Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer woman with Capricorn man.

“Ah, old lady,” Peter said aside to Wendy, warming himself
by the fire and looking down at her as she sat turning a
heel, “there is nothing more pleasant of an evening for you
and me when the day’s toil is over than to rest by the fire
with the little ones near by.”
“It is sweet, Peter, isn’t it?” Wendy said, frightfully
gratified. “Peter, I think Curly has your nose.”
“Michael takes after you.”

When a Cancerian girl is attracted to a Capricorn man (or to any man), she has the three M’s on her mind. Three dreams she has, as she tosses pennies into every available wishing well. Three goals in her hard little crab-shell head. These may vary in their order of importance with each girl Crab, but all Cancerian women will be consumed with one of the six variations of the three M’s, which are as follows:

marriage – motherhood – money
motherhood – money – marriage
money – marriage – motherhood
marriage – money – motherhood
motherhood – marriage – money
money – motherhood – marriage

These, in their sextuplet priority variations, are the female Crab’s goals.

Her needs are slightly different from her goals. Her needs are the three S’s, and these do not vary in the order of their importance to the Moon Maiden. They’re each of equal value to her peace of mind.

sympathy – serenity – security

One of the most endearing things about a Moon Maiden is that, although she very much needs and seeks the three S’s in every relationship, and although her goals are always the three M’s, she is willing to give her man a soft cradle of emotional comfort in return. She can be the most sympathetic, affectionate, loyal, and protective of women. When she’s on her best behavior, the female Crab is devoted – and better still, she’s also both adaptable and patient, surely a fine companion for the Capricorn man. A Taurus woman is patient, but not very adaptable. A Gemini woman is adaptable, but not very patient. The Cancerian woman possesses both admirable traits. As for devotion, many women are devoted to the men they love, but none so devoted as this one. The Goat, loving the home fires as he does, will be especially happy about her own deep feelings about “family.” Since Capricorn rules the Jewish people, and all Cancer women are “Jewish mothers” (whether they are mothers or not) you can see there are powerful magnetic forces pulling these two together from the start.

There’s always something slightly helpless and appealing in the Cancerian female, and the Capricorn man senses it sooner than most. What this woman needs is a strong man to lean on, someone who can smooth away all her worries and calm all her fears – who provides her with a shoulder to cry on now and then. But she’s not quite as helpless as she seems. Cancer, I keep telling you, is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. The Moon Maid would prefer to lead by guiding her man’s destiny gently, unobtrusively, in the background if she’s in love. When she is not in love, a Cancer gal can be mighty ambitious in her career, and will do just about anything to get to the top of the heap.

Every Cancerian woman is secretly looking for a good provider, and this the Capricorn man certainly is. He is always ambitious (as much so as she is) and usually successful. In fact, he’s often the epitome of everything she would like to be, but cannot – for she is too vulnerable. Conversely, she represents to the Goat all the Lunar qualities he privately would love to call his own, but cannot – for he is not vulnerable enough. Therefore, almost from the moment these two meet, there is an unmistakable appreciation of one another, which is one of the strongest foundations for love.

A Capricorn man can be both conservative and domineering to a high degree. The Cancer girl doesn’t mind the first quality, since she’s rather unduly conservative herself. As for being dominated, she won’t stand for that in any association – except love. When this woman falls in love, she’ll at first submit to the Goat’s dominance out of a desire to keep peace, but gradually she’s likely to forget she’s playing a role, and slip into the submissive position for good – which is not really bad! Next to Pisces, no other woman so secretly enjoys being controlled and conquered by the male she adores. And if any man can be domineering, tender, and affectionate all at once, it’s this one. So it all works out in a favorable manner for both of them, usually. Barring, that is, a more fiery or aggressive Moon Sign or Ascendent in the horoscope of the girl Crab.


It’s a funny thing about Capricorn males. However far out they may swing in an attempt to avoid the granite discipline of Saturn over their natures, they’ll swing right back again in important matters. In other words, whatever his temporary actions or behavior, a Goat is a Goat. Or – once a Cappy, always a Cappy. Like that. Normally, this man will strongly disapprove of the “open marriage” theory. He’s conservative where marriage is concerned, however much he tries to be “with it” in his speech at times. He essentially believes a woman’s place is in the home. Even should he permit his wife to work or to follow her own career, when the children appear, he’ll frown on a woman who expects someone else to fill the maternal role while she pursues her own activities. If he’s a typical Capricorn, he’ll believe that a mother’s place is with her children, at least while they’re very young. He won’t be happy about any frivolous or excessive spending of money either, whether it’s his – hers – or theirs. Even if his Moon Maiden earns her own cash, he’ll probably take it upon himself to caution and counsel her on the subject of extravagance.

Not that he’ll have many opportunities to chide her about spending money. She’s as careful with a dollar as he is (unless her Moon Sign or Ascendent is in Aries or Leo or Gemini, and then she’ll have periodic, minor nervous breakdowns over guilt each time she’s wasteful). With this girl, most of his financial lectures will be in the area of how much of their separate or combined income to save, and what would be the smartest investment for any surplus they accumulate. Being an Earth Sign, the chances are he’ll believe that real estate property – or land – is the safest thing to own for future security. If she argues with him, he may quote Will Rogers on the subject of whether or not buying land is wise – “They’re not making any more of it.” That sort of earthy, practical statement wins arguments by closing a subject abruptly, and it’s the sort of undebatable observation Cappies are very good at making when they’re pressed for an answer.

