Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Cancer Man and Leo Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer Man with  Leo Woman.

“Don’t go, Peter,” she entreated. “I know such lots of
Those were her precise words, so there can be no denying
that it was she who first tempted him. 

The Lioness muses. This Cancerian male is .. . strange. He’s a gentle Crab, a sensitive man, more considerate of her as a woman than anyone else she’s ever known. He’s not domineering, he lets her have her own way most every time they disagree. Of course, there are his moods, but.. . he worries about her, and he really-truly cares about her feelings. He protects her lovingly and affectionately from the insensitive, rude, crude and vulgar people who offend her. Truthfully, she’s never felt so securely cherished by anyone in her whole life, except when she was a baby. At last she’s found a man who sincerely appreciates her. Yet, there’s something she senses in their relationship that troubles her. Something indefinable. It causes her to feel a little uneasy somehow, like a whispered warning. But a warning of what?

That something she senses is the influence of his Cardinal essence. Cancer is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. Over and over, astrologers keep reminding Fire Signs of this, until they’re weary. It means that, beneath all his sweet gallantry and courteous manner, behind his chuckles and rich humor, he manages in a subtle way to … . well, to manage things, including her life. He never yells at her or flames up in a violent temper, making chauvinistic demands. She could handle that. A Leo girl is stimulated, not frightened or confused, by an open and direct challenge. But she knows, in an unspoken, subliminal way, that she’s expected to follow his gentle lead. Whatever small or large Kingdom over which they preside will be ruled cooperatively. She may attend all the balls she likes, initiate all the gay celebrations she wishes, dress in queenly fashion, add a jewel or two to her tiara when she’s depressed and needs an extra ruby to cheer her up – she can even be the one to give all the orders to the milkman and postman and cleaning people in the castle, and decide which monograms would look best on the linen and silver. On parade days, she may sit up front, smiling and waving, on a throne bearing her name, spelled out in roses. But he will administer the real responsibilities behind the scenes, and it will be clearly understood that, although her whims and fancies will receive his affectionate indulgence 98 percent of the time, his is the final veto power in those matters which make up the 2 percent of the time when her impulsiveness meets in a head-on collision with his caution.

Is it really like that with him? Yes. It is really like that with him. Here she was, expecting this man to personify what she believed were the qualities of the Water Element – kindness, sympathy, mildness, sensitivity, and … . wait. He does possess all those virtues. Every single one. Well, yes, but this leadership thing is disturbing. What about that? Your Majesty, the Lioness, dear girl, if you want a man with all the qualities of the Water Element, but lacking the leadership vibration, you’ll have to find a Pisces or Scorpio male. The Mutable Fish won’t try to boss you, not even in a subtle way, but he’s not quite as dependable as your gentle Crab, and although he is also highly intelligent and sensitive, he’s emotionally elusive. The Scorpion won’t spend his life trying to lead you either. Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign. He’ll just try to organize things for you, but then there’s that Scorpio sting if you should happen to tread on his pride or anger him. Your gentle Crab won’t sting you. He may pout a little, and crawl under his shell for a few hours or days, but he won’t sting you when you’re least expecting it.

Think about it. With your Cancerian man you have all the positive and beautiful qualities of the Water Element, plus the security of astrology’s promise that he’ll never sting you to get even, and the knowing that he’s considerably more emotionally reliable than his Neptune-ruled brothers. His actions and behavior are governed by the Moon, so he’ll reflect your sunlight softly back to you, and you can surely see the value of having your sunlight reflected. (What Leo wouldn’t? ) You were born under the Fixed Sign of the Organizer yourself, so why not let him lead, if it’s such a big deal with him, while you organize his leadership? He won’t hide your light. He reflects it, remember? You’re the Sun. He’s the Moon. You’re in charge of daytime. He’s in charge of nighttime. I didn’t mean to get into the sexual aspect of your romance this soon, but here it is, hinting and peeking at us, so let’s discuss it now.

It’s interesting, this thing about the Sun (Leo) ruling the day, and the Moon (Cancer) ruling the night. It could mean that the Leo woman will be happy to allow the Cancer man to lead them into the physical expression of their love at night. It probably does mean just that. But it could also mean that her Sun rulership might coax him into realizing the warm surprise, the special kind of intimacy of physical togetherness shared in the daytime, in the sunlight. The combined Solar-Lunar influences created by their relationship could cause them both to enjoy the exhilarating experience of breaking the orthodox, and changing old, tired, meaningless rules in every area of life. Why must night be the only acceptable – or expected – time of lovemaking?

A thought like that can give birth to a hundred more thoughts relating to the confining codes and mores of society, and she’ll excite him into worlds of originality and daring he only dreamed of until her Sun blended with his Moon. He only dreamed of traveling, before her. After her – and with her – he’ll fasten wings to his heels and his heart, and they’ll fly away to new horizons, places he’s always longed to blaze through the sky. And this is good. Good for him, and good for her.

