Gemini And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini and Pisces.

Air – Mutable – Positive
Ruled by Mercury
Symbol: The Twins
Day Forces – Masculine

Water – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Neptune
Symbol: The Fish
Night Forces – Feminine

“When their voices died away, there came a cold silence over
the lagoon, and then a feeble cry, “Help, help!” Two small
figures were beating against the rock. “

There’s not much use pretending that Gemini and Pisces are Sun Signs which are naturally as compatible as strawberries and cream, Oliver and Hardy, or Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Not all, but some of them are as mismatched and antagonistic as the Arabs and the Jews have been over the years, though perhaps not as violent. However, just as peace is possible – and ever more likely – between these traditional foes, a happy compromise is also possible between Gemini and Pisces. If they have a Sun-Moon trine, sextile or conjunction between them, they can get along quite happily, as long as Gemini consents to occasionally swim through Neptune’s waters to keep the Fish company – and as long as Pisces is willing to fly fearlessly, now and then, alongside the Gemini Mercury Birds.

Still, an Air Sign is never completely comfortable in the element of water. There’s always the possibility of drowning – just as a Water Sign finds flying without a parachute a little scary. “Could someone please stand beneath me, with a net to catch me if I fall?” Since this is a 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern, should they discover a negative Sun-Moon aspect between their horoscopes, they’ll have to remember that mixing air with water must be done carefully, not carelessly. Otherwise, the result could be a dreary fog, or even a dangerous smog.
It’s easy to see how this can produce a dampening or smothering effect (or both) on a business basis, within the family bosom, in a love affair or among friends. It is, undoubtedly, an unpleasant experience to be dampened (as Pisces can do to Gemini) or smothered (as Gemini can do to Pisces).

GEMINI: You realize that whatever you say will be used against you?
PISCES: That’s okay with me. It always has been.
GEMINI: Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Do you plead guilty or innocent? Speak up. You’re always so silent. It’s called pouting, and you do it to annoy me.
PISCES: Oh, I plead guilty, of course. Guilty of being human, of possessing human needs and desires even human failings. Isn’t that all right?
GEMINI: It depends. You have more failings than most people. You have no sense of deductive reasoning. You avoid the issues, sulk, and refuse to discuss anything. Your mind wanders. Three different times yesterday you ignored me when I told you something I wanted you to do, and you continue to neglect it. You run around listening to everyone’s hard-luck stories while your own life falls apart. You’re a masochist and a procrastinator. You leave all the important things undone, while you’re out chasing bubbles and smelling flowers. Does this make you happy?
PISCES: Oh, yes! No one has ever been happier. Please make sure the jury is told, and the judge too, how happy I’ve been.
GEMINI: Don’t start talking about a judge and jury. This isn’t a trial, and you know it. We’re just having a discussion.
PISCES: I’m sorry but you sound like a public prosecutor.
GEMINI: Let’s stick to the point. You say you’re happy. That’s just another of your Neptune lies. You are obviously, at this moment, sad. Clearly depressed. Why aren’t you happy right now?
PISCES: Because I’m not making anyone else happy … . not even you. 


PISCES: I’m sorry to submit you to a cross examination, please forgive me, but.. . well, I don’t trust you. I’m afraid of you. Don’t you see how cruelly your words can cut? Are you completely unaware of how unkind and how supercritical you are sometimes?
GEMINI: No more so than others. I’m just verbal enough to express my thoughts clearly, to communicate my feelings. I don’t keep everything inside, the way you do. I’m not sneaky, like you.
PISCES: Yes, that’s true. You are clever. You can use words ever so much better than I. You’re even brilliant, at times. Lots of times. But… have you ever been happy? I mean, content with yourself, peaceful. Have you been? Ever?
GEMINI: I.. . uh, well… of course. Naturally. Why do you ask me that?
PISCES: I just wondered. What does happiness mean to you?
GEMINI: Happiness? What does it mean to me? It’s well, it’s a number of things you wouldn’t understand.
PISCES: Like what?
GEMINI: Like knowing exactly where I’m going, arriving there when I plan to arrive – knowing who I am and what I want.
PISCES: Who are you? What do you want?
GEMINI: You are deliberately trying to confuse me. I refuse to answer any more


There are some ways in which Gemini and Pisces are alike. Both of them give an overall impression of evasiveness, always sliding just out of reach, with a chameleon’s talent for camouflage, as tricky to catch and pin down as fireflies (Gemini) and minnows (Pisces). Their mental and physical maneuvers (both) are quick, darting and elusive, first shimmering in light before you – then disappearing. Where did they go? Well, which one do you mean? The Fish just swam inside his (or her) deep emotional nature, for protection against further questions, more hurt – and the Mercury Bird, for the very same reasons, just soared mentally up into the gathering clouds above your head.

You’ve heard that Pisceans are very old souls. I’ve told you that myself, many times. It’s true. They are. They’ve come through the purifying deluge of many incarnations, and they understand everything and everybody – except themselves. The soul cannot reach the Pisces incarnation until it has mastered, at least once, all of the other eleven Sun Signs’ lessons. Since some souls remain in (or return to) a single Sun Sign experience for many lifetimes before mastering the positive side of that sign’s essence, you can see why the Fish is an “old soul.” You can also understand why the Piscean faces the most difficult of all karmic testing. For it is here, under Neptune’s strange influence, that souls may slip and slide, and forget some of the eleven lessons learned at such expense, either being forced, then, to return to a certain sign (like returning to learn grammar, when you thought you’d passed it) or being reborn into the Pisces vibration itself again and again, until they get the hang of it.

