Cancer And Cancer Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer and Cancer.

Water – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by the Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Night Forces – Feminine

Water – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by the Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Night Forces – Feminine

The little house looked so cosy and safe in the darkness,
with a bright light showing through its blinds, and the
chimney smoking beautifully….

Did you ever wonder why your parents treated you as they did when you were a child? I mean, do you brood over it a lot? No? Well, Cancerians do, just before they fall asleep at night, and after they do finally fall asleep, they dream about it, or have nightmares about it.
Yesterday – whether it was twenty or a hundred years ago – is very real to the Moon-lured Crabs, which is why most of them know so much about history, a favorite Cancerian subject in school, also a popular hobby with many of these men and women in later years. Lots of Crabs collect antiques.

Unless the parents of those born under this Moon-controlled Sun Sign of Cancer were astrologers, they may not have said “I love you” often enough to these sensitive children. Maybe they discussed how pretty or handsome the siblings were too frequently. Perhaps they gave the little Crabs too meager an allowance, forcing them to go to work cutting the neighbor’s grass at the age of eight, because a stipend of a dollar a week wasn’t enough to remove that uneasy feeling of financial insecurity (any more than $3,000 a week could take it completely away now). It’s even possible that the parents of little Clementine or Clarence didn’t kiss the Crabs goodnight, or read bedtime stories to them each evening. (They skipped it on week ends – horrors!)

All these are reasons why the majority of Cancerians grow up lacking a sense of emotional security, causing them to exhibit flashes of moody, sensitive adolescence. It’s taxing for other Sun Signs (except for Scorpio and Pisces) to cope with the apprehensions that haunt Crabs, from the persistent spectre of starvation to the lingering dread of loneliness. Only a Cancerian, vibrating on the same Lunar frequency, can find the right words and manner to calm another. Here’s a sample of the typical dialogue between these 1-1 Sun Sign Pattern people.

CRAB #1: There you go, diving down into one of your inky moods again. Don’t you know all the people who love you wonder why you’re so lonely, and why you won’t let them help you?
CRAB #2: No one tries to understand me. I had a sad childhood. I keep telling you that. And you don’t even care. Nobody cares.
CRAB #1: Look, first off, try to realize that your parents may not have understood how tender your feelings were. Second off, your friends today have no way of knowing that you feel they don’t love you enough, because you clam up and refuse to talk about it.
CRAB #2: Why should I talk about it? People are cold and cruel. I could always talk to my mother, and sometimes she understood me, but mother is gone now, and no one will ever love me like she did – oh, it’s so AWFUL not to have Mama around. No one has made me any whiffleberry jelly since she died, (sob-sob) CRAB #1: Don’t cry. Here, take my hanky. At least your mother tried to understand you when she was alive. My mother warped my whole life because she ignored me most of the time. I might as well have been an orphan for all the sympathy I got from her. Having a mother who’s dead isn’t as lonely as never really ever having had a Mama at all.
CRAB #2: (deeply sympathetic) It must be an empty feeling.
CRAB #1: Do you know she never kissed me goodnight until after she tucked in my baby sister? And once she even stole the dollar the Good Tooth Fairy left under my pillow to pay the laundry man for her dirty diapers. You may not believe that, but it’s true, (sob-sob)
CRAB #2: How dreadful! Don’t cry. Here, do you want your hanky back?
CRAB #1: No, thanks. You keep it. I’m sorry I broke down. Anyway, we were talking about you, not me. You’re certainly old enough, if you don’t mind my saying so, to begin to learn that the best way to get love is to give love.
CRAB #2: Okay, okay, okay, okay. But even if I do learn how to get people to love me, what good will that do when the whole world is headed for a financial collapse? Probably my bank will be the first one to close, and I’ll lose all my money and stocks and end up a pauper.

Note to reader: Should Crab #2 be female, just change the foregoing to: “Harry and I will lose our house and all our savings, he’ll probably lose his job, and we’ll have to wander around barefoot and homeless or go on public welfare and food stamps, which would HUMILIATE me. I’d rather be dead.”

