Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Capricorn Man with  Pisces Woman.

On cover image- Famous Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman – Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon


“She thinks we have lost the way,” he replied stiffly, “and
she is rather frightened. You don’t think I would send her
away all by herself when she is frightened?” 

Not all male Goats are male chauvinist pigs. Just most of them. Before we discuss the kind who are not, let’s analyze both the problems and the blessings a Pisces woman faces with the kind who are.

The most vivid and all-encompassing example of the latter is Cappy Muhammad Ali, the generous-hearted, funny, tough-as-nails powerhouse Goat who’s achieved such fame he needn’t be identified beyond his name alone. Hint to any hermits who may be reading this, who haven’t seen a newspaper for decades: Ali is the Champ, man, the Champ. I mean, he is the Greatest. Champ of what? Whadda ya mean what, ya bum? Ali is Champ of everything – of anything you can think of – that’s what. (I’m writing these words, dear reader, in August of 1978, several weeks before his scheduled attempt to regain his title from Leon Spinks next month, in September!)

Does it surprise you to learn the Champ is a Goat? Did you think his lightning-fast repartee and quick, clever wit stamped him as an Air Sign? You’re going to have to brush up on your astrology lessons. How could such an Immovable Force and Irresistible Object be anything but Cardinal Earth? If you’re still wondering about his glibness, Ali’s inventive verbal surprises, such as “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” explode spontaneously, geniuslike, from his well-aspected Moon in Aquarius (an Air Sign). But he is a Sun Sign Cappy. For sure and certain. Haven’t you noticed his Saturn reverse-aging twist, his knack of looking younger and more handsome as he grows older? In brief, dig it.

Throughout the several lengthy magazine interviews Goat Ali has given on the subject of women in general – and his woman in particular – he’s pulled no verbal punches. When the Champ discusses his wife, he’s as chauvinistic as they make them. Which wife? (He’s had three.) It doesn’t make a particle of difference, because his total attitude toward the rights and freedom of either or both is identical. (Are you Pisces women paying close attention, whether the Goat you love is a public or a private champ? Good. Stay with us. You’ll be learning.)

Not only does Ali continually repeat to reporters variations of those familiar and these days nearly archaic themes, like: A woman’s place is in the kitchen and the bedroom, taking care of business at home, lovingly looking out for her man’s needs, patty-caking with the children, etc., and so on – but he becomes firmer, louder, even more adamant and emphatic when he’s asked if he’d consider allowing his wife to work, or to pursue a career. “My woman? Go to work?

No woman of mine is gonna work, no way. In the first place, she wouldn’t need to, ’cause I make enough bread for both of us” (and in the second place, if she did, she would probably come home to find the door locked). “She’d better be a lady. And she’d better not be comin’ on and flirtin’ with guys either, if she knows what’s good for her. Me? Well, now, that’s my business, not yours – but a man, you see, he’s different, and if he wants to rap with some chick, there’s nothin’ wrong with that.” (Ali believes the double standard is a Divine Command from Above.) “Men and women are different,” he says, “and there’s no gettin’ around it. The Almighty Himself made ’em that way, and He sure enough knew what He was doin’.” Yes, Ali is a Capricorn male, all the way. Along with his inflexible code and stern discipline of “his woman,” he’s unquestionably kind, gentle, and protective of her. Never has he spoken any but old-fashioned and gallant words about his first wife, even during their rather unpleasant divorce proceedings, nor has he never said anything disrespectful about his present mate, Veronique – or for that matter, about any female. To Ali, all women are ladies, until they prove otherwise – and even then, he’d never seriously insult or berate them, publicly or privately.

His iron self-discipline is legendary, nothing less than incredible – a direct inheritance from Saturn. He’s also possessed of the Saturnine horror of scandal and is constantly concerned for his reputation, which he intensely desires to be as spotless as it’s humanly possible for him to make it. His hilarious (and carefully calculated) image of the clown is not accidental, but deliberate. His genuinely funny remarks are a far-out blend of his Moon-in-Aquarius original, unconventional sense of the ridiculous – and his Capricorn dry sense of humor.

