’s basic nature, and try to handle her hidden fears with more tender concern – being willing to talk things over with her now and then, to ease her mind – he’ll lose her more quickly than he found her. And the emptiness she leaves in his heart may not be as easy as he thinks to fill. There’s always a terrible feeling of loneliness on both sides when a man and woman whose natal Suns are trined, and who truly loved each other, separate. If the feeling they thought was love was only friendship, and was, therefore, inaccurately defined by them from the beginning, the parting will be less painful – and they may even be friends again later. But not if they deeply loved. The pain is too great, then, to transmute former affection into a casual friendship.

If mutual trust can be established between them, from the start, an Aries girl has an excellent chance for emotional harmony with a Sagittarian man, and he with her. Many Archers are sexually stable and reliable, and with those who are, love between these two can be eternally exciting and always stimulating – emotions which, in an odd sort of way, bring peace and contentment to the hearts of those born under Fire Signs. Peace and contentment within, you see, are not achieved in exactly the same manner by everyone.

Both these lovers are optimistic, open-hearted, warm and friendly. They’re also both visionaries, but his visions are more practical, since Sagittarius, unlike Aries, has the prophetic ability to foresee the outcome of his dreams from their inception, as well as the self-honesty to separate them from mere fantasies, based on delusion. Although they’re both expert at tossing pie-in-the-sky, his pies are seldom half-baked.

When this man and woman fall in love, the blend of her Mars enthusiasm with his Jupiter daring, gives them an insurance against boredom. Love seldom grows cold between two people who share a mutual excitement for new ideas, and an eternal youthfulness of spirit. They’ll probably even vote alike, because it’s an extremely exceptional Ram or Archer who isn’t politically liberal. There are occasional conservatives born under both Sun Signs, of course, although the odds are that a Sag more than Aries will lean slightly to the Right. Even so, the rare conservative Sagittarian will be motivated by political idealism. Since they both feel strongly about the burning issues of the day, this is more important than it may seem as a contributing factor to their compatibility.


It’s only fair to warn the Aries girl that a Sagittarian man is more likely to remain a bachelor than any other Sun Sign, except Virgo and Aquarius. His affectionate, impulsive nature (very much like her own) allows him to slide into a romance easily, and he can be precipitated by her Mars force into a commitment he’s not ready to keep. Since most Archers refuse to lie at the altar, broken engagements and disappearing grooms are not uncommon with this Sun Sign.

They’re not cruel – just honest. I know one Sagittarian man who’s been promising to marry a charming widow for more years than either of them can remember. She’s still waiting, with Cancerian tenacity. If she were an Aries, she’d tell him to go dunk his donuts in someone else’s coffee, lock her door and change her telephone number. Sudden action like this often brings an Archer to his senses, if he really loves the woman. If he doesn’t, she has only herself to blame. He probably never actually told her he loved her. Sagittarian men are usually quite careful not to say “I love you,” unless they mean it, and they have plenty of dodgy verbal tricks to get out of it, without arousing suspicion. Here are a couple that every red-blooded male Archer has used, at one time or another. Pay close attention to the exact words.

GIRL: Darling, you do love me, don’t you?

ARCHER: (hurt and angry): How can you ask me a ridiculous question like that?
You don’t know how I feel by now?

(or perhaps …)

GIRL: DO you really love me? Do you really?

ARCHER: What do you think, sweetheart? I don’t see how you can wonder.
(Showering her immediately with passionate kisses.)

Later, she’ll accuse him of emotional breach of promise, but she didn’t listen carefully. He didn’t lie to her. Sagittarians never lie. Didn’t you know that?

Normally, this man is not the domestic type. Look at the way he treats his own family – casually. And the way he loves his own relatives – from a distance. But the girl Ram isn’t tied down to the heart either, so she won’t mind his wandering, as long as he takes her with him. If she gives him miles of rope and lets him know that she, too, believes in personal freedom, the Archer can be a generous and stimulating partner, in or out of wedlock. She should learn to love animals, because sooner or later, this man will bring home a dog or a horse.
If they live in a small apartment, let’s hope it’s a dog.

He may spend lots of time at the stables, in the woods, hiking or camping – involving himself in sports as a participant or spectator – or involving himself in the theatre as a participant or spectator. The more intellectual type of Archer will substitute books and philosophy for nature, sports or the stage, but whatever, his interests will frequently be outside the home. It doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with her, and the Aries girl must realize that, if she wants to hold him for keeps.

Their sexual adjustment is almost automatic. Both of them are deeply affectionate, and passion is never lacking, since they’re both Fire Signs. His approach to physical lovemaking may be slightly more casual and detached than hers, and not quite so intense, but it will be no less sincere, and certainly no less idealistic. Each is capable of a warm response, which can make their intimacies wonderfully fulfilling, although perhaps not completely free of sexual selfishness (one of the most common causes of sexual disharmony). They may both have to learn that real happiness comes from an inner need to love – not to be loved. The lesson shouldn’t be too difficult, because the sense of giving is strong in both their natures. Since they’re also mentally and emotionally well mated, the physical relationship between them (barring jealousy and unfaithfulness) can be ideal in every sense.


She won’t like it when he sometimes makes promises he can’t keep, for Archers often impulsively reach out farther than their arms can stretch. She may explode into angry tears when he carelessly blurts out an unpleasant truth, without regard for her sensitive feelings. And she could become annoyed with his clumsy attempts at humor, which can be poorly timed. Sagittarians are half clown, you know, and the antics of clowns are never subtle. She’s stuck with Emmett Kelly, so why not accept his peanuts and cotton candy, laugh and enjoy it? Although he may occasionally resent her claims on his freedom and her demands on his time, he’ll admire her bright mind and respect her independence.

As for the possibility that his Jupiter tendency to promiscuity will ignite her Mars jealousy, don’t overlook the Archer’s strong sense of honor and personal integrity. He’ll behave the way he’s expected and trusted to behave. There’s an old metaphysical formula, so magical, it works wonders. A friend of mine, Hank Fort, once wrote a song, with lyrics that sum up this infallible Universal Law, and they say, in part…

give makes give – greed makes greed
flower makes flower – and weed
makes weed clean makes clean – dust makes dust
doubting makes doubting – and trust makes trust

The Aries woman in love with an Archer, who repeats that last line over and over again when her heart is troubled, will discover that it’s truly a miracle mantra that will bring her more reasons to rejoice than to cry. For truth makes truth, you see – and lie makes lie.

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