Cancer And Virgo Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer and Virgo.

Water – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by the Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Night Forces – Feminine

Earth – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Mercury (also by the Planet Vulcan)
Symbol: The Virgin
Night Forces – Feminine

“They found the dinghy, and went home in it…
When their voices died away, there came cold silence over
the lagoon, and then a feeble cry. “Help, help!” Two small
figures were beating against the rock …”

You may wonder what a Crab might do with a Virgin – besides snapping on occasion, or perhaps contemplating a firm grip on the Virgin’s tempting bare toe. Just as you may wonder what a Virgin might do with a Crab, other than running swiftly away – or maybe deciding to take the Crab home as a pet.

At first thought, it’s difficult to imagine that a Crab and a Virgin have anything in common – but technical virgins are, after all, said to be somewhat crabby (unfulfilled, or whatever) and real crabs do possess a certain timidity one normally associates with actual virgins – which brings us a little closer to linking these two. One of them is a nocturnal creature of the sea. The other also tends toward the nocturnal Night Forces, although not especially toward the element of water – unless one counts the still and quiet pools into which astrological Virgins gaze to see their Narcissus images reflected to them, sometimes rippling just a bit but, on the whole, clearly defined. Nevertheless, Earth does contain Water – or lacking it, becomes dry and parched. There’s no argument that an association with the Water Sign of Cancer greatly enriches the character and personality of the Earthy Virgo man, woman or child.

Most Virgos are much happier when they’re alone with themselves than when they have to bend their somewhat measured and rather precisely patterned life-styles to those of other sloppy, strange, silly and impulsive humans, which makes them nervous and uncomfortable. Somehow, at least in the beginning, the Virgins don’t feel this sort of discomfort when they pal around with the Crabs. There’s something soothing to Virgo about the Water Element of Cancer. The Cancerian gentleness and mildness of manner often cause the Virgo to feel as though he (or she) is floating on a quiet lake, now and then reaching out, dreamlike, to pluck one of the lovelier lilies, or playfully tease a passing school of mermaids and water babies. Frequently the Virginians feel freer and more relaxed with a Crab, less fearful of being restricted, bossed around, possessed – or of having their own personalities overshadowed to the point of disappearance. (Poor, unsuspecting Virgins.) Also, Virgo is easily enchanted by the Cancerian’s marvelous Looney Bird humor, which is not too loud or clownish, not too sophisticated, nor yet too vulgar either – just the right kind of recognition of the ridiculous that allows Virgos, with their exquisite sense of critique and satire, to join in with some amusing observations of their own.

Isn’t it wonderful? These two have hopped into their pea-green dinghy and sailed down the river of happiness together, just like the famed Owl and the Pussycat, except that they are a Crab and a Virgin. But no matter, because the whole purpose of the sail in the moonlight in a pea-green boat is harmony, whatever the astrological or otherwise identity of the occupants. You can be sure they’ll take along some honey (and honey cakes) for Cancer to nibble on – a small guitar for Virgo to strum while the Crab sings crazy limericks to mournful songs of yesterday – and definitely LOTS OF MONEY – not only to rhyme with honey but also because Cancerians consider a stash of cash – whether “wrapped up in a five-pound note,” securely tied inside a paper bag, combination-locked in a safe, buried in a bank or in a sandpile in the backyard – an absolute necessity of life, having a slight priority edge over air to breathe, but not necessarily over things to eat and drink. The latter run a neck-and-neck race with money for the attention of typical Crabs during their entire lifetime. Tagging along as a close third are babies and children of assorted ages and sizes.

The Virgo in the pea-green boat won’t mind the mellow mood music. But as for the jars of honey and honey cakes Cancer brings along on any trip these two might decide to risk together, Virgo will probably nag and complain that the space taken by the Crab’s goodies doesn’t leave any room for Virgo’s Vick’s salve, Turns for the tummy, Excedrin and Pepto Bismol – let alone Virgo’s vitamins and wheat germ.

They may also quarrel a bit querulously over Virgo’s grumbles that honey cakes are not as vital a Life Preserver as pure bee pollen, since the latter is good for anything from promoting no cavities to the prevention of baldness, gaining and losing weight (both) and, in general, for keeping fine and fit in every sense. Therefore, the Crab may have to leave a few dozen honey cakes behind, so there’ll be a sizable niche on the dinghy to contain Virgo’s “imported” pure pollen from the buzzing Wyeth honeycombs of New England – or the Wilton, Connecticut, Edward Weiss colonies of cheerful, thriving bees, who happily hum on Whipstick Road. Most Virgo pure pollen freaks know about Wyeth and Weiss because, when it comes to such serious matters, the Virgins are more than a mite choosy, even downright fussy about where they obtain the P.P. for their P.H. (Perfect Health). They demand the best. They may be stingy about other things, but not when their own personal well-being is concerned. If they should happen to become ill, they might be unable to go to work, for which inexcusable behavior they’d punish themselves with a heavy fine and six months of solitary. Most Virgos have a sense of responsibility toward their jobs that nearly amounts to an obsession (although Crabs are apt to see this fetish as a shining virtue).

