Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Capricorn woman with Aquarius man.

On cover image- Famous Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man – Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo


“Let me go!” she ordered him.
“Wendy, come with me and tell the other boys.” Of course,
she was very pleased to be asked, but she said, “Oh, dear, I
can’t. Think of Mummy!”

There they are in Manhattan’s Central Park – or in London’s Kensington Gardens, for that matter – listening to a band concert together. Or rather, he is listening to a band concert – and she is sketching the scene in pastels. Doesn’t it sound romantic, lovely, beautiful, harmonious? It would be all those things except for one small flaw. There is no band. The concert he is hearing is in his head. Therefore, when he starts waving his arms in the air in rhythm to the percussion, nods his head back and forth to the tune of the fiddles, taps his feet in tempo and hums the melody, all at the same time, he – well, he looks a little odd to her.

To be perfectly honest, she thinks he’s as crazy as a loon. But being a Capricorn female, with graceful manners in the Bryn Mawr tradition (also Vassar, my dear, whether she went there or not), she will blush slightly, concentrate harder on her drawing, and pretend not to notice. It’s only if he invites her to sing along or asks her what she thinks of the drummer that she’ll get jittery. Capricorns do not get jittery all that easily. It takes something really monumental.

The Aquarian man can very well be that monumental. His strangeness can be gigantic, especially when viewed through the quiet, steady eyes of a Capricorn girl’s sedate nature and proper behavior pattern. I realize someone might point out I wrote in the “Capricorn Woman” section of my first book, Sun Signs, that this is the only girl who can look at an ugly frog and know he’s actually a prince in disguise – or something like that. So I must admit that if she can have that sort of love and faith, I suppose she could also decide this freakedout character might somehow be salvaged into a creature more resembling the kind of husband and father mold she insists a man fit into if he’s going to be worth her time and trouble. Assuming he has enough other solid virtues, she could even break down and pretend she hears the drummer – and sing along with him, to humor him temporarily. Just until she has a chance to change him and gently point out that she understands his eccentricities, but it’s a matter of what other people think. I mean, you have to keep your image respectable in front of strangers. Everybody, but simply everybody, knows it’s important to be respected – and how can a dodo bird be respected? Loved, yes, but respected? She is wrong. Woefully wrong. This man cares not a fig about being respected. He has nothing against it, mind you, but it carries no weight with him.

And this will be, from time to time, a rather large bone of contention between them. The Aquarian male is highly individualistic, with some really far-out opinions and ideas. The Capricorn female can also be highly individualistic, with some very far-out opinions and ideas. The difference is, she keeps them to herself, to avoid ridicule and harsh judgment from others, while he has no qualms about advertising his eccentricity. Since they both have their little idiosyncrasies, they can empathize with each other’s. It’s how they handle them that creates the tension.

Her world, unlike his, is not invented. It’s a realistic place, purified by peaceful and practical peripheries, sometimes refined by art (many Cappys are artistically inclined), peopled by puppy dogs, dreams of warm kitchens, families singing carols together, maybe an apple tree with a proper swing attached, on which she might soar out only far enough to achieve modest success through hard work. Capricorn yearnings never exceed what may be deserved. Her Water Bearer’s world can be both inventive and invented, unreal – and clogged with sudden shortcuts to magnificent waterfalls; a place where the unusual can happen, and usually does, peopled by all kinds of characters in all shapes and sizes. This is a man with friends of every type and description, who will shuttle back and forth, in and out of both his dream world and the real world – among the daffodils, dinosaurs, waterwings, and Wassermans.

She’ll have to enjoy his friends. That’s a must for a woman in love with an Aquarian man. He has an almost unearthly loyalty and devotion to them, and you have to remember too, that he can call a doorman he’s met only once “friend.” Aquarians have a very loose definition of the word. Sometimes he’ll even get absentminded and introduce his wife as, “my good friend, Eloise….” Since Capricorn girls, as a rule, make quiet, unobtrusive wives who are not especially snoopy, curious, or demanding, it’s easy to see why the Uranus man is attracted to this woman. Just so she doesn’t become so quiet, unobtrusive and undemanding that he forgets she’s there. Aquarian men have been known to do that, you know – forget they have wives altogether, and have to be reminded now and then. The problem usually isn’t unfaithfulness, just amazement at realizing he’s had a weak moment and actually made a forever promise.

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This man, I’ll tell you right now, has a thing about promises. Not for them – against them. It’s the strange blend of Uranus integrity. He thinks it’s both wrong and ridiculous to say something you’re not sure you’ll mean a week

or a month or a year later. No one can be sure he won’t change (especially Aquarians, who are always changing), so why mislead anyone? Most people born under this sign can’t stand being accused of breaking a vow or letting a friend down, so they just do the best they can without making what to them might be a false commitment. Who knows how a person will feel tomorrow about what he said yesterday? Not an Aquarian, that’s certain. This doesn’t mean there aren’t many Aquarian men who keep their marriage vows and remain with one woman for a lifetime. There are. Some of them are deeply in  love; but even those who aren’t are reluctant to go to the trouble of seeking a divorce. It’s seldom “another woman” the wife of an Aquarian faces as a problem. Not in the accepted sense of the term. Women interest this man for what to him is a very sound reason. They make up roughly half of the human race – and Aquarius is intensely concerned with the various problems of the human race.

