Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the

Love Compatibility of Aries woman with Scorpio man

 The kiss that had been for no one else Peter took quite
easily. Funny. But she seemed satisfied.

A Scorpio man penetrates life to the core. He has an almost superhuman capacity to face the facts about himself and others. So it can be a little frightening when he lets you backstage to see what’s really going on behind his mask of unshakable self-confidence. What does a woman do when she’s been trusted with a secret like that? If she’s an Aries, she usually falls in love with an unbelievable intensity.

He may permit her to share parts of him never before revealed to anyone else. That’s because he admires the absence of feminine guile in her nature. He responds to her fresh innocence and faith in him, and he’s touched by her loyalty. Somehow, this man senses that the Aries girl, unlike her sisters of the other Sun Signs, won’t use her knowledge of his inner being against him. Revenge is never an Aries weapon. Although retaliation is something he understands and uses himself, in a strange way that only makes him appreciate the Ram’s lack of it even more. Consequently, there can be a depth to the love between Aries and Scorpio that’s seldom equaled for sheer passionate devotion and spiritual closeness.

Since neither of them is ever satisfied until they’ve drained the cup of romance of its last drop of pleasure, emotionally they’re well matched and mated. Mentally, they’re about as far apart as two people can get and still remain members of the same human race.

His Pluto mind is shrewd, critical, cautious and skeptical. Her Mars mental processes are careless, direct, impulsive and uncomplicated. This distance between their mental outlooks can take one of two paths. It can add intrigue and glamour to their relationship, based on the law that opposites attract – or it can “break the law,” and widen into such a chasm, that they find it impossible to communicate, even on those levels where they’re alike and sympathetic. Which way it goes depends almost entirely on the Sun-Moon aspects between their horoscopes.

Before the affair reaches the point of a forever scene, however, this man will have asked a few searching questions, and no one asks searching questions more thoroughly than a Scorpio, even when he asks them only with his eyes. Will she take the cold, hard truth from him, which he’ll hand her frequently, with meekness and respect? No. She won’t. (Meekness? He has to be kidding.) Will she fall apart at his slightest Scorpion sting? No. She’ll never fall apart. Her reaction to hurt may range anywhere from a childish tantrum to violent rage. Will she moan and sniffle because he spends a few hours privately talking with a pretty girl about astral projection and ancient witch rites? If he does what? No. She won’t moan and sniffle. She will do other things. Her things. I’m willing to forget he even asked that last question, if he is. And he’d better be.

Thought for a Scorpio male reading this chapter: If she acts like that now, just think what marriage to her will be like. I see. You’ve already thought. That figures. It’s hard to tell a Scorpio anything he doesn’t already know. But here’s something he may think no one knows. Despite the answers he came up with in his compatibility quiz, the Scorpio man believes he can teach this girl to keep her cool. Besides, her vital spirit and fiery independence fascinate him.

The trouble could start when he discovers he’ll never train this woman to completely control her emotions to match his own cool poise. Then the vital spirit and fiery independence he thought were such flashing virtues may lose their attraction. As long as things go smoothly, he’ll accept her aggressive ways. He may even enjoy them. But if she insists on forcing him to conform to an emotional pattern against his own nature, he’ll turn like a Scorpion whose tail has been stepped on – and strike. Scorpions are known for their certain retaliation against being trod upon, even when it’s accidental. But who would ever step on a Scorpion’s tail deliberately anyway? A Ram would.

When a Scorpion is confronted with a situation he finds unbearable, he doesn’t waste time trying to push it out of the way, like Taurus – devising schemes to evade it, like Libra – or accepting it as fated, like Pisces. Nothing will do but the total annihilation of the obstacle to his peace of mind. For example, if it’s a religious dogma against his own principles which someone is trying to shove down his throat, merely to attack the offending church itself is a trifling action, beneath his Pluto Power. He’ll set out to destroy the roots and branches of all religion, and become a militant atheist. If a hardened criminal breaks into his home and steals from him, merely to help the law apprehend the man is far too mild. Dishonesty has threatened him personally; therefore dishonesty must be wiped out of existence – even if it means the electric chair for the worst offenders – and a long jail term for six-year-olds who snitch Hershey bars. When it’s a romantic injury he’s suffered which has brought him emotional pain, simply to demolish the girl and their love affair is not enough. He’ll turn the incredible force of his will into a scorching, bitter condemnation of all intimate relationships, and the institution of marriage itself. With Scorpio, nothing is done in halfway measures (including devotion, loyalty, and integrity, of course). Pluto men build all the way up to heaven – or destroy all the way down to hell. That’s why they’re so interesting.


