Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Capricorn Man with  Aquarius Woman.

On cover image- Famous Capricorn Man and Aquarius Woman – Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley


“Tink, where are you?”
She was in a jug for the moment, and liking it extremely.
She had never been in a jug before. 

A love relationship between this man and woman can run smoothly on course for long periods of time, until she pops up with some humiliating and incomprehensible remark in front of a group of friends or his holy (genuflect please) family – or suddenly decides to turn upside down because of a change of opinion or plans. Then the Capricorn man will become slightly nervous – a very rare situation, since Goats are hardly ever nervous, as you know by now. When they do get upset, they bite their nails and break out in boils or warts. (I know one Colorado-planted Capricorn man who goes off by himself and sets off dynamite caps when he’s nervous, but he has the Moon in Aries.) When an Aquarian girl gets nervous, which is quite likely after being subjected to unrelieved periods of Saturnine discipline and drabness, she may stand on her head or wiggle her ears anxiously, as a Uranian flash signal that she’s disturbed and restless.

The very first thing she has to learn when she becomes involved with this man is to love and respect his family as her own; even more than her own. This is a necessity, whether his family resembles a Norman Rockwell painting or the Borgias. He’s not blind to their flaws, defects, and vices, but no matter. A Capricorn man will feel obligated to worship his parents and insist that everyone else in his presence worship them, despite any failings they may have. Otherwise, he suffers from the guilties. His family’s shortcomings are either rationalized or overlooked. They had better also be overlooked by the woman who expects to be invited into his heart. He may occasionally be forced to honestly find fault with them, but he prefers the criticism to come from himself – not from “outsiders.” Of course, there’s no denying that such filial loyalty is admirable, especially since it gives a hint as to his future attitude toward her and their own children. I won’t keep you in suspense. It will be the same unswerving devotion, unless he should happen to have an afflicted Venus, in which case this man can become, not only a cold tyrant, but even occasionally promiscuous – in a peculiar, quiet sort of way. Aquarian girls can take heart, however, because very few Capricorn males have afflicted Venuses, and even those who were cursed with such a planetary flaw at birth usually manage to control it with the help of Saturn’s iron self-discipline.

Because this is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, a strong mutual interest in money or financial security, plus self-sacrifice, will enter into the relationship in some form. Also, he will secretly look up to her, sensing she has some indefinable wisdom to teach him which he has not yet learned (and she does, oh! she does!), while she will be gently tolerant of his occasional, inexplicable depressions and indigo moods – his now-and-then prudish, stuffy spells – because of her own soul memory of having lived through the Saturn experience in a past lifetime.

Still, she has no intentions of spending her present existence bound by such stifling ties of caution. This is her lifetime to experiment with the wonders of the world – and every Aquarian girl has this yearning within her heart, even if she only pursues it astrally at night – when she’s pretending to sleep. He is Earth and she is Air, so their basic motivations have little in common.

Often, these two will make a mutual business endeavor – or hearth, home, and family will be the focal point of their relationship, and once in love, they’ll both try to overlook the obvious differences in their natures and personalities. If one is to mold the other, it will be more likely she who is molded than the Goat. Not always, but most likely. Capricorns are already pretty much set in their earthly sameness clay at a very young age. Aquarius, being of the Air Element, is more pliable, more adaptable to circumstances – more moldable. (Still, she was born under a Fixed Sign, and may, at some time, demonstrate an unexpected stubbornness.) But normally, if she must change to keep his love, then change she will, although change comes so easily to Aquarians that we need not excessively extol her character for doing so. It’s a natural process to this woman. Change is not a natural process for the Goat. He dreads major changes of occupation (career or profession), residence, and friendships. While she longs to meet new people and is happily at home among all types, he’s reluctant to submit himself to communicating with any but his immediate family, or within the tight circle of his few close friendships, most of which were formed in childhood. Consequently, their social life may be somewhat subdued – and there’s always the possibility that she will be haunted by a feeling that something is missing.

Now, I did say that she would most likely be the one to change to fit his mold. That’s true. I do not retract it. But I’ve also warned you that Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. So there will be ways she will discover to manage and manipulate him, while sweetly appearing to conform to his every wish. A little sneaky? No just the Uranus talent for fitting square pegs into round holes and round pegs into square holes in a rather charming, confusing way, quite subtle – and generally not even noticeable on the surface.