In mentioning breaking the orthodox, I wasn’t referring to the new styles in sexual promiscuity, such as multiple partners, group massage experiments, or any of those Sodom-and-Gomorrah, Decline-and-Fall-of-the-Roman-Empire, Greek-Acropolis-Drunken-Orgies vibes. That’s the road to regret and real emptiness – of both the heart and the body. I meant a mutual discovery that sex between a man and woman can contain newness and freshness, that it needn’t be dictated by senseless habit patterns seeded into the subconscious mind. The erotic and the sensual can be mixed with special feelings and memories of barns with sweet-smelling hay, Christmas morning snowflakes, starshine, deep, cool woods, a placid stream in the mountains, covered bridges on sleepy country roads, Easter sunrise, lilies of the valley, horses and chickens, Cub Scout campfires .. . even the way a newspaper smells when it’s brought in from the front porch after a summer shower, like ozone splashed on the special scent of newsprint .. . that announces a new day. Or maybe woodsmoke .. . and baby squirrels.


That’s what sex is like when it’s right and good and special. Physical Oneness between a Cancerian man and his Leo woman can be a moving experience, for his sexual feelings are poetic and perceptive, still and deep – and hers are fiery with intense desire, yet sometimes as serene and calm as an August day. His emotional depth and her emotional warmth can make their union a blissful, peace-restoring moment between them. But they’ll have to be watchful of the Fire and Water dangers. She can freeze into frigidity when her pride is wounded, and he can either pout and weep – or grow tough and impassive – when he’s made to feel rejected for any imagined reason. Crabs are good at imagining unintended hurt. She’s even better at nursing her false pride. They both have other talents they would be wiser to nurture than these. Tenderness is always the cornerstone for intimacy between Cancer and Leo. When it’s missing, the peace and fulfillment of their sexual blending is missing.

His changes of mood as the Moon overhead moves through its phases, and simultaneously moves through his mind and emotions, will sometimes worry her, at other times annoy and anger her. But her Leo heart is large and generous, quick to forgive when she loves, and she’s not a woman who holds grudges. Unless she has the Moon or Ascendent in Cancer herself, in which case they’ll be extremely compatible as lovers, and both hold grudges, usually not against each other, but against those outside their circle of love – which could be hard on their friends and relatives. Just so his mother is never the recipient of a grudge, or even the tiniest slight. His mother was – is – and always shall be a saint, whether formally canonized or not. The Lioness would be well advised to keep that in mind. While Leo doesn’t ordinarily cling to old injuries, unfortunately Cancer does tend to hang on to them with a fairly firm grip, whether they occurred several hours or several years ago. If the Crab would imitate his Leo woman’s magnanimous spirit, he’d be a happier man, and this is one of the things astrology means when it decrees that Cancer has lessons to learn from Leo.

When these two marry, and they likely will, because Cancerians plan for permanency, and the Lioness auditions only for the role of Queen-Wife, never mistress or discarded girl friend – the Crab should know this about his sunny and charming mate: she must rule something. Or she will try to rule someone. Namely, him. (And the children, of course, but what about after they’ve left home? They might produce a passel of Sagittarian youngsters, and some of them leave home as early as ten or twelve.) The Cancerian man who sincerely loves his Lioness – and gracious knows Cancerians never love any other way but sincerely, because they are all so sincere – will encourage her to pursue a career worthy of her talents (the Leo woman has never been born who doesn’t possess one or more impressive talents) or allow her to be the absolute, if benevolent, monarch over their home. One or the other. Otherwise, she’ll be desperately unhappy, and he’ll be a mighty miserable Man-in-the-Moon, frequently scorched by her ruling Sun. Then he might have to resort to the bottle, or other liquid escapes, like swimming at midnight during an eclipse, around the rocks on the beach perhaps even floating beyond the rocks to the next town, and maybe even staying there until she’s ready to apologize. Considering Leo’s great allergy to apologies, it could be a long siege.


What kind of life would that be, with him sitting in a drab rented room, surrounded by stacks of towels from Woolworth’s, a case of soap he found on sale at Walgreen’s, and a bottle of wine to drown his troubles – and her bravely trying to hide her heartache wandering around all by herself in the large, comfortable, luxurious and tasteful castle she decorated for him? Then there’s the question of property settlement. Who will receive custody of the fluffy eiderdown quilt mama gave him, his Lincoln autograph collection, his old political campaign button collection, his fishing pole .. . her hair dryer, her ruby tiara, her Oriental rugs, her peacock feathers and her throne, spelling her name in faded roses . . their dogs and cats and aquarium, dishwasher and power lawnmower .. . the stereo equipment, station wagon and beach house she gave him – and the tiny gold charm shaped like a New Moon he gave her? (These two give different kinds of gifts. Hers are larger, lavishly given from her generous heart. His are a mite smaller, yet lovingly given from his affectionate heart.) Last, but not least, what about their joint checking and savings accounts, insurance policies, annuities and real estate holdings? Lord save us from that day of division!

It would be much easier for her to swallow that large lump of false pride, and for him to crawl out from his self-protective shell. The Crab and the Lioness are not at home in the ocean, where she feels out of place – nor in the jungle, where he feels out of place. They are only at home together in the sky, on the astral level, where their spirits can commune… or in each other’s arms, where Fire and Water defy the law of the elements, and blend .. . in the kind of communion that has never recognized any law but its own.

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