Admittedly, “interesting” may not be exactly the right word, but any Marsruled female will get the general idea. It’s the old appeal of masculinity, virility and strength. Still, it would be wise for the Aries girl who is about to form an attachment with a Scorpio man to consider carefully his Pluto nature before she exposes her bright fire to that flood of rushing water. If she has anything to say about it, I mean. She may not. The magnetism of Scorpio practically guarantees this man success in whatever he’s after, including her. Remaining detached in the face of a Scorpio romantic assault requires an objectivity most Rams don’t possess, especially in view of the fact that this is a 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern. Aries is the sixth astrological house of Service to Scorpio. Scorpio is the eighth house of Sex to Aries. And that’s about the way it wraps up. She serves him in many ways, with surprising docility, and he provides sexual fulfillment for her. Naturally, the inter-change is not always quite so plain and simple. But basically, their relationship will unfold a curious inclination on her part to submit to this man and allow him to be her Svengali, while he satisfies her deepest desire for physical proof of the kind of complete and eternal love she needs. Their sexual attraction can continue into old age, with none of its original passion dimmed. After death, it can burn just as intensely on the spiritual plane.

This is a couple most likely to walk out on the porno films with explicit sexual scenes. Don’t believe everything you’ve read about Scorpio. Such a public display of intimacies will usually offend the Eagle’s ingrained sense of the privacy of human relations to the same degree that it offends her idealism. The only area where sex can cause problems between them is her tendency to exaggerate his strong appeal for women into accusations of unfaithfulness – or if his typical Scorpio suspicion should cause him to interpret her free and friendly manner with all men as flirting. He should realize that she’s too honest and full of ideals about love to commit adultery without extreme provocation, and even then, she’ll confess it almost before it happens.

Conversely, she must understand that, for all of his passionate inner involvement with sex, the Pluto concept of love is based on purity and integrity. When his needs (which are considerable) are satisfied at home, he’ll remain absolutely immune to the wiles of other women, even if one should openly try to seduce him on the street (which is always a possibility with Scorpios). That makes the question of his sexual loyalty entirely her responsibility, and she’ll have to assume it or suffer the consequences.

If she can manage to tolerate his quiet air of superiority, exasperating silences and deep wells of secrecy – his somewhat stingy attitude (compared with hers) about spending money, and his iron-clad convictions of right and wrong, even when they differ from her own, she can find an enduring happiness with this man. But that’s a lot of tolerance for an Aries woman to master, and Rams are not noted for patience. It may help if she realizes that those firm convictions of right and wrong he so relentlessly and intensely clings to, were formed, on a subconscious level, from the karmic seeds of the weighing and balancing of the sign behind him, Libra – and are now forged into a solid form. It’s all part of his karmic, spiritual growing process. He really can’t help it.


If he can overlook her surges of jealousy, her financial extravagance, frequent demands for attention and her somewhat immature emotional approach to all problems, he’ll find all the woman he’s ever sought in an Aries female. But Scorpios are not, by nature, the overlooking kind. Assuming her Moon or Ascendent is in a Water or Earth Sign (with the exception of Taurus) or his Moon or Ascendent is in a Fire or Air Sign (with the exception of Libra) they can take a chance on discovering together the place where the Eagle flies the magical flowers that grow on the summit of the Ram’s rocky ledges.

Even without such planetary assistance, these two can simply use their Free Will, and decide to have a harmonious relationship. When Pluto and Mars combine forces, there’s literally nothing that can’t be willed to manifest, and happiness is no exception. When this man and woman make a wish on their own stars, the firmament trembles, comets streak by, and trillions of twinkling, tiny starlings chorus an obedient “yes!”

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