Cancer And Leo Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer and Leo.

Water – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by the Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Night Forces – Feminine

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

“….And I know you meant to be kind…..”

The Moon Maiden and the Lion. The Crab and the Lioness. Cancer and Leo. Is that what you call yourselves? You’re making a large mistake. It may seem a small thing, but so is a seed, before it grows into a Sequoia tree. Let’s correct it, and start off right. You’ve no idea how it will help. The Lion and the Moon Maiden. The Lioness and the Crab. Leo and Cancer. A little respectful protocol will go a long way in this association, and never mind the natural astrological Sun Sign sequence on the karmic wheel.

I’ve already mentioned, more than once, the possible dangers existing between any two persons born into the Fire and Water Elements, when they combine their personalities in the office, school or home, but when we’re discussing Leo and Cancer, it’s important to remind them again, in case they missed the warning in other chapters – or in the Elements Section in the back of this book.

If these two wish, they can exchange as much tolerance and learning in their association as any other 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern people. But if they do not wish, in the Fire of Leo and the Water of Cancer each possesses the power to destroy the other – and they may use this power without even being aware that they’re using it, until it’s too late, and the damage to one or the other (or both of them) has already been done.

For reasons known only to the planets, the 2-12 relationship, when it involves Cancer and Leo – unlike its effect on other Sun Signs in this vibratory pattern – does not cause Leo to be quite as tolerant of the Crab’s personality as one might suppose with Cancer representing the twelfth house of the karmic past to Leo. Nor is the Crab usually as anxious as other Sun Sign halves of the various 2-12 Patterns to learn the lessons to be taught by the following Sun Sign, Leo (although it must be admitted that Leo will likely be more than anxious to teach them). However, willing to learn or not, Cancer secretly knows (even though the Crab may not ever admit it) that there are lessons to be learned from Leo’s Sun wisdom, and the longer Cancer postpones the inevitable, the harder those lessons will be to master.

I can image all the Lions and Lionesses grinning and nodding their heads in agreement at this point, and all the Crabs frowning crabbily or sniffling. It’s true, Moon Child. You have many things to learn from the Big Cats, and if you’ve been unconsciously trying to teach and overpower, instead of the other way around, you’re interfering with your own karmic destiny, and also with that of Leo, which is not a very smart or safe thing to do, and you know how you pride yourself on being both smart and safe. You’re only forging karmic obligations into a dreary chain, for future incarnations.

Now the Leos can stop grinning and stroking their vanities because astrology also has a warning for them. Have you been less tolerant and understanding of the Lunar traits (annoying as they may be to you) of your Cancerian friend, relative or mate than you have the capacity of being, since your eternal soul so recently experienced the Cancerian essence itself? Have you been pouting, instead of being protective and sympathetic? Or have you become Shy Pussycats, and allowed the Crab to teach you, when it should be just the opposite? Let the Crabs teach caution to the sign behind them, Gemini – the Twins can use it!

You already subconsciously know the need for rain in the soul (Cancer moods) and you’re here now to teach the Crabs the value of sunshine in the human heart. Have you permitted some Cancerian to extinguish the fiery rays of your ruling Sun, to crush the proud spirit of your birthright with water pessimism or gentle disapproval – which is, nevertheless, disapproval? Is this what you’ve done? Shame on you. Where is your roar? Shake your mane (if you’re a Lion) or narrow your tilted cat eyes (if you’re a Lioness) and behave as your Solar destiny intended you should when you drew your first breath upon this Earth.

You needn’t go overboard, and completely dehydrate the Water Elements of your Cancer friend, relative or lover with your flames. Crabs can be handy creatures to have around when you need to be hushed and lullabyed and fed chicken soup – and no one else will ever relate such fascinating dreams to you or tell such funny stories – but never allow these people to drown your enthusiasm or drain your adrenalin. Be yourself. You too, Cancer. Be yourself, and you’ll be much happier. “Be True to Your Sun Sign Essence” is astrology’s wisest rule.

There are, sadly, some Cancer-Leo associations in which the Crabs and Lions (or Lionesses) reverse their roles. Cancerians are dear, sensitive souls, but it sometimes happens that the steady dripping of the Water Element over the years will quite literally extinguish Leo’s fire – and confidence. It can begin with a Leo who’s a Shy Pussycat type, who perhaps isn’t tolerant enough of Cancer’s markedly different disposition and goals, and who gradually allows his – or her – pouting over not being sufficiently respected and adored to develop into lethargy, to the point where the Leo charisma is completely submerged.

Or it may be the Crab’s fault. It can’t be said often enough that Cancer is a CARDINAL SIGN OF LEADERSHIP, despite the Lunar surface gentleness and apparent reticence. A Crab with a powerfully aspected Sun and Mars in the horoscope can utilize all the Cancerian patience, tenacity, persistence and perseverance to eventually wear down a Fire Sign like Leo into a sort of spiritual fatigue, which is a very sad and serious matter. A long siege of the subtle but determined strategy of an unusually strong-willed Crab can considerably dampen even Leo’s proud nature. It’s hard to know with which Sun Sign such a role reversal initiates, but usually neither person is aware, on a conscious level, that it’s happening. It’s seldom motivated by malice or deliberate unkindness on either side, but rather caused by a lack of the constant alertness needed when you’re mixing Fire and Water over a long period of time. Nothing is sadder than a Lion or Lioness robbed of pride and dignity, unless it’s a Cancerian who is gradually forced into a kind of aggressive self-sufficiency completely foreign to the Crab’s softness and sensitivity.

