Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Man and Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini Man with  Capricorn Woman.

“Keep back, lady, no one is going to catch me and make me a man “
She had to tell him.
“I am old, Peter. I am ever so much more than twenty. I grew up long ago.”
“You promised not to!”
“I couldn’t help it.” 

The Capricorn woman cannot help it if she is wise beyond her years, any more than the Gemini man can help it if he is little-boy-irresponsible at times. In our society, until very recently, the man was supposed to be the strong, mature and practical one. A woman was expected to be flighty, somewhat unpredictable and helpless. Now that we have Women’s Liberation groups loudly ringing the bells of the New Age in our ears, we might permit him to be sensitive, changeable, and lighthearted now and then – and allow her to be steady and sensible. But before the dawning of the Aquarian Age, they wouldn’t have had a chance.

It’s a lucky thing for the Goat and the Twins that we’ve finally recognized her right to be practical and intelligent, along with his right to daydream occasionally, even weep when he is touched by beauty. It’s quite fortunate for all of us, but especially for these two. The differences in their personalities are enough with which to cope – who needs the extra problem of trying to fit into the predesigned, prejudiced images of someone’s idea of Man and Woman? Not Gemini and Capricorn. They have plenty to keep them busy in the complicated pastime of capturing the harmony of compatibility between their two divergent natures.

The sex of the two Sun Signs is as it should be, at first glance. Hers is a feminine sign, his a masculine sign. That is, well – it’s not quite that simple. True, Capricorn is a feminine sign, but it’s ruled by Old Man Saturn, who is definitely masculine, all the way. And Gemini is a masculine sign, but ruled by tricky Mercury, the Great Pretender, a planet known for its predilection toward deceiving, capable of switching from masculine to feminine, and back to masculine, in the flicker of a firefly. That’s pretty swift. Did you ever try to time the flicker of a firefly? So, there will be problems. Not insurmountable, just on occasion, annoying. Perhaps frustrating would be a better word.

There could be times when he’ll accuse her of being callous and unsympathetic – times when she’ll accuse him of being fickle and emotionally immature. In a sense, she is those things – just as, to a certain degree, he does possess those traits. Yet, a Capricorn woman can also be affectionate, loyal, and a veritable twinkling rainbow of humor when she feels she’s on safe ground, not the shaky terrain of continual change and movement – which may open up and swallow her. (All Goats have a subliminal fear of earthquakes.) Just as a Gemini man can project a truth more glowing than she realizes if he’s allowed the freedom of expression he needs, not hounded by suspicions, depressing predictions of the future and nagging. Criticism and emotional severity will never bring out the best in the Twins.

The praying mantis is an odd insect, in that the female of the species often chews off the head of the male during the mating act itself. He read about this somewhere (Geminis have read about everything), and he’s inclined to feel like a male mantis himself when the woman he loves insists on chewing up his selfconfidence with rigid, unbending disapproval at the same time she’s declaring her devotion.

She may be the one who should handle the money in the family. It will probably be a family eventually, if she has any choice in the matter. Cappy seldom loans herself out for romantic interludes of a temporary type. The future intentions are usually firmly understood before she dabbles or dallies. But back to money and the probability that she’s the best bet to hold the purse strings. Not that he isn’t quick and bright with figures – sometimes too quick and bright. Most Geminis can cause a computer to turn green with envy. It’s just that she’ll have a way of spending it more sensibly, investing it more wisely, some kind of magic touch in pressing the bank balance higher and higher – whereas he may possess the knack of causing it to sink lower and lower. (Unless, of course, his Moon or Ascendent happens to be in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn or Cancer.)

Oddly, both these Sun Signs are frequently called “cold” emotionally by astrology – not to mention by their friends and relatives. She, because of Saturn’s icy rulership and stern influence over her behavior – he, because of belonging to the always somewhat detached Air Element. But she is, nonetheless, capable of an earthy, even a fierce, love, despite Saturn’s iron control over her emotions and his constant admonition against releasing them until she’s certain a relationship is genuine, and has a chance of being permanent.

As for him, he’s not yet learned, in a spiritual sense, love’s true ecstasy – or its anguish. He hasn’t, esoterically and karmically, experienced its real depth. Still, he looks forward to it with a special kind of excitement – and is not anticipation magical too? It is, and his enthusiastic searching can cause her own dreams to soar, while her quiet kind of love, like a steady candle flame, lights the way for his search and offers him a soothing refuge during his periods of selfdoubt.

Sometimes a Capricorn woman can be almost too good, too perfect, too reliable for a Gemini man to handle. He feels caught in the prison of her very emotional steadiness, inexplicably, as if her devotion itself were an affront to him . . . but only because he suspects he cannot duplicate it, which both frightens and saddens him. And so he may secretly resent her affectional dependability – and run away, perhaps, for fleeting periods, then return to bask in it again – another facet of his twin confusion in matters of the heart.

Due to their natural inclinations (and disinclinations), their sexual relationship may not always be a smoldering volcano of intensity. Yet, strangely, it may fulfill the desire they both have for physical lovemaking, to be comforting and close but not all-consuming. Even during their most intimate moments, he needs to feel his own independence and freedom. So does she, surprisingly enough. A Capricorn woman, considering Saturn’s firm hold on her, isn’t likely to abandon herself to passion with anyone, not really-truly-all-the-way. Neither does the Gemini man, who is, at the core of his nature, actually two men. One watches the emotional involvement while remaining detached from it – the other experiences. This is how the Gemini Sun Sign learns, at the Mercury level of awareness. Still this woman may somehow, in a way he can’t explain, attract him physically. To him Capricorn represents the eighth astrological house of sexual mystery, as well as the deeper secrets of life and death.

