Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer woman with Pisces man.

While she slept she had a dream. She dreamt that the
Neverland had come too near, and that a strange boy had
broken through from it. He did not alarm her, for she
thought she had seen him before in the faces of many
women who have no children. Perhaps he is to be seen in
the faces of some mothers also The dream itself
would have been a trifle, but while she was dreaming, the
window blew open, and a boy did drop to the floor.
He was accompanied by a strange light….  

The double Water Sign 5-9 influence over those who love, such as the Moon Maiden and the Neptune man, is in many ways, more magnetic and compelling than the Fire, Earth or Air 5-9 Sun Sign Patterns. The mystical water essence of their natures is sensitive and absorbing .. . reflecting images back and forth between them… so that frequently, their romance has a dreamlike quality about it, however many years they’re together. If they should quarrel and separate for a time, the missing is usually much deeper than with other lovers who are thus temporarily parted… the emptiness greater. The need to return to each other and be mutually forgiven is intense. A recently parted Crab and Fish are two sad and depressed people indeed.

They should cheer up, because their chances of reconciliation are excellent – when she stops pouting and he stops trying to escape himself, which is, of course, a solution doomed to failure. It’s impossible to escape one’s self, as impossible as it is to permanently avoid the other half of one’s self. If there should be more than one negative aspect between the Luminaries, Ascendents, Mars and Venus in their birth charts, they could remain divided. But there will always be the memories

Water is the most mysterious of all the elements. I have this little “water meditation” that flashes into my mind unbidden lately – which is symbolically important to all Cancer-Pisces lovers who are perceptive enough to read between the lines and see their own relationship reflected in allegory. It’s a kind of test of their sensitivity to the hidden lesson of the macrocosm and the microcosm, the former being my water meditation, the latter their own love affair or marriage, with the answer at the end of the chapter. Usually my meditative moment flashes while I’m drinking a glass of icy cold water, when I’m especially thirsty – when I’m washing the inky pen and typewriter ribbon marks from my hands with soap and water, then drying them with a towel – or standing in the shower, with warm water pouring over me, cleansing, revitalizing and refreshing my soul, as surely as my body. When this “water meditation” flashes into my mind, it’s like a brilliant white light, yet also green .. . and hauntingly fragrant.

I think of the quiet woodland streams of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Then I ponder the miraculous effect of water to renew – our basic, urgent (seldom realized) need of it. What would I do without it? How could I bear to suddenly know there was no longer any pure water? None to drink to quench my thirst, none in which to wash my hands, none to stand under in the shower. Water! . . . sweetly singing and cool, washing away all negative, all ugliness and soil . . . leaving everything all new and clean and sparkling again. I think of the cool needles of fresh-scented, gentle rain, falling on my uplifted face from the sky. Then I think of Earth’s latest horror – acid rain and snow. The most serious environmental threat of this or any other century. Caused by the pollution from industry’s smokestacks and auto exhaust, nuclear waste and sulphurous coal – steadily increasing. Already, many a lake contains only dead fish killed by “acid rain” .. . dead plants, once green and living .. . over many acres of land. Less than a decade ago, “acid rain” was only a danger to certain European countries whose mountainous soils were unable to neutralize the acids, parts of Canada and the northeastern portions of the United States. Now virtually all rainfall east of the Mississippi River .. . and in parts of southern California .. . is below the pH safety level, fast approaching the fatal level for all fish and plant life. The weathering and erosion of metal and stone buildings and monuments have accelerated alarmingly in these areas.

Humans… sending up poison and pollution into the clouds… now in such monumental amounts, the clouds can no longer fight it for us, and pour down, helplessly, “acid rain and snow” .. . like a rain of slow, but absolutely certain death. And still… nothing is being done to halt it, while increasing numbers of congressmen and senators symbolically “play Nero fiddles.” Because of their apathy and also because of an apathetic public, we may lose Sister Water and Sister Air, and be left with only Brother Earth and Brother Sun, who cannot, alone, sustain us – when the “gentle rains of heaven” rain down only destruction, no longer able to purify. The reality of “acid rain” is frightening.


That’s how it is when you contemplate losing something precious .. . and this is the way the Cancerian woman and the Pisces man feel about losing each other, once they’ve deeply loved. What in the world would he do if he ever lost her? What if the soft rain of her happy tears became the acid rain of bitterness? How could she live without him? The girl Crab and the Fish feel their emotions with an intensity that belies their outwardly reticent, quiet manner. As with my new and genuine love affair with water, when the enormity of such a loss strikes the Lunar lady and her Pisces man in that awful, shocking way of a reality when it suddenly hits hard that it is a reality, not just a hazy “maybe,” their minds and hearts and souls are all three unexpectedly overwhelmed with a surge of emotion difficult to express, because the thought of the possibility suffuses the intellect and the feelings so totally.

