Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer Man with  Sagittarius Woman.

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Even though Sagittarius astrologically rules religion (along with Pisces and Scorpio, because religion contains many levels of awareness, not just one) – and even though every Sag, at some time in Life, is deeply concerned about the pros and cons of religious beliefs – the girl Archer may forget, when she’s in love with a boy Crab, the most important spiritual advice of all, which is “count your blessings.”

Quite probably, before she met him, her Jupiter faith and idealism was shattered by the kind of men who treated love casually – and treated her carelessly, maybe even cruelly. Except perhaps for the very special boy with the tender eyes, who loaned her his pencils and fought the bullies who teased her at recess in the 6th grade, certainly none of the males she’s impulsively loved came anywhere near living up to her private image of a Prince or a Knight who would treat her gently as his “lady fair,” awaken her soul with the kiss in his glance that promised to adore her forever and three days .. . sweep her off to his enchanted castle, then sit with her beside the lake, feeding the swans, making her laugh… and making her know she was his alone, that his love was loyal and true, faithful and everlasting. She’d just about given up on that particular dream, and was about to settle for either remaining a bachelor girl – or finding a wealthy Arab, who might fall a little short of her image, but who would whisk her away on his private jet to the land of gushing oil wells, in his turban and long nightgown, to feed the camels at sunset. Forget Camelot. Who needs it? Then there was this crazy miracle.

Bouncing along one day, she bumped straight into the surprised heart of a Crab, out strolling the byways and taking his morning constitutional. He was wearing no helmet, no armour, nor was he perched proudly astride a white horse. Neither was he adorned in a turban, and as for a long white nightgown, being a conservative Cancercian, he wouldn’t dream of appearing in public clothed in such an unseemly, attention-getting manner. He owned not a single swan, and could introduce her to no camels. But he did sometimes sit by the lake in the park at twilight, he told her, and feed the pigeons popcorn. As for the private jet, after she knew him better, she realized that he definitely had the potential to own a whole fleet of them someday, the way he hung on to his money. I mean, after all, cash has to accumulate if you never spend a penny of it – ever. For anything. Except maybe an occasional glass of imported wine or champagne.

Never mind that he wasn’t the living, breathing image of Camelot. There was a certain air about him. The kiss in his glance that promised forever was surely not missing. It caressed her, and made her knees feel funny every time he looked at her. And although he might be a trifle stingy with his pencils, not handing them out like potato chips, because after all, pencils do cost money, especially the kind with decent erasers – he still had the tender eyes of the special boy in the 6th grade, and he gave her the distinct feeling he’d protect her from bullies, in the schoolyard or anywhere else – that she was truly cherished as a woman, and that she’d be warmly secure with him forever and three days, because this man would surely keep her safe from all harm.

Well, you can’t have it your way to match every nuance, eyelash and brush stroke of your dream image. Goodness knows he had more of those qualities she’d nearly lost hope of ever finding than any of the other gorillas, Casanovas and leering sophisticates who both bored her and let her down with a thump in the past. He might not be exactly Don Quioxte, but he did contain his own kind of impossible dreams, behind his shy smile and quiet manner. And so she forgot all about caution, and fell in love with him, head over heels. That’s the way Sag always falls in love, or for that matter, does anything. Head over heels. Being a Centaur, therefore half Horse and half Human, this girl stumbles a lot, and is a little clumsy, despite her normally graceful stride that reminds her admiring Crab of a thoroughbred race horse.


The first thing she learned after she shocked herself by loving him, was that she didn’t make a mistake in forgetting all about caution when they met. Because this man possesses enough of the stuff to supply, not just her when she runs low on it, but the entire British Commonwealth. An endless source. She’d be happier, she discovers after awhile, if he’d forget about some of his own caution – but not all of it. She kind of likes the way his caution keeps her steered in the right direction when she’s sometimes tempted to be overly feckless (it’s nice to be saved from yourself by someone who really cares about you) but a little of his caution goes a long way with the girl Archer. Too much of it can cause her to feel closed-in, smothered, therefore – restless. It’s never a good idea to make the Horse end of a Centaur restless.