However, as already noted, Virgo won’t mind plunking the guitar to harmonize with Cancer’s serene solos under the Full Moon. Also, despite these few possible squabbles over honey cakes versus the pollen, neither will Virgo object to the Crab’s taking along of “plenty of money” anywhere they may be heading as a team. In fact, the Virgin will quite likely bring along a few duffle bags of the stuff himself (or herself) because the fear of financial ruin – the specter of poverty – is almost perfectly matched in Cancer and Virgo. It’s a toss-up which one of them values money more. Or rather, which one of them values more the assurance that it will never be lacking.

Virgo and Cancer together create a powerful healing vibration. These two, when they join their auras, hands and hearts in any sort of mutual venture, possess the magic cure to many of the mental, emotional and physical ills that plague all Earthlings. Except their own. Alone, both of them are inclined to brood themselves into severe depression or chronic sickness. Together, they can be very helpful by way of preventing and curing in each other such emotional and mental gloominess, as well as all their mutual assorted aches and pains and other complaints.

This is the markedly friendly 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern influence, allowing the Virgin and the Crab, however amusing and odd they may appear to others, to feel perfectly right and natural to themselves, as they stroll along the seashore or through the woods to Grandma’s house (Virgo’s Grandma – then they’ll stop by to chat with Cancer’s Mama). The symbolic image is kind of giggly. Imagine the Crab, slightly waddling (all Crabs have a faint waddle to the walk), crawling first sideways, then backward, then skipping merrily ahead, scattering jokes like little berries on their path. Picture then the slim (usually) and modest Virgin, dressed lightly and unostentatiously, clear-eyed, graceful and lithe, humming a lovely melody while below, the Crab hastens to keep pace, making funny faces, drawing looney pictures in the sand and crankily gripping the Virgin’s ankle or leg when the latter goes too fast and the Crab is weary, wanting to rest for a spell.

When the waning of the Moon causes the Cancer man or woman to weep over haunted memories of the past – or nightmarish fears of the future – the tender Virgin (whether male or female) will be sweetly sympathetic and consoling. Virgo will probably have a nice, clean hanky to hand the tearful Lunar friend, relative, business associate, lover or mate – which will be accepted, between sobs, with touching gratitude.

Both these Sun Signs are noticeably dependable and reliable workers. Barring a severe affliction to their natal Suns, or other negative planetary configurations in their birth charts, Cancer and Virgo take their duties and obligations seriously. They both are more inclined to enjoy work than to look upon it as a burden. Virgo enjoys work because a job well done, to the Virgin, is its own reward. Cancer enjoys work because it provides the means to build a large savings account for protecting against such terrible potential catastrophes as flood, fire, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, war, siege, the bubonic plague, a stock market crash, muggers, rapists (even boy Crabs get jittery at the thought of rape), vandalism, socialism, communism and famine. Virgo is no slouch in the savings department either. If there is anything in this world Virgo absolutely abhors, it’s the thought of possibly being dependent upon others in some way later on in life. This is why the maternal (or paternal) Cancerian silently projects such comfort to the typical Virgo. The Virgin feels somehow secure within the protective presence of the Crabs, who are so solicitous of Virgo’s welfare, so genuinely concerned and affectionate. Likewise, the Crabs feel comfy-cozy floating around in the cool calmness of Virgo, such a haven from the noisy outside streets, all cobblestoned with people, and demanding. Virgo – so clever, bright and witty, so nicely conventional, who can pack such a neat picnic basket, never forgetting the salt or napkins – always remembering a small surprise, like chilled grapes and Brie.

The main obstacle of mounting tension over which the Crab and the Virgin must leap on their way to the cool pool in the fragrant woods is hinted at in the next to the last sentence of the third paragraph of this chapter. I hoped it might stay there, buried in the sand, but it wants to be remembered, and now it whispers to us that Virgo wilts into yesterday’s lettuce left out of the fridge at the first clutch of possessiveness and restriction. The Crabs can’t separate possessiveness from warm, affectionate caring and friendly concern. Cancerians clam up and won’t even tell you when they last stared at the Full Moon and turned into a frog – yet they’ll pry secrets out of others as if they were human corkscrews. Virgo is not a can and does not like to be pried open, turning into a walking worry-wrinkle when he or she feels restricted, third or fourth degreed.

After a time, the Virgo man or woman may view the Crab’s solicitous manner and protectiveness as possession’s prison – and courteously (at first) request parole. This is a signal for the Cancerian to step sideways a while, even backward, allowing Virgo to dance ahead, feeling free and living up to the loner image for an imaginary lifetime, lasting a few weeks or months. Eventually, Virgo will return to gently nag the Moon person once again, sugar-coating criticism with politeness, causing the Crab to snap crankily. Virgo will shed one tiny, perfect tear – Cancer will weep a waterfall, and say “I’m sorry.” Then Virgo will apologize for the weakness of such sensitivity.

Cancer stimulates Virgo’s imagination, stirs Virgo’s mind into a creamy whip of promises that will be kept perhaps .. . and Virgo makes Cancer feel that the Crab won’t be left alone on the beach, ignored .. . to starve and pine away from loneliness. Earthy Virgo knows and understands, will see that friendship is kept polished and not allowed to rust. These two are lyrically linked by the 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern vibrations, karmically insured of a friendly return to harmony with but the slightest effort. Most 3-11 relationships, even after disappearing, have a way of popping up again to be resumed when least expected.

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