The typical Goat Girl lives in a serene, traditional world of practical activity, where wisdom is Queen. He lives in an enchanted world, peopled with myriad fancies, teeming with mental activity, where curiosity is King. It can be a lovely experiment and a beneficial experience for them to visit each other’s world, from time to time – not for the purpose of fault-finding and criticism, but as one visits any faraway kingdom, enjoying the strangeness and beauty, yet glad to return home to the familiar.

If they travel a lot he will be happier. She will be less so – (unless her Moon or Ascendent is in Gemini also, or in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Pisces). This is not a woman who can pitch a tent and call it home. Because of her reverse aging process, a gift from Saturn, as she grows older, she’ll become more vulnerable to wanderlust, and the mention or thought of a trip may excite her, soften her eyes and lift her spirits – as long as she’s sure the trip or voyage will eventually lead back home. Although there are a flock of Capricorn career women, she’s still a lady who’s essentially more content to sit by the hearth, like a cricket, than lead the life of a nomad or gypsy.


The Gemini man has nothing against sitting and dreaming before the home fires himself, except when his restless yearnings periodically attack him, with little warning. He can go months, years, acting the part of the perfect family man – then, WHOOSH! a spring breeze comes along – or even a winter wind – to sweep him and his dreams into a new adventure, even if it’s only a trip to a neighboring city, where he can lose himself for a few days in order to find himself again.

As with many 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns, these two probably met only when someone else introduced them or brought them together in some way. It’s seldom that Gemini and Capricorn gravitate toward each other magnetically, on their own – unless her Sun was trining his Moon at birth, or vice versa, or both. Once they do notice each other, however, the 6-8 vibration begins to vibrate between them, steadily increasing in strength.

A Gemini man is capable of a great deal of badinage, but it’s often only used as camouflage. He feels people would never believe the naked truth anyway. It’s too obvious. And so, he disguises it. I know that’s confusing, but most everything about Gemini is confusing. A little of this and a little of that. Take Gemini Bert Lance, former director of the Office of Management and Budget of the Carter Administration, who was forced to resign in 1978 under a cloud of scandal involving his former questionable banking practices. During a speech at the convention of the American Bankers’ Association in Florida, shortly after his resignation, one of the members angrily remarked that “Bert Lance has done for banking what the Boston Strangler did for the door-to-door salesman.”

On the other hand, there are scores of reputable bankers all over the country who adamantly still admire and defend Geminian Lance, for no personal motive or past favors received – but simply because they genuinely believe his professional behavior was always imaginative, creative, courageous, and entirely within sound banking principles. Obviously two different men are being analyzed. Bert Lance. And his Twin, Bert Lance. Geminis are never simple personalities. Take Henry Kissinger. Take Errol Flynn. Take Brigham Young. Take all six of these Gemini men – and what have you? Double images, reflecting every facet of sunlight and shadow arousing contempt, hatred, envy, disapproval, awe, admiration, respect and love. This is what Cappy is in for with her Twin lover or husband.

The mercurial truth of the Twins can always be seen from two polarized points of view. But Cappy leans toward total honesty, which allows little or no room for a two-sided truth. Her Gemini man may feel her attitude is too harsh, for the continuation of his free flow of ideas depends upon leaving open ends for individual interpretation, now and then. He doesn’t know where the ideas come from, but they never stop, and they are the essence of his very being. To stifle his freedom of thought and expression is not the way to love this man.

She’ll want him to seek a profession or a career with some future promise, as well as a reasonable present financial return, and she’ll probably insist that they eventually own their own home. Cappy isn’t big on antlike, apartment dwelling or condominiums. He doesn’t really need that sort of security, since roots are not normally a Gemini requirement. He’s happier with a million dollars on paper and a hundred in the bank than with a hundred dollars on paper and a million in the bank. The former offers more challenge. She feels precisely the opposite. Gemini feels that his ideas, his imagination, are the most bankable assets he owns. He doesn’t understand her kind of security needs, not really – and perhaps he never will. Even the Gemini male with a more cautious Virgo, Cancer or Capricorn Ascendent or Moon Sign will suddenly, someday, without warning, toss away the entire balance in the bank for some new idea, dream, goal or prospect that’s popped into his head. (One of his heads.)

If their relationship begins to break apart, it won’t be easy for the Goat Girl to let go. After a Capricorn woman gives herself completely to a man, she cannot take back her gift without great pain. She cannot change as easily as he. When she loves, she intends it to be a forever thing. But if and when she does decide that her “forever” has come to a dead-end street, there will usually be no hysterical scenes of weeping and accusation, no excessive emotional displays. She will simply turn, hide her tears, walk away and not come back. No Sun Sign can be so unsentimental (on the surface) as Capricorn, when emotional surgery must be performed and there is no other solution possible. But.. . as she walks away, her gentle heart will be breaking, and her torment will be all the more agonizing because she keeps it inside .. . and bears it alone.


The Gemini man cries, with Whittier, “How little I have gained – how vast the unattained!” – then weeps for experiences lost, opportunities wasted, chances tossed away… love, unrequited, misplaced, or allowed to drift into emptiness. Yet, swiftly will follow the Gemini three-cornered grin, and Mercury’s quicksilver laugh. Tomorrow is a bright, new day of promise! Who knows what magic it may hold? Maybe .. . yes, maybe .. . even a reconciliation – forgiveness from his shy Goat Girl, and the chance to try again, this time treating her heart more tenderly.

Should their love affair or marriage end, Cappy will be slower to smile, and as for tomorrow being brighter – tomorrow will seem to her sad, