Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Cancer Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Cancer woman with Sagittarius man.

“Don’t have a mother,” he said. Not only had he no
mother, but he had not the slightest desire to have one. He
thought them very over-rated persons
“Oh, Peter, no wonder you were crying,” she said, and got
out of bed and ran to him.
“I wasn’t crying about mothers,” he said rather indignantly.
“I was crying because I can’t get my shadow to stick on.
Besides, I wasn’t crying.”

The most essential, the most deeply rooted difference between the Moon Maiden and the Archer (other than their conflicting views about money and material security), is often their totally divergent ideas and attitudes toward “family”. She leans very much toward devotion and near-worship of family life – usually with more stress on the maternal and paternal than on siblings and other relatives, but nevertheless, this lady burns incense at the family altar with equally as much devout fervor as her Capricorn sisters religiously light their family circle beeswax candles (and often, with less resentment than Cappies sometimes feel).

Contradictorily, the Sagittarius man, while he may hold within his large Jupiter heart much genuine affection for his family, dropping by to say a cheerful “hello” every few years or so, probably bringing along an armload of gifts (for the Archer is wonderfully generous) doesn’t feel the intense tug of dutiful devotion toward his relatives the Cancerian girl feels toward hers. He may be the very first to help his parents, siblings and other blood ties when they need a friendly boost of the spirits – or a loan of whatever money he may have – but he doesn’t believe that a tie of blood should imprison his freedom to roam and search around the world for truth and excitement, perusing his multiple interests and pursuing his idealistic (often gigantic) goals and ambitions. Ties are restrictive. Ties are binding. Blood ties or any other kind of ties. They resemble, to Sag, clanking chains – a rope around his neck, threatening to strangle his individuality. The Sagittarian man can hardly wait to cut the Gordian knot with his family, and be off to the races on his own, obeying the call of Jupiter to dash onward and upward to some great, nameless accomplishment or achievement. The Archer is also quite adept at untying the Gordian knots of problems swiftly and intelligently, and though he sometimes makes mistakes, he’s usually shrewd enough not to make the same one twice.

A Moon Maid views “the ties that bind” with respect, if not with downright affection. Ties are cozy. Ties are familiar and comforting. They resemble, to her, softly woven strands of protection and safety. The known, the secure and the comfortable. To cut a tie with friends or relatives, a lover or husband – or with her parents – is something she dreads, therefore postpones as long as possible. This is often the reason Cancerian females are thought of as possessive. It’s really not so much possessiveness as the being unwilling to cut a tie, then forced to float around without an anchor. To float without an anchor is as frightening an image to the girl Crab as the image of floating out in the middle of the ocean would be to the Nature crab, who feels much safer in remaining a healthy distance away from deep water.

Astrology can’t solve that problem for them. The Moon Maiden and her Centaur will just have to fight it out, hopefully moving closer toward compromise as the years pass, but in the meanwhile fussing and quarreling – arguing (him) and pouting (her) back and forth between them over neglecting Mama and Papa (his fault) or weakening their own relationship by spending too much time with the family (her fault). As time goes by, they’ll reach some sort of mutual agreement regarding this difference between them – or one of them will leave the other. But it might not be a permanent separation. For several reasons.

To begin with, it’s more likely to be the Archer who angrily leaves the girl Crab (however regretfully) than the other way around. Not always, of course, but usually. It’s easier, remember, for him to cut a tie than it is for her, although the knot of love is more difficult for a Sagittarian man to untie than the bond with his own family, for love can make even the normally carefree and nonchalant Centaur reluctant to break away – and once he’s left, he may not stay long. Her Lunar madness is hypnotic, and will haunt his dreams at night while they’re apart. Because this is the 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, the Moon Maiden represents to him the 8th astrological “house” of mystery (sexual and otherwise) .. . the unknown. No one is more curious than Sag (unless it’s Gemini) and he’ll discover his mind is spinning in circles after a while, wondering what she’s doing without him. Besides, he’s frustrated by the realization that he lost his fiery temper, and left before he had a chance to completely solve her mystery . . . her changing moods, her inexplicable hold over his emotions. There are still a thousand urgent questions she hasn’t answered. And so, the Archer who so swiftly and impulsively cut the Gordian knot with his Cancerian lady frequently later returns to tie it up again. Because he finds he misses her more than he guessed he would… and because there are all those puzzling questions .. .


Although the Moon Maid will be strangely comforted and flattered that the Sagittarian man she loves regards her as mysterious and magnetic, she rather perversely resents his prying. (She can’t have it both ways, but she’d like to, concerning nearly everything.) This woman always has and always will contain within her many secrets, some of which she’s not even aware of herself… others she is. There’s something in the Lunar essence that makes her clam up when she feels someone is trying to probe too deeply into her secret self, even when the “someone” is the man she adores. The girl Crab crawls into a shell of silence automatically, instinctively, the moment he begins one of his questioning routines – even if all he’s asking is something as innocent and ordinary as what she thinks about the new neighbors, or what her first boyfriend was like. (Admittedly, that last question might not be too innocent. The Sagittarian male has a temper, and although he’s not the possessive type, he is assuredly the jealous type. As I keep reminding you, there is a distinct difference between possessiveness and jealousy.)

As reticent as this lady may be to reveal her own secrets quickly (unless they’re drawn out slowly and gently, when she’s in the mood to talk about them, not through rude questioning or abrupt and idle curiosity) she’s an expert at uncovering her Centaur’s secrets – and everyone else’s. Somehow, people are unconsciously compelled to pour out things to the Moon Maiden they normally wouldn’t confess to others. It’s not the same as the confiding everyone does in the sympathetic Pisces listening ear. People confess to Pisces because they want to, without much urging, if any, from the Fish, who simply projects a willingness to listen if you feel like talking about it – and the talker senses the Piscean response will be compassion, which it always is. With the girl Crab, it’s different. She’s not apathetic or neutral about hearing your secrets. She enjoys learning things about others, and usually employs a conscious strategy to learn them, fully aware that she’s digging to see what she can discover. Thanks to her Lunar magnetism (the same kind of invisible force not even the ocean’s tides themselves can resist) the other person finds himself or herself pouring out all manner of private confidences, without having initially intended to do so.

The Lunar strategy of the Cancerian woman is even more successful with the Archer. Sag does love to talk, especially about himself, his dreams and his innermost feelings, along with his views and opinions of every subject under the Sun. Carried away by the enthusiasm of his verbal free thought association, he may wander a bit too far conversationally with the girl Crab before he realizes he’s caught in an emotional wave that could drown him, by having said more than he intended. That’s an astrological warning the Archer will find very valuable, if he heeds it, because there’s always the possibility he’ll say something that this extremely sensitive, imaginative lady could exaggerate or misinterpret, bringing on the Cancerian suspicion and trembling vulnerability to hurt. It pays the Sagittarian man to count to ten before he speaks at all times, but with his lovely girl Crab, he’d be well advised to count to maybe a thousand. It won’t be easy for him to refrain from speaking his mind freely, sometimes in an unnecessarily frank way, not just because this is his natural tendency, but also because a Lunar Lady can be mighty tenacious, once she gets the notion into her rather hard head there’s something he’s thinking he hasn’t told her, and she won’t give up trying to find out. Not that there’s anything he should feel guilty about, it’s just that there are things she can take the wrong way and imaginatively dress up, clothing things said guilelessly with her personal fears and apprehensions, until they become threatening to her peace of mind, no longer even resembling their original intent or true meaning.

The time when the Archer should especially allow his actions to speak louder than his words is during their sexual intimacy. The Cancerian woman’s way of expressing her many-layered love for him in a physical sense, is sensual and silent. To her, feelings are important, not words. She wants their lovemaking to be an escape into an ocean of passion, drenched in fragile moonlight sentiment, its depth a direct result of its delicacy and quiet communion of spirit. She withdraws sexually from demanding desire, able to surrender herself completely only when their mutual need is demonstrated tenderly, gently, even poetically, not fiercely. And if she’s been made to feel rejected in some way throughout the day (she literally wilts beneath disapproval, spoken or unspoken) she’ll be unable to respond at night in his arms, even though she only imagined the earlier slight to her sensitivity. Making love to a girl Crab is an eternal guessing game – and more successful when her lover or husband consults an almanac before approaching her, for this woman’s every emotion is not just symbolically, but seriously and actually – ruled by the Moon’s Lunar phases. This part of her sexual nature may at times annoy the Archer as much as it intrigues him, because, being a Fire Sign, his own desire is more impulsive, his need more intense. Finesse in love-making is something he has to consciously practice to acquire, especially when he’s in love with a Moon Maiden, born into the Water Element.


Strangely, this is a woman who sometimes communicates her wish for Oneness by a misty light in her eyes – like the silvery, promising shimmer of the New Moon’s ancient secret. When he sees moonlight in her eyes, he knows it’s time to be very still and quiet… hold her close until she feels securely protected .. . then gently float beside her out into the mysterious sea that sings remembered songs to her at midnight. He may never solve her feminine mystery, but it will always beckon him to try.

Let’s leave them alone now, shall we? If the Looney Bird Moon Maid won’t tell her secrets to the man she loves, she certainly doesn’t want us around when her eyes become misty! Before we go, we’ll remind her that, while her Lunar tears fall like raindrops at the slightest hint of a cloud in the sky, his Jupiter tears are hidden and held back .. yet no less profuse than her own. Like a small boy, whistling in the dark, he’s too brave to admit he ever cries. But for all his surface nonchalance – he does.

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