Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini Man with  Cancer Woman.

He ceased to look at her, but even then she would not let go
of him. He skipped about and made funny faces, but when
he stopped it was just as if she were inside him, knocking.

Normally, a Gemini man is able to analyze people quickly, with a swift, sure insight. Normally, a Moon Maiden is acutely perceptive of human nature. Together (along with Aquarius and Pisces) they make a great sleuthing team, and it’s no accident that almost all Geminis and Cancerians enjoy detective stories. (Scorpios do too, though they lean more toward murder mysteries and ghost tales.)

Yet, for all his cleverness and mental agility, and for all her talent at worming secrets out of people, the one puzzle Gemini and Cancer can’t seem to solve is each other. There’s always a piece missing. Ask a Gemini man what disturbs him most about the Cancerian girl he loves, and he’ll tell you:

“I never know what she’s thinking.”

Ask a Cancerian girl what troubles her most about the Gemini man she loves, and she’ll say:

“I don’t know what he-wants.”

That’s the way it is with these two lovers when they meet, and that’s the way it will be when they part, in friendship or in anger – through any kind of earthly separation – and that’s the way it will always be, if they remain together. Her secretive manner, her way of clamming up and refusing to talk when she’s hurt, will drive a Gemini man wild, which is not a natural state for the casual Twins. From time to time she’ll tell him what’s on her mind, but just as frequently, she’ll snap her Crab shell on his questions, leaving him frustrated and feeling totally helpless to bring her out of a mood he has no idea how she managed to get into. It will do no good to poke at her with accusations and sarcasm. She’ll remain inside herself until she’s good and ready to come back out – and then she’ll claim she’s forgotten what it was that made her blue and cranky. She hasn’t, really.

She just feels safer when she retains her secrets. Sometimes a girl Crab will weep, and pour out her apprehensions, but even then he won’t get to the real, rock-bottom reason for the anguish. There are no whys and wherefores. Gemini isn’t content until he untangles every snarl and sees  into every motive, and so her cryptic behavior leaves him with a continued feeling of vague uneasiness. How can he solve this mystery of her moods if she keeps the clues locked up in her attic, hidden inside her trunks of jokes and tucked behind the corners of her silent fears? Perhaps it’s because he can’t solve it that he often returns, again and again, to try. But he may never know what she’s really thinking between her sobs, her giggles and her serenity – just the bits and pieces he picks up when she lets him sneak into her heart’s attic to help her look for an old memory she’s misplaced, from long ago, in her childhood.

As for her, she would give him the Moon if she could. A Cancerian girl in love desires only to cherish, to protect and lavish affection on her man (though his portions of her devotion may be abruptly cut in half when their children crawl into her heart). She’ll stuff him with food, wash him with sympathy, and distract him with her wacky Lunar humor. But how can she cook up a complete dream that will sastisfy all his hunger when he keeps changing the recipe for his happiness? The elusive way he switches the subject, just when she thinks she’s caught what it is he’s longing for, drives her into tears and tantrums. She may never discover what he really wants, because he doesn’t know, and even if he did, he’d share it only with his Twin Self.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust her. But only his Twin can decipher the complications of his Mercurial dreams and translate them into one single goal. Since a Moon Maiden is so reflective, so emotionally absorbent, she’ll soak up some of his strategy, just from being around him. She’ll know everything about his mental tricks – except how to perform them. That’s because these two are set at different speeds. Hers reads: slow and cautious – despite her outward show of busy motion. His reads: fast and reckless – never mind if he’s one of those Geminis who appears cool and calm on the surface. His mind is jet-fueled and ever ready for instant takeoff.

This is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, with Gemini the sign behind Cancer and Cancer the sign immediately ahead of Gemini. So, she’ll secretly understand his restive nature, from an unconscious soul memory of what it was like to be careless and casual and free of strong emotional ties. In fact, the memory may haunt her to the point of turning her to its opposite – a desperate clinging to security, preferably emotional, and if it’s lacking – financial. Gemini will half consciously realize she can teach him an approach to life he’s never experienced, and since he’s such a quick study, he’ll grow in wisdom around her in many ways. But not without a few growing pains.

The typical Gemini man keeps nothing for which he has no further need, from torn ticket stubs and dull razor blades to human relationships which have outlived their usefulness. He can’t understand her need to hang on to things. You’d think she had lived through the horrors of some great famine, the way she saves soup coupons and stocks up on canned food that would feed her whole family for months if we were ever under siege by Space people.