CRAB #1: You’re not going to end up a pauper (or wander around homeless) because you have two separate savings accounts, those twelve bags of gold nuggets you buried under the garage, plus your bank account in Switzerland, not to mention the three apartment houses you own. Most people would consider you wealthy and secure.
CRAB #2: Most people don’t realize that money can be here today and gone tomorrow. What if someone finds out where I buried those gold nuggets?
CRAB #1: You should worry! I’m going to lose my business because I can’t refinance my loan. My banker hates me. I just know he hates me. All my kids need braces and I had to cancel my vacation to Nova Scotia this summer. I’m the one on the point of starvation, not you.
CRAB #2: Selfish, selfish, selfish – that’s what you are, selfish! You don’t care at all for my problems, just your own. We try to economize here by using margarine, but you still use butter. So who’s worse off, you or me – I ask you?
CRAB #1: Don’t snap at me. I’ll snap right back. And we do NOT use butter at our house. We use margarine like you, so there!
CRAB #2: Butter!
CRAB #1: Margarine!
CRAB #2: Butter, butter, butter, butter, butter!
CRAB #1: STOP THAT! In the first place, it’s none of your business what we spread on our bread. That’s my business.
CRAB #2: See! You’re neurotically secretive. Always afraid people are prying. You should learn to be more direct and out-in-the-open, like me.
CRAB #1: Out-in-the-open? You? HA! That’s a howl. You’re so secretive you won’t even answer a civil question. Everyone knows you’re paranoid. It makes people nervous to be around you.
CRAB #2: Oh! (sob-sob) I told you everyone hates me. Now you finally admit it yourself. And you pretended you were my friend, (sob-sob)
CRAB #1: I am your friend. Will you please blow your nose and stop that sniffling? You’re not paranoid. I just said that to snap at you because you snapped at me. People do love you. I even like you myself, most of the time. Do you know why people like you so much?
CRAB #2: Why? (from inside the clothes closet, weeping) Why?
CRAB #1: Because you’re so lovable. Not only that, you’re talented, and that makes everyone respect you. People like you because you tell funny jokes, your house is always cozy and warm, you make great chicken soup and you loan people pennies from your piggy bank when they’re broke. See how nice you are? You’re rich and good looking and smart and popular
CRAB #2: Am I really? Would you really call me popular?
CRAB #1: Yes, I would. My wife likes you, my kids love you, and
CRAB #2: (peeking anxiously out of the shell) Really? Really-truly?
CRAB #1: Yes, really-truly, and honor-bright. I swear it.
CRAB #2: (perking up, opening the shell, and crawling cautiously out onto the warm sands of affection and approval) Say! How would you like a bowl of hot chicken soup? And maybe a slice of toast… with butter?

The typical Cancerian wouldn’t feel totally secure financially if he or she owned Fort Knox. Nelson Rockefeller, the original John D. Rockefeller and various other assorted Rockefellers are Cancerians. They spend most of their time worrying about how to invest their billions to keep them from shrinking into mere millions, right along with worrying about how to give the whole world a bowl of hot chicken soup. Here they are (they believe) trying their best to solve the problems of starvation and poverty and political confusion, with the few dollars they can spare – and everyone misconstrues their motives and calls them greedy, monopoly-minded capitalists. It’s just AWFUL. Nobody understands, nobody really cares.

The emotional insecurities which cause many Crabs to snap and be cranky, to withdraw into their shells sullenly and pout, to hoard their cash under the mattress and be fearful and timid about accepting affection, may often best be soothed by another Moon Child. However, sometimes these moody Looney Birds of such deep perception and sharp insight, such gentle manners and graceful ways, need the added dimension of other Sun Sign friends, associates and mates to balance their complex personalities. Two Crabs together will develop strong ties of sympathy, but will they grow? Only when each is wise enough to see in the other his or her own mistakes, thus correcting, instead of compounding them – for compounded mistakes, very much like compounded interest loans at the bank, can be costly in terms of human happiness.

Despite a natural timidity, Cancerians possess incredible tenacity of purpose, frequently losing all fear and reticence when a crisis strikes, and something or someone they love needs their courage. Then they can be amazingly strong, forceful and tough – until their feelings are hurt again – and back they crawl into the protective shell. In any sort of mutual relationship they’ll never run out of things to crab about, weep over, laugh at and share.

All Looney Birds are fascinated by antiques, museums and politics. Normally, they’re intensely patriotic, and if they’re typical Cancerians, they’ll be the most loyal, flag-saluting, flag-waving citizens of their country – except for Taureans. Many of them are teachers, scientists, artists and photographers (and bankers, of course, that’s understood). The women are usually ideal homemakers, and excellent, though somewhat possessive, mothers. Both sexes tend to collect valuables, as well as totally worthless junk. Crabs are impossibly cranky, touchingly kind and hilariously funny. They’re first chatty, then silent, sullen and depressed – sometimes pushy and aggressive, at other times cautious and conservative, blushing with shyness and timidity. They can be gallant, sweet, old-fashioned, motherly or fatherly, protective, scholarly, soothing and gentle. They’re highly secretive (but seldom deceptive – there’s a difference), graceful, poetic, musical daydreamers, whose raindrop tears are preludes to fits of giggles. Money and food can seduce them into almost anything, yet they’re more sentimental at heart than even Leo, Libra and Taurus – and always economical and thrifty. You’d be all these things too, if your emotions were synchronized to every change of the Moon.