It can work the other way too. Leo can burn out all the beauty of Cancer’s deep and normally tranquil emotions. A Cancerian subjected to the arrogant demands of a domineering-type Leo suffers much in silence, sometimes retreating into introversion (in severe cases, into an almost psychotic state), sometimes becoming snappy and irritable, but nearly always escaping in the final reel. (Crabs are expert escape artists.) If the Sun and Moon in their charts are in negative aspect, Cancer and Leo can wound each other deeply, even though unintentionally. Should these Luminaries in their mutual horoscopes be in positive aspect, however, the two of them can become a creative, imaginative and mutually protective pair. The Lion or Lioness will protect the sensitive emotions of the Moon person from the blows of a harsh world, and Cancer will affectionately pamper Leo in return. After all, the Sun and the Moon are their rulers, and they manage to exist in peace and harmony in the skies overhead. Due to their combined Solar (paternal) and Lunar (maternal) influences, Leo and Cancer, regardless of personal conflict or tension, often make fine parents.

They must both remember that Cardinal Cancer was born to lead, however quietly and unobtrusively, and Leo should permit this (as long as Leo’s name comes first over the door). Since Leo is the Fixed Organizer, the Crab should allow Leo to organize his (or her) life – which Leo will do most admirably. This will allow Leo to be the sunny person he – or she – was meant to be, and will, in turn, bring out all the lovely Lunar tenderness of Cancer. It will also coax out the Crab’s delicious, unsurpassed humor, all of which, when added together, conjures a cozy cradle of compatibility, as Cancer lulls Leo with love and laughter, and Leo’s generous heart brings the sunshine after the rain, by understanding and forgiving Cancer’s changing moods.

The two of them are bound to clash over cash, now and then. Cancer will privately think Leo is a little wild and wasteful. Leo may publicly think the Crab is unnecessarily frugal. “Waste not, want not,” snaps the cautious economical Crab. “Get some new carpeting around this place, or I leave!” roars Leo. Royalty expects top quality as his or her natural right, and the Big Cats become either very depressed or very angry when they are forced to accommodate to shabbiness or to a denial of what Leo considers necessity (which is often what others consider luxury). There are, let us be sure to note, a few Leos (very few) who are careful spenders, even downright miserly, and these rare Pussycats will get along “royally” with the Crabs, if you’ll forgive the pun. But the great majority of Leos, whether male or female, child or adult, can’t resist treating themselves (and others, for Leo is generous) to the things that money will buy. They have every right to spend what they earned with their impressive talents and organized minds. It’s when Leo begins to spend, in a business or marital relationship, what Cancer has earned, that the trouble begins.

The typical Crab normally hangs on to everything with a tenacious grip . . . old photographs, old loves, old tennis balls and shorts, old memories, old nightmares, old feuds, old fears, old key rings, old television sets, old bills, stamped paid .. but Cancer is not selective about money. It matters not whether it’s old or new, Cancer considers it worth keeping. These people can be touchingly generous with their families and children, and almost never will a Cancerian turn down a friend in real need. But they dislike to throw away or gamble their cash reserves in a frivolous manner. Oddly, they’re not frugal when it comes to food. A Crab sometimes turns into the original prototype Big Spender in a restaurant, astounding everyone with the unexpected generosity.
Everyone but the waiter. The tip will be adequate, but not cause for celebration. The waiter is not likely to write home to his mother about it. If Leo has been the dining partner, the Lion (or Lioness) may pass the waiter an extra five dollars on the sly. It had better be on the sly, because it’s not a good idea to humiliate the Crab in public.

A very strange thing about Leo and Cancer is that both these Sun Signs tend to enjoy photography. Not every single Crab, Lion and Lioness in the world owns a camera, of course, but about 90 percent of them do. Leo will probably own an expensive one, and the Big Cat’s fondness for photography, we may as well face it, may in some cases be based on the fact that Leos simply adore to have their pictures taken. If they have a Nikon handy, they can always talk their friends into snapping them, while they pose dramatically. The Crab may own simply a cheap Brownie, although it could be a rare German-made model with high-quality lens, because Cancer doesn’t mind investing money in something sensible and practical. To the Lunar person’s point of view, a camera is certainly a sensible and practical purchase because it captures Today, so it can be treasured Tomorrow, when Today has become Yesterday. A camera molds memory into permanency for Cancerians, whose very minds are like sensitive film, recording every impression with vivid clarity.

When there is friction between these two Sun Signs, the Lion or Lioness may be incited into ever greater and grander achievement, just to prove his or her superiority to the cautious Crab. When there is creative compatibility between them, the Cancerian’s unerring instincts and tenacity of purpose will guide the Lion to successfully launch his grandiose schemes, the Lioness to at last realize her glorious dreams. Either way, Leo can then write Cancer a thank you note.

Dear Crab .. . you made me what I am today, but I like you anyway.

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