The fact that women are members of the opposite sex, with a magnetic, masculine appeal (the birds and bees bit), may escape his notice at first. He’s not unaware of sex by any means, but it’s of secondary importance – secondary to his flights of fancy, his haunting dreams, visions, self-absorption, dedication to his work or career – and always and eternally, his Friends. I used the capital letter deliberately. Nonetheless, if a woman makes even a mediocre effort to love this man, she will, in most cases (not all but most), be rewarded by a faithful lover or husband who provides plenty of variety, interest, fascination, unexpected surprises, and excitement. A Capricorn woman should make more than a mediocre effort, since this girl has been the type, since childhood, to follow the precept that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Oddly enough (or on second thought, perhaps not oddly at all), an Aquarian male often arouses unreasonable jealousy in his woman – even when she’s a normally cool, placid Goat Girl. Since he can be intellectually attracted to a stranger at first glance, let alone first meeting, he may treat the stranger as an intimate friend. If the stranger is female, his Capricorn wife, or whatever, may fail to realize it probably means nothing.

She’ll have to remember that this man is inclined to divorce love from physical passion; and therefore can “love” his friends, while sharing sexual union only with her. Actually, a Capricorn is better equipped to tolerate this than most other Sun Signs. Even so, it can be upsetting. She’ll just have to keep in mind that once he has given himself completely to her on a physical plane, he sees no reason why he can’t continue to have warm, intellectual friendships with other women. An Aries or Leo woman could show him plenty of reasons why he shouldn’t – and couldn’t – after giving him back his friendship ring (or throwing it at him), but a Saturn-ruled female can understand it all, if she half tries. The physical side of their relationship may be changing and unpredictable.

Everything with Aquarius is changing and unpredictable. His attitude toward sex can range from intense curiosity to detached acceptance. Hers can range from a sense of mating as a duty of love – expected, therefore indulged in – to a deep and wholesome enjoyment of their intimacy with no false modesty or pretense. Neither of them is likely to either underrate or overrate sex. Both are inclined to accept it for what it is, no more, no less – and are capable of experiencing it without excessive passion or emotional storms – although some Aquarian males do bring a tone of dreamlike unreality to physical mating, an air of titillating suspense to courtship and preliminary lovemaking. And some Capricorn females blush, with a rising pulse, regarding the subject of sexuality, all of their lives. He may fantasize somewhat in the area of lovemaking, which she will find mystifying, even disturbing, but if they are emotionally and mentally in love, these two can surmount any minor problems of sexual adjustment.


If one of them has the Moon in harmonious aspect to the other’s Sun, their physical union will be more than satisfactory. With a square or opposition between their mutual Sun and Moon, fulfillment may be elusive. In either case, there may not be the overwhelming soul-hunger attached … . of the type poets write about. Capricorn girls are frequently quite slow in developing the sexual instinct, and so are many, but not all, Aquarian males – so the later they marry, the better chance they have of making a success of it.

Grounds for dispute may arise over her exaggerated devotion to her family,or his refusal to cooperate with her in keeping up appearances with neighbors and relatives. But they should concentrate on each other’s virtues and forget petty annoyances and differences. A Capricorn woman can be surprisingly affectionate, emotionally stable, and loyal – with a strong sense of moral responsibility. She’ll seldom do anything to cause him pain or embarrassment. This is true of all except the rare coldhearted Goat, who takes the wrong path in childhood and has no capacity whatsoever for romantic love, while accepting sexual love as matter-of-factly as a handshake. But we are assuming the Cappy or the Water Bearer is reading this section to better understand, and doesn’t fall into that unfortunate category. As for the virtues of an Aquarian lover or husband, no man can keep an intellectual challenge going as long as he can – and love does begin in the mind.

Correction: It begins in the minds of those born in the Air Element, like Aquarius. To those born in the Earth Element, like Capricorn, love begins with emotional security. This man is a little short on reliability and emotional security. But with enough tolerance and patience from his mate, he can learn. A Capricorn girl who can look upon an ugly frog and see a handsome prince should be able to handle that.

He would like to discover a world where leaves never fall – and the Sun never sets. She is sure there is no such world. If they expect to achieve contentment together, she’ll have to help him search for it anyway. And who knows? Maybe he’ll surprise her and find it… . if she’ll open her mind, unlock her  heart, and discard that word “impossible” from her vocabulary…. as he did the first time he ever heard it.

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