I don’t know about your experiences, but all the Crabs who have grabbed my toe – or ear – or heart – on the beach, in the mountains, or in the city, are each doing their astrologically, totally typical thing. Among the Looney Birds I know personally, one owns a supermarket, one is a musician, one interprets dreams – and one is a powerful, wealthy tycoon-politician for whom I have a very high regard, who has, on occasion, requested astrological guidance, and has always thanked me most gallantly and graciously, in writing.

Of course, this tenacious and rock-like Crab is not the first powerful American leader to place his confidence in the wisdom of the planets. Among a number of others, Presidents Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt did so – and in fact, the majority of founding fathers of this nation, and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, as well as our Constitution, were themselves either astrologers or serious students of astrology. Each one, including Ben Franklin himself. And if I may be forgiven for letting a Cancerian-type secret out of the bag, because the New Age of Aquarius demands truth at this eleventh hour of our planet’s survival, Masonry is based on astrology, as all high-degree Masons are aware. (Most of our founding fathers were Masons, or Rosicrucians, who saw to it that the birth chart of our country was chosen with meticulous attention to planetary positions.)

Don’t you believe it’s time astrology’s detractors should halt their attacks against this ancient art and science? Surely it’s time that certain men, who are otherwise intelligent, should cease their futile, yet repeated attempts to assassinate this guide to self-knowledge, which our co-Creators, in Their infinite wisdom, bestowed upon us for both our temporal and our spiritual enlightenment – and which so clearly proves the Synchronicity of the Universe.

The reason so many Moon-ruled Crabs feel rather snugly at home in this country is because the United States of America is perhaps the most typical Cancerian Sun Sign of all, born on the Fourth of July – confused and sidetracked repeatedly by the split-personality, schizophrenic urges of its Gemini Ascendent (preaching freedom, while having denied blacks, women and the American Indians true equality, and so forth). Still, Uncle Sam is basically a Crab, his Gemini Rising Sign notwithstanding, the Lunar qualities subconsciously imbedded in all who live under the Stars and Stripes, whatever their personal Sun Signs may be, for everyone lives three Karmas throughout any given incarnation. Individual, racial and national Karmas equally influence the feelings and actions. And when two Crabs double up in an association within an also Cancerian country, the 1-1 vibration increases in intensity.

Is there a single citizen of the USA (each Crab especially) who doesn’t feel an inexplicable heart tug of nostalgic sentiment and secret, if grudging, admiration at the sound of the brisk, clipped accent of “dear old Mother England” – or who wasn’t kinfolk proud of the courage of every Britisher, from pub keeper to Churchill, during the World War II blitz bombing of London? Is not our CIA, FBI, NASA, and evidently (judging from the Watergate affair) also, periodically, our Government, unnecessarily secretive? Were we not first to land a man on the Moon herself, our very own Sun Sign ruler?

Are we not, as a nation, continually feeling guilty twinges over our inability to feed the world’s hungry – and did we not initiate the practice of sending CARE packages to the needy? (Cancer cares.) Like any two Cancerians doubled-up, do we not become unexpectedly Crab-shell tough in a crisis? And – say! Why don’t those countries we try to help, by intervening in their private affairs, like us more? Why aren’t they more grateful? Does anyone really-truly love us? (sob-sob) Who will dispute America’s use of her wealth to buy affection and respect from others, as well as to purchase security and protection against those who might hurt her, and her “children”? Is not the largest defense budget and nuclear stockpile in the world an aspect of undue Cancerian caution? And Heavens-to-Betsy-Ross! Goodness knows we’ve always fought for and clung to our freedoms – tenaciously.

Now, if we could only get over our Cancerian money hang-up, let go and learn to really share, realize that to get love, we must give love, we might all stop being so crabby and snapping at each other (like any two Crabs, in any sort of an association). Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh dear! Things were so much better back in the good old days when we had whiffleberry jelly on our toast (sobsob) swinging on the apple tree in the grassy-green back yard swimming in unpolluted rivers and streams all snug and safe and securityblanketed in the protection of our Constitution when our leaders had to be voted into office by the people’s choice …. . and a simple, honest boy like Abe Lincoln could aspire to become President, without the backing of the multibillion-dollar interests of modern day, powerful conglomerates (sobsob) way back when dear old Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty, or give me…..

Say, you know what? When you really stop to think about it, a little Cancerian caution now and then might not be such a bad thing after all. Maybe those “good old days” are worth clinging to – tenaciously. Sometimes, the Crab’s Lunar fears and nightmares are not imaginary, but very real.

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