No wonder Pisceans are such a strange bunch. As a group, they seem to contain only saints and sinners, with hardly a normal pilgrim among them. Yes, the Pisces experience is the most vulnerable one, the most tempting to angels .. . the most likely to produce a “fallen angel.” A Fish may do nicely in Neptune’s school, then one day happen to forget the generosity mastered through the Aries, Sag and Leo incarnations, become stingy – and fall. Or live a smooth life of enlightenment, then some morning (or night), amnesia-like, forget the lesson of Libra fairness, and unkindly judge another or forget the faint-remembered Taurus patience, and make some impulsive decision, agonizingly regretted, too late. It’s not exactly fun, being a Fish. So much more knowing is required of these men and women. They’re all on the karmic Honor System, and any West Point cadet can tell you how difficult a test of one’s worth any Honor System is – deceptively free, yet spiritually and ethically, extremely restrictive.

And so, the Fish float through the complex mazes of their existence, often searching pathetically for their own identities. When they do catch a glimpse of their real images in life’s mirror, they are first terrified, then disbelieving. What they see is a godlike self, difficult for the Neptune humility to accept. So they deny it, hide from it, and finally flee from it, into acting or music – often into the escape of drugs, alcohol, or illusion. A few settle into some sort of mundane ambition in the material world, which is entirely foreign to the imaginative Neptunian essence, and therefore, obviously not the Pisces route to happiness. The majority, however (fortunately for the rest of us), flee into creative endeavors, public service, science, religion, healing, teaching – or full-time private devotion to friends, neighbors and relatives.

If the Fish does not understand himself (or herself) the Gemini Twins are only too willing to clear up the mystery. Mercury-ruled people feel they can solve anything, figure out anything, take it apart, see how it works, then put it back together again. But after their cold critical analysis of Pisces, they sometimes leave the pieces scattered around, without putting them back the way they found them. A Fish who has been taken apart by Gemini can flounder helplessly for years attempting to recover his or her self-respect. Gemini is challenged to clear up the perpetual confusion hanging over Pisces with the razorsharp Mercury mind, but some Twins can’t swim deep enough to even get past the seaweed like human sandpipers, pecking away at nothing, unable to see the bottom of the ocean or to recognize its depth.

The wiser Piscean will usually look with indulgence, if not with genuine affection, upon the sometimes childlike antics of the Twins. If Gemini lives (and many Twins do) in an enchanted realm of make-believe, Pisces is delighted to visit there too. But Gemini tends to analyze and label all mystical kingdoms, even while frolicking there, and that spoils all the fun for Pisces. A dream is a dream why come too near, look too closely? Pisces will not stand for personal probing or insistent questioning by the curious Gemini. If pressed too often, the Fish will either glide away to another stream, or take the easier escape of deception, all the way from subtle evasion to outright lying – justified by Neptune as “simple” self-protection from an invasion of personal privacy.
Sometimes the Pisces man or woman will unconsciously get even with
Gemini for being continually forced into a position of accommodation, by refusing to show an energetic response to the Twins’ exuberance in communicating
some marvelous new idea or plan. This may be the beginning of the end, because Gemini cannot long bear to have his (or her) enthusiasms and flashes of inspiration sprinkled with Pisces pessimism, or dampened by Neptune’s wet blankets. When they choose, the Fish can be soothingly supportive, full of faith and encouragement. If they don’t choose, well there may come a time when the Mercury Bird is left out on a limb, singing alone.

There are some things these two can share happily, some ways in which they bear a striking resemblance. One of them is the appreciation of beauty. Most of us don’t notice beauty enough, I guess, but Gemini and Pisces are both acutely aware of the transiting loveliness of Nature, the changing of the seasons, sunrise and sunset – and both are usually inclined to bathe their souls in art, poetry or music .. . the spoken or the written word. Pisces absorbs beauty in ecstasy, silently. Gemini grins, in awe and excited wonder. Somehow, beauty brings the Fish and the Twins together, forms a bridge over which they can toss a sunbeam and perhaps reach the other side of each other.

Another way they’re alike is that it’s hard to get either of them to pay strict attention to what you’re saying, or to get them to look directly at you for more than a fraction of an instant. Gemini’s eyes are sharp, alert, sometimes mocking. Pisces eyes are soft, wandering, liquid and full of comprehension when they focus on you, which isn’t often. Gemini eyes, too, focus only briefly, then dart restlessly here and there, birdlike. Like their eyes, the minds of Gemini and Pisces wander also, but for different reasons to separate galaxies.

The reason Pisceans make such excellent sounding boards for the rest of us is that the Fish have been, in a karmic or a spiritual sense, through it all. They’ve learned how to do without constant attention and adulation. Knowing how to do without, and not complaining about it, is Neptune’s strength, a Piscean weapon against the disappointments of Life. It makes these people stronger than they seem, much tougher than they appear to be. The Fish are used to being overlooked, even before they’re born. Geminis, however, are accustomed to being heard and noticed from the time they’re chattering toddlers. Which brings us to one of the main reasons these two Sun Signs come together, when they do. Gemini must communicate, needs to express himself or herself – and compassionate Pisces nearly always finds time to listen with genuine interest to both the heartaches and the excitements of others. Gemini couldn’t survive without an audience to appreciate the magic of Mercury’s beautiful ribbons of words. And the Fish couldn’t survive without feeling needed. But after a while, the Twins might lose this great gift offered by Pisces, if Neptune’s gentle longings are consistently ignored. There will be signs. Clear indications. And when they appear, they should be heeded. The best time to mend a mistake is when it’s small.

GEMINI: A magazine just accepted the article I wrote! Isn’t that great news?
PISCES: See how reddish the clouds are over there? I remember my grandfather used to say, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight – red sky in the morning, sailor’s warning “
GEMINI: Did you hear what I said about my magazine article?
PISCES: I’m sorry. I’m afraid I wasn’t listening.

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