All the more reason for the Moon Maid and her Pisces man to make a special effort to refuse to allow the few differences between their personalities to grow until they drown their caring. Fortunately, as with all 5-9 graced couples, the differences are relatively minor, and can be smoothly compromised, once they’re confessed – and softened slightly. Since they both like happy endings, we’ll peek at their problems first, then last of all, remind them of the oceans of good things they share that make their romantic chemistry so powerful.

The first scarecrow we see in their garden when we peek is made of the strangest things. What could it be? Certainly not straw, the traditional material of scarecrows. It’s green, slightly soiled, crumpled and wrinkled, with bits of metal fastened here and there. Do you know what it is? It’s money. Sure enough. See the Presidents’ pictures? Actually, worth much less, in the long run, than straw or hay. The scarecrow of money can frighten some lady Crabs and the Fish they love with its ability to form itself into a high wall between them.

She likes to accumulate it, save it, keep it, sock lots of it in the bank, stuff it in her sachets and watch it grow sturdily through investment. She’s normally more than a little economical with cash, if she’s a typical Cancerian, and she may nag him about being so disinterested in gathering up scoops of it, so careless about scattering it around among his friends who need it, spending such large sums of it on his multiple dreams and schemes – and what she considers to be unnecessarily large tips to waiters, waitresses, bellmen, doormen, redcaps, porters and the like.

If his natal Moon or Ascendent is in Cancer, or her natal Moon or Ascendent is in Pisces, he’ll be less extravagant, she’ll be less cautious – and the money scarecrow will be less scary. Otherwise, he’ll have to try to understand that she’s not really stingy, just concerned about her security in what he must admit is an increasingly insecure world – and she’ll have to try to comprehend that an excessive concentration on cash strangles his creative freedom and his imagination equally. Then they should open separate checking accounts, each of which will be none of the other’s business whatsoever. (Even so, he’ll probably be less interested in her monthly balances than she’ll be in his.)

Another scarecrow looms in the moonlight. Things are always either more mysterious and eerie or more mysterious and lovely in the moonlight depending on which eye is used to view them – the two normal orbs or the Third Eye of Knowing. This scarecrow is called moodiness, a complaint each of these two will make against the other. He withdraws into Neptune’s silences to meditate, she becomes cross because he won’t tell her what he’s thinking. Or – she crawls into her crab shell to brood in an inexplicable melancholy during the waning Moon, and this causes him to be depressed, because the Pisces man, as I’ve noted before, is a “psychic sponge,” helplessly absorbing all the feelings around him. Influenced by the Lunar phases, the Cancerian woman is a “reflector” of feelings, imaging them back like a photographic plate. (It’s not a coincidence that most Crabs are either photographers or intensely interested in photography.) So she “reflects” his silences, and he “absorbs” her melancholy. He’s curious about what she’s thinking when she’s quiet, though his curiosity is more veiled than hers. These two both like to keep secrets, at the same time they like to know secrets, and each is equally adept at pulling secrets out of others, while locking their own against all questions. Once they recognize this trait they share, they can learn to laugh about it, and refuse to allow it to cause tension between them. The girl Crab’s great sense of Looney Bird humor is a saving grace regarding many of their problems.


Unless there are unusually severe afflictions between the Luminaries and Ascendents in their horoscopes, there should be no “sexual scarecrows” to frighten them during their lovemaking. Normally, Cancer and Pisces are ideally mated in a physical sense. Through their sexual union, they experience the rare joy of – not just receiving, not just giving – but exchanging the gift of fulfillment. The difference is something many lovers never realize. Because they’re so closely, even telepathically attuned to each other’s needs and desires, passion brings them profound peace, stills their trembling .. . and afterwards, when they’ve become two separate individuals again, their Oneness lingers in their eyes, like a memory of magic too deep to communicate in words, best left to only quiet knowing.

He really listens to her seasonal fears and apprehensions – with such gentle patience. She covers his winters of self-doubt with such warm and tender blankets of caring. Remembering the “water meditation” can protect their relationship. Remembering how much they need each other, being aware of the unthinkable possibility of losing the security of their special kind of interdependency. This man and woman are extraordinarily sensitive to each other’s thoughts, literally able to read each other’s minds. With her reflecting nature and his absorbing nature, mental and emotional pollution is a constant danger. If they allow their frustrations to rise or sink above or below the pH safety level of tranquility, the clouds of tension can only pour back upon them an “acid rain” of resentment, frustration and selfish seeking that kills happiness – just as surely as the acid rain in Nature kills all fish and plant life. The refreshing newness of love, like the sweet grass-scented blessing of a silvery summer shower, is worth protecting.

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