He’ll approve of her habit of saving things. Capricorn believes firmly that a practical purpose can be found for anything at all, and nothing should be discarded until every possible use has been squeezed from it. If she’s a typical Cancerian, she’ll go along with that philosophy enthusiastically. In fact, unless one of them has a “looser” planetary influence in the birth chart, they might even save old toothpaste tubes in case they ever have a son who grows up to be a basketball player in high school. (He can use them to practice hook shots in the wastebasket.) I (truthfully) know a Cancerian woman, with a Capricorn Moon Sign and Ascendent, who actually washes and rinses out those little plastic Baggies that come on a roll (to cover vegetables, etc.) and reuses them over and over – until they split. She has them hanging out to dry all over the kitchen. One roll of Baggies lasts her, roughly, a couple of years. (Being an Aries, I go through a roll every week or so.) Someone I know recently suggested that the reason Richard Nixon saved those damaging tapes relating to Watergate was because, as a Capricorn, he simply could not discard them, and kept hoping he could in some way make them useful, or serve some practical purpose. No one has been able to come up with a better answer, even Mr. Nixon himself. Only a knowledge of the Capricorn essence provides any semblance of sense to the mystery of “why didn’t he burn those (expletive deleted) tapes? ” The answer is simplicity itself (to Cappy). That would have been wasteful.

A Cancerian woman will adapt more easily than many another woman to the Capricorn man’s introversion, his inclination to “take care of business” and do the sensible thing. But she will not adapt so well perhaps to his lack of excitement over change. Ruled by the inconstant Moon, she needs occasional change in her life, and intervals of travel. Convincing him that their life would be richer by not remaining in one place too long or holding the same ideas always, could be somewhat difficult. Because this man will never completely escape Saturn’s restrictions over his inner nature, struggle as he may. Somewhere behind the facade of even an apparently extroverted Goat is serious old man Saturn. Always and inevitably. The shade of conservatism may be dyed a lighter pastel in some Cappies, but it can never be painted over entirely. He can be lovable, yes. Affectionate. Tender. Gentle. Whimsical and funny. All that. Nonetheless, he is ruled by Saturn, and there’s no avoiding it. Beneath the sequins and rhinestones of a Capricorn rock and roll star, for example, is hiding a portrait of grandpa, complete with pocket watch and chain .. . waistcoat… and scowl of disapproval for the foolish.

The sex life of a Capricorn man can range from frankly erotic and sensual – to tender and affectionate. If his Sun and Venus are both severely afflicted from the fifth or eighth horoscopic houses, he will indulge himself in multiple experimentation. But the typical Goat’s affairs are few, the intent nearly always permanency. Almost the identical thing can be said of the Cancer woman’s love life. It depends. However, her inner desire is for a lasting relationship, even if she goes through more frequent trial and error periods than she would like .. to find it. One thing is quite certain. This woman will greatly enrich the Capricorn man’s physical enjoyment of love. Although he’s capable of a deep and steady sexual expression and physical intimacy (his sex drive is strong, never halfhearted), he may lack the kind of sensitive imagination that makes mating between two people a trembling, ecstatic kind of sharing of themselves. This is a sexual dimension the Moon Maiden will add to their relationship, and the Goat will be touchingly grateful for the enlightenment. His strength and loyalty, the stability of his kind of Saturn love, will permit her to relax in his arms, without the fear of being hurt she might have with a less reliable lover or husband. He can supply the emotional insurance she needs, while she supplies the delicacy and romance he so needs, and lacks and after a while, with enough sharing back and forth of this nature, their physical love will become a strong and lasting cord to bind them together. 


I know a Cancer woman who is presently separated from her Capricorn husband. Their problems are numerous, but essentially minor .. . none that can’t be softened and healed with a little more understanding, a little less selfishness on both parts. Capricorn men can be hurtfully selfish. There’s always a tendency, to some degree, to use people, with little regard for the other person’s feelings. One of their heartaches was his inability to express love to her physically, after they’d had even the mildest sort of quarrel. He was like a stone, she told me, totally unresponsive to any tender overtures she shyly attempted. And so she would turn away, weeping silently, never letting him know. Recently she said to me, wistfully, “All those times I was so sorry for myself.. crying myself to sleep, retreating further into my shell of hurt. But I’ve had lots of time to think since we’ve been apart. I know more now, and I’m sorriest for him.”

She’s found the magic key to unlock his heart, at last. Now, if she’ll only use it. If she goes to him with her new understanding they’ll be closer than ever. When a Moon Maiden learns to stop feeling so sorry for herself and to direct her sympathy instead toward the Capricorn man she loves, she’ll realize the depth of his inability to release the emotional power and glory he feels within. It’s worth the effort of helping him release it. For no love has more grandeur, more endurance, than Capricorn love, which waits at the very top of the mountain to bless those with the patience and courage to climb high enough to experience it. It’s a rough trip, with plenty of rocky ledges .. and always the danger of falling….but the view at the top is inexpressible, indescribable. Like a glimpse of eternity. Saturn gives stern tests, but immense rewards.

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