What he doesn’t understand is that, with a Cancer girl, an interplanetary war is always a possibility. Anything is always a possibility, and she wants to be prepared for it. The crinkled money she keeps under the box springs eases her fear of a leaky roof on a future rainy day. But the old ball gowns she packed away in mothballs are back in style, and if she cuts off the tops, she’ll have a new wardrobe of evening skirts without spending any of those crinkled bills. Neither is she as hasty as he is to throw away old friendships or ties.

Gemini’s more casual attitude toward human relationships puzzles the Cancerian girl. It’s not the usefulness of any close relationship that matters to her. It’s the familiarity, the comfortable feeling it gives her of the past – yesterday, when the world was young and gay and safe and secure. She feels similarly about the deeper relationship called love. A Lunar girl’s love has no foundation in reason or logic. She’s helpless to destroy it. Other loves can be wished away, willed away, angered away – talked out, or thrown out. Hers has to wear out, and it can take many years. Even then, she’ll sew a patch on the worn spots and try to somehow make it do. It’s one of the most valuable lessons her heart can teach his mind.

You may know a Cancerian girl who is fickle and promiscuous, but don’t you believe her. It’s a pose. Somewhere under her tough crab shell is an old, faded love, tenderly darned and folded with care, that she’s wistfully hoping will come back into style .. . be needed again. The fictional image of the sentimental prostitute with the heart of gold, who “babies” or “mothers” her gentlemen callers, is a picture of a haunted Moon Maid, still waiting, in her fashion, for “him” to return.

To the Gemini who is on a romantic holiday, it’s always time to move on, and lugging the memory of old loves slows a man down. He seldom packs any torches in his suitcase. He travels light. He doesn’t belong to anyplace or to any person. Not even to his relatives. He knows they love him, but still he feels, somehow, apart – not only from them, from the world – until he finds a woman who knows how to hang on to his heart. Hanging on is a Cancerian talent, but her Crab-like possessiveness will turn him off – and away – unless she disguises it as tender tolerance and makes it stretch to give him room to wander. Then it will lure him and warm him when he’s cold and lonely. If she learns to let go, and to let love be the only tie that binds them, she’ll discover that, with this man – free can mean faithful.

In their sexual relationship, pure physical sensation will be less emphasized than the passions of the mind and a kind of emotional eroticism. Her affectionate tenderness and vivid imagination are a good balance for his delicate touch and his sensitive sexual nature. When they’re expressing their love on a physical level, they may even find that missing piece to be the puzzle of each other they’re always looking for, and become whole .. . for brief moments. Because she needs constant, tangible proof that she’s really needed, not just routinely desired, his airy embraces could sometimes cause her to wish he would hold her more closely – and longer – just so she can be sure. Their most ideal sexual fulfillment together may frequently be experienced during the Full Moon, when she seems to possess a strange, magnetic power to gently reach into the secret corners of his Twin heart and draw him away from his dreams back into the intimate mystery of their union .. . the deepest dream of all.

He’ll become impatient with her ingrained economical streak if she tries to transfer her financial fears to him. Then she’ll ask, “Do you know how it feels to be poor? It’s a nightmare. You’ll find out what it’s like if you keep throwing away your money and never saving it. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that waste makes want?” But Gemini will simply shrug and reply, like archetype Geminian Mike Todd – “I wouldn’t know about that. I’ve been broke, but I’ve never been poor. Being broke is temporary. Being poor is a state of mind.”


A Moon Maiden will understand this man better if she realizes that, however he may apppear to the world, to himself he’s eternally a young boy, who, in some magical way, has managed to pilot a plane high in the sky. He diverts himself now and then with sudden dives and spins, fascinated by finding a prettier cloud, discovering a more beautiful sunrise or sunset… all the while excitedly aware that the great Universe and its glittering galaxies lay enticingly unexplored before him .. . beckoning.

If she truly loves him for keeps, she’ll cheerfully be ready to pack up and move on when his free spirit grows restless, turning each new rest stop, however temporary, into a warm and welcoming, gracious haven, as only a Cancerian woman can. Somehow this lady can cause each new  place she lives to seem like a garden, filled with the fragrant flowers of tradition. And this is the very thing Gemini needs – to be able to wander, yet never leave home. Gradually, she’ll tenderly implant herself inside his own longings, until finally … . anywhere he hears her lovely Lunar laughter becomes home.

The Gemini man may linger past the sunset in the sky until the Moon comes up. If he stays a little longer, he might unveil the mystery of his Cancerian woman. And wouldn’t it be funny if her secret turned out to be that – in a changing world of changing truth, fleetingly glimpsed, then hidden by clouds of passing time – each soul must find its other half, to know – to see – to be? The very same Twin secret as his own

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