But all the fun and games aside, his public image is not only exemplary, it’s far more dignified and commendable than that of many of our highest political leaders and socially prominent citizens. As a living legend, Ali’s always been aware of his responsibility to set a good example for the young people who worship him and try to imitate him. He is, in the truest sense of the word, a gentleman.

And let no one say that this Goat isn’t ambitious. He climbed the Capricorn mountain with steely determination, and made it all the way to the top peak, where he most definitely intends to remain, one way or the other, by effecting, at the proper time a judicious and gradual change of careers. Then too, there’s Ali’s generosity. Subconsciously obeying the dictate of Saturn, his frequent and large gifts of cash to his people, his friends, and his community are given in the biblical sense with “the right hand unaware of what the left hand is doing.” For all his bragging, never once has Muhammad Ali bragged about his charity, which is more extensive and continual than anyone but the grateful recipients of it is ever likely to know. Allowing for the normal percentage of human errors and failings, Ali is the perfect picture of the higher-type evolved Capricorn man. But he is also a male chauvinist pig. The Pisces woman who loves a Goat can find no more complete character analysis of the Saturn syndrome to meditate upon than the foregoing. It should help her decide if the blessings are worth the put-downs.

Naturally, not all male Capricorns have such fixations about their women working. There are plenty of the other kind of Saturn men, who think it’s just peachy-dandy for their ladies to be busy, and to be gainfully employed. They don’t object at all. I know a Capricorn milkman, named Charlie Dorfman, who services a rural delivery route just outside Marietta, Ohio, and cheerfully allows his wife to work – right along beside him in the dairy truck. He keeps the engine from stalling, while she lugs the milk jugs to the farmhouses, through sunshine, rain, sleet, and hip-deep snowbanks. Then, of course, there’s the wellknown Goat who made everything “perfectly clear” regarding his feminist views – and who broadmindedly permitted his Pisces wife, Patricia, to work as much as she liked in the business he ran for a few years. He even allowed her to “watch the store” for him occasionally in the White House. So it’s not really fair to claim that all Capricorn men refuse to allow their women to work.

However, it is fair to claim that nearly all Capricorn men who agree with their wives’ working because of financial necessity do so reluctantly, while inwardly anticipating a time when circumstances will remove the need for the women they love to work outside the home. There are exceptions of course, as always, but few male Goats are genuinely overjoyed by the thought of their wives’ jobs or careers – if they’re honest with themselves. And once they become honest with themselves, they might see the light and change their attitudes permanently, from within – with happier emotions on both sides.

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The Pisces woman will resent her Capricorn man’s attitudes less than most other women would. She’s tolerant and sensitive enough to comprehend that the very instincts which cause his inflexibility also create the qualities in him that attract her. From the same source springs the Goat’s protectiveness and dependability, his kindness toward her – and his unswerving loyalty and devotion to those he loves. His stability calms her own restless spirit. His confidence gentles her own uncertainties. She’s touched by his formal manners, moved by the loneliness that hangs over him. She sees behind the defense of his outward sternness to the sadness and longing it attempts to hide. Beautifully, a Neptune-guided woman can sense that only a great heart would – or could – permit a man to set himself such difficult goals – only great strength and determination would – or could – aspire to the self-mastery a Saturn-ruled man is dedicated to attain. His spells of depression and silence don’t trouble her as they would another, but instead, cause her love for him to grow, as she’s challenged to find ways to smile and tease and brighten him out of his moods with the softness of her ways her graceful acceptance of his Saturnine nature and her obvious respect for his virtues (which almost always exceed those of most other men).

Piscean love is tempered with mercy and the deeper wisdom of the nonjudgmental. After a while, she’ll change him, ever so gradually, until he grows to realize and know that he can relax the strict rules he sets for himself (and sometimes others), and no one will criticize him for doing so. By then, he’ll have entered the typical Capricorn age-reversal period of his Life, and begin to open up both his heart and his mind to the possibilities of all kinds of freedom – of the spirit – and of his own behavior. He’ll be willing to travel with her, to be more careless and casual… to take the time to smell flowers and chase the wind allow an excitement for adventure and new horizons to peek through. Goats become absolutely charming and delightful when Saturn eases the restriction of discipline over them and they become their true gentle selves – once they’ve escaped their self-imposed habit patterns. As with all Earth and Water combinations, the physical love between the girl Fish and the Goat can be a deep and enriching experience for both of them.