After she chains her dreams to his more mundane habits and desires, she may not at first recognize her own restlessness. Later it will begin to show in a variety of ways … . by going back to school to get a degree, visiting her home town alone for longer and longer periods, taking up a hobby like music, singing, dancing, or astrology to absorb some of her unused energy – or in becoming insistently anxious to have a baby. These are all changes. And Aquarius has faith in change. To the Water Bearer, the right change at the right time can solve simply anything.

What brings them together in the first place is frequently the invisible vibration of integrity she sends out, like a radio signal. Capricorn men can’t stand flighty, promiscuous, vulgar, aggressive, or basically dishonest women. So he picks up this signal, investigates, finally decides she is steeped in the same qualities of truth and honesty as he and – after a decent interval – proposes. Whatever he proposes (and it will usually be a business partnership or marriage – or both), it will always be a decent interval. Goats do not leap into things.

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What he fails to realize is that, although she does have integrity, it is her own individualistic brand of the stuff. Aquarians are, above all, true to themselves (also honest with themselves), ever true to what they believe truth to be – but that’s not quite the same thing as the Saturn brand of integrity and traditional custom of honesty. Capricorn lives by the rules. So does Aquarius, granted, but they are her own private and individual set of rules. Another thing that probably brought them together initially is her beauty. All Uranus-vibrating females have an unearthly, fragile beauty, like a morning mist or a summer rainbow…. first here, then invisible…. now returning;

along with clearly defined features, faintly reminiscent of Greek goddesses. Her eyes probably magnetized him too. There are no eyes quite like Aquarian eyes … . dreamy, mysterious, always with that faraway and long-ago-in-tomorrow look. (Yes, I meant to say “long-ago-in-tomorrow.” It’s a time thing. All Aquarians understand the Einstein time thing.) His eyes are strictly focused on (and in) today – guileless and earnest, much different from hers. The difference attracts.

One thing that could conceivably cause trouble between these two (unless the Aquarian girl’s Moon or Ascendent is in an Earth Sign, to match the Goat’s more sedate image) is the typical Capricorn male’s neurotic ideas about “his woman” working. Most Goats frown on career women. Some of them do more than frown, they straight out forbid it, with the one exception of allowing the “little woman” to work in the family business. Some Capricorns are so oriented to masculine-feminine stereotypes, they’re firmly convinced that any man who marries a successful career woman just has to be marrying her for her money – however obvious it may be that the love between them is clearly reciprocal.

This type of Goat is stubbornly certain any such man is only pretending to care. It has to be the cash. Even if he himself ever sincerely loved a successful career woman, he’d be equally convinced that his own motive was ambition – no matter how beautiful, desirable, or intelligent she might be, or how deeply he cared about her. Sadly, an occasional Goat will display this odd Saturnine quirk, which makes it impossible for him to believe in man-woman love unless it fits a preconceived pattern, dating back, roughly, to the Dinosaur Age.

Unless her Capricorn man has a real hang-up about forbidding a woman’s independence, the female Water Bearer (born under a Fixed Sign, remember) may strangely admire his somewhat old-fashioned viewpoints. After all, she fell in love with him because he was a man she could count on to be in the same place most of the time, unlike all the other men she knows, who are as unpredictable as – well, as she is herself (or was herself, before the Goat molded her more into his own image). With all her own chameleon qualities of suspense and intuitive hunches and kooky, upside-down thought processes, the Aquarian woman often seeks in a mate the dependable, the reliable, and the secure. It’s a non sequitur, but as I’ve pointed out repeatedly (in other sections of this book) Water Bearers are all living non sequiturs. Maybe they’re attracted to stability because of the basic Fixity of Aquarius. Fixed, after all, is Fixed – even though you’d never guess it by their vague speech and abstract behavior, which is rather like seesawing at the time you’re traveling in a circle on a Ferris Wheel.