Because their relationship is guided and influenced by the 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, the Cancerian man will hold an inexplicable fascination for this woman, hints of mystery and secrets – in addition to a magnetic sexual appeal. She is curious by nature, so the way he keeps her guessing about his feelings and changing moods is exciting rather than exasperating, as it might be to another female. Most of the time, she’ll behave in an unaccustomed docile manner under the spell of the Lunar man. But once in a while, like the times he compares her to his mother (unfavorably) or scolds her for being extravagant, accuses her of talking too much, and never listening – she’ll lose her temper.

Since Jupiter has a way of expanding everything, the girl Archer does not have a small temper. It is sizable when fully aroused. Then she’ll say something pointed and cutting (Sag is seldom or never at a loss for words) that will deeply wound the ultrasensitive feelings of this man. He’ll snap back at her, crossly. She’ll zing another arrow of tactless truth in answer to the challenge of his snapping, and he’ll begin one of his lengthy pouting spells of silence, withdrawing into himself to a place where she can’t follow – where even her words can’t reach him.

This is when she should take a walk in the woods alone, all by herself (being close to Nature never fails to clear the cobwebs from a Sagittarian mind) and project her astral self back to the way things were before he came along to cozily protect her and make her laugh with his outrageous humor. There was such a vague and lonely longing within her then, that seemed to just melt away the first time he smiled at her with the soft, twinkling eyes of her 6th grade hero, stirring memories of a time when Life was sweet and simple, and full of warm familiarity.

He has his faults, yes. But he’s sympathetic, sensitive and affectionate. He’s funny and full of fascinating conversation more often than he’s grouchy. He’s certainly loyal and earnest. He’d never try to deliberately hurt her, or break a promise if he could possibly help it. And he’s gradually become more generous, because he wants to please her. He didn’t say a word last week when she bought a registered, purebred Old English Sheep Dog for nine hundred dollars, which meant he couldn’t have the camera he’d been wanting for over a year. Best of all, he’s not a hypocrite. He’s sincere and genuine. She can’t stand hypocritical people.

After she counts her blessings, she’ll go back and tell him she’s sorry she yelled at him, and was unkind. Then, if she offers to do something very sweetly solicitous for him, he’ll peek out from behind his crab shell and trust her again with his nicest smile. Maybe some stuffed mushrooms, the way his mother fixed them, is that what might heal the hurt, so they can be close again?


No. He’d rather have her than the mushrooms. He has that Full Moon strangeness in his eyes again, because she’s touched his heart with kindness. So they make up by making love. Their sexual chemistry is one of the blessings she forgot to count. Her desires are more fiery and passionate than his, but that only has the effect of stirring him with a challenge to teach her that he’s Cardinal and she’s Mutable. (Cardinal means to lead.) Then too, there’s that haunting mystery of his Water Element, drawing her into its depths, as she learns more about the stillness within the unexplored parts of herself through the slow, gentle way he approaches their mutual need. He leads her to a place where sensuality is a whispering, waiting promise, where trembling enchantment lingers much longer, for all its dreamlike quality, than a flaming rush of instant blending that quickly dies out, leaving no memory of its peace behind it. Fire stimulates and thrills with the hint of explosion. Water soothes and cools .. . remaining. The right amount of each makes sexual expression between Cancer and Sagittarius a strong and fulfilling experience.

But physical love is only one level of a human relationship, so the Crab and his girl Archer must learn to blend their Fire and Water Elements in other ways with the same kind of careful harmonizing. In time, he’ll grow to intensely respect her courage – and, yes, even her frankness. Because she’s honest. He can trust her to mean what she says, and to be what she is. In time, she’ll be grateful for his cautious hand on hers, holding her back from all those deep holes she used to fall into when she wasn’t looking. They’ll learn to trust each other. And that’s the one thing these two very different people had in common, long before they met. The search for someone you can trust to always love you just as you are. Nothing else is important.

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