Somehow, a Capricorn man is refreshed after the fulfillment of sexual union with the Pisces woman he’s learned to trust. The sudden sense of happiness he feels after they’ve shared intimacy is obvious in the lightness of his manner, the visible sparkle in his eyes, as though he had just rediscovered innocence and pleasure, unburdened by worry and guilt. She’s happy too, because to the Pisces woman, happiness is always defined by the amount of happiness she’s able to give to others. Silence is nearly always the foundation of lovemaking between Pisces and Capricorn – an eloquent silence made of understanding and a depth of feeling impossible to express in words. These two reach out to one another with a kind of natural and wholesome sureness, causing their bodies and minds to blend in a quiet song of peace, contentment, and restful stillness.

If there’s a disharmonious aspect between the Suns, Moons, and Ascendents of both their charts, their sexual compatibility will still be more positive than negative, although the “stillness” and “quiet” between them during their physical expression of love may turn to the polarities of coolness and bored disinterest at times. When this occurs, it’s because he has placed physical desire above consideration for her more romantic needs – or because she has refused to respond with enough intensity to his earthier nature. But if they try, these two lovers, influenced as they are by the 3-11 vibration of friendship and easy communication, can talk it over, with the happy result of more consideration and comprehension of each other’s different requirements. To honestly discuss what the other person really expects to accomplish in relation to the completeness of love can clear up problems like these in a surprisingly effortless manner. The most frequent area of tension between Pisces and Capricorn lovers or mates will be her tendency to be sensitive – and his tendency to be insensitive.

She may find him too cold and unsympathetic, whereas he may find her too elusive, secretive, and emotionally vulnerable – which makes him nervous and apprehensive, afraid to be himself for fear of hurting her feelings. They’ll have to solve these conflicts when they first appear, not allow them to compound themselves into a barrier that causes a gradual withdrawal from candid discussion between them. For, when Pisces feels frustrated, the Fish will often be tempted to turn to drugs, alcohol, or daydreams – or the more direct “escape” of divorce. And when a Goat is deeply perplexed, he may be tempted to turn to a stubborn and icy disapproval that’s cruelly apparent in his words and actions, and which only makes matters worse.

Many of their emotional problem areas will be lightened by the position of their Moons and Ascendents in their horoscopes. If the Goat’s Moon or Ascendent is in Virgo, for example, instead of resenting his Pisces woman’s desire to hold down a job, he’ll be more likely to consider working a great privilege for either sex. If his Moon or Ascendent is in Libra or Aquarius, he’ll be substantially more jolly and generous about his Neptune lady’s career, maybe going so far as to approve, even if her chosen profession should require her to travel now and then. These are the exceptional Capricorn men, but there are a fair number of them around.


The Goat who loves a girl Fish can be easily misled by her soft femininity. There are other things about this female he should know.

For one thing, she’s of the Water Element and that means she’s capable of wearing down the Goat’s determination, not by violent emotional demands, but by the invisible pressure of insistent and consistent persuasion and subtle suggestion. Water is the toughest of all the elements, simply because of its passivity, which eventually wears down all forms of resistance. She can also be cranky and irritable, though seldom or never aggressive. He won’t find it easy to pin her down to a direct answer when he wants to know what she’s really thinking and feeling. The tactic of evasiveness is refined to a rare art by Neptune people, since it’s one of the few defenses they have against an intrusion of their privacy. There are times when he’ll feel she’s trying to avoid the issue – or him. Just as there’ll be times she’ll think he’s too possessive and smothering, not allowing her the freedom of her own opinions.

But these are only passing clouds, not permanent darkness. Like an occasional shower, quarrels between this man and woman, who are guided by the 3 11 harmonic vibration, can always be followed by the rainbow of reconciliation – if they’ll remember to look up toward forgiveness and not down toward futility. No one ever saw a rainbow on the ground. They appear in the sky the place where balloons, birds, and dreams fly free unhampered by the chains of self-pity, fear, and dogmatic thinking. Flying is such a lovely feeling. Both the Fish and Goat would find it an exhilarating experience if they’d try it. Together. It’s lonely flying alone. Everyone needs a space buddy.

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