Their quarrels will usually be about outside situations – incidents or people she tends to be tolerant of – and he tends to be rigid about. Yet, mold her as he may, she will nevertheless rule the roost when they go to the post to argue, with her gently persuasive, Air Element charm – by appearing to suggest. In this manner, the Aquarius woman, in the end, wins nearly every quarrel or confrontation with the stubborn, earthy Goat, perhaps because she amuses and confuses – and does it all so effortlessly, never demanding, only suggesting when others can’t hear her. No wonder everyone thinks he’s the real boss. If their Suns and Moons are opposed or square, he might wake up some rainy morning and finally realize he’s being delicately manipulated, reject such an unmanly role – and ponder a separation. He’ll ponder it for a long, long time. A Capricorn man never does anything hastily, especially break up a home, which tears him apart. A separation or divorce will hurt her too. Nevertheless, an Aquarian girl adjusts to a broken relationship in the long run more quickly and easily than any other sign except Gemini, Pisces, or Sag. Divorce, like marriage, is essentially a change – and change never frightens this girl as it does others. Sexually, the union of Capricorn and Aquarius may leave something to be desired. Not always. Just sometimes. Aquarius is a masculine sign, ruled also  by the masculine planet, Uranus – never mind how soft-spoken she may be.

The changing moods of her undeniably feminine mystique, with its contradictory masculine vibrations, at first excites the Capricorn man, but later may merely irritate him. Somehow, her real essence eludes him. As for him, well … . his earthy sensuality draws her irresistibly at the beginning of the romance, then later could become a heavy thing to bear – since her ideal of sexual expression is far more ethereal, requiring imaginative, preliminary, mental preparation to actual lovemaking. But love, of course, can turn every gravel alley into a Yellow Brick Road. All it takes is a little magic. So, if they really try, these obstacles can be overcome, as each fulfills the other’s very different needs through the Goat’s capacity for patient, gentle affection – and the Aquarian capacity for tolerant understanding of human nature, especially his.Assuming their Sun-Moon aspects are harmonious, the relationship will deepen through the years until gradually, each will supply what the other lacks.

She’ll become more secure and settled … . less restless and yearning. He’ll become less rigid-frigid, more free and open. They’ll become less and less like themselves … . more and more like each other…. blending into such unity that their friends begin to think of them as one person, one unit of measurement, not two individuals. Obviously that’s not a natural state for Aquarius, but if carefully balanced, it can work beautifully. Most people forget how desperately the Goat secretly and silently longs to romp and frolic. Only stern Saturn holds him back.


I once knew a Capricorn man named Roy, from Oklahoma, who used to visit Colorado every summer, where he felt free to break Saturn’s restrictive bonds and just be himself – in the clean, fresh, mountain air that always acts as an exhilarating tonic to Goats. After all, they are mountain climbers, at home in high altitudes. Ten thousand feet above sea level, in Cripple Creek, Colorado, this Cappy frolicked like an elf or a druid of old. He discarded his proper Oklahoma business clothing and wore whatever he pleased. Some of his outfits would have made Elvis Presley (also a Goat, by the way) seem conservatively dressed. But he looked marvelous! One day he merrily left his house at the break of dawn, wearing nothing but a pair of bright red and yellow swim trunks…. to pick wildflowers.

Another time, he burst through my front door during a violent summer electrical storm, with “T” (as he affectionately called her) somersaulting along beside him – the bright-faced, delightful, and unpredictable Aquarian woman who was his dearest friend as well as his business partner (antiques, what else? Capricorn’s favorite career) and handed me an unexpected bouquet of sweet peas, drenched with rain…. smelling exactly the way I’m positive Heaven must smell. He had spent the entire morning driving down rain-soaked country roads with “T,” the two of them rejoicing in every Uranus thunder clap and flash of lightning … . just to find them for me.

This Goat’s sense of fun and laughter, his beautiful sensitivity and psychic perception, were illuminated with a loving heart that so very much longed to be free. Nevertheless, he suffered from the usual Saturnine shy and bashful spells – and there were days when he brooded in bleak melancholy, approaching despair, for no apparent reason. But Aquarian “T” was exquisitely patient as she waited for the gentle rainbow she knew would soon sparkle again in his aura – and it always reappeared.

The Aquarian woman who loves a Capricorn man should handcuff the Saturn in him now and then, grab his hand, and throw him a challenge: “Hey, funnyface! Want to go wade in a puddle, play tag with some turtles, build a house with no walls .. . and laugh at nothing?” The shy Goat may surprise himself, and skip right along beside her. But if he should ask, “How can you build a  house with no walls?” the honeymoon is over – and so is love. Even so, it can be miraculously reborn. And isn’t that what Aquarians do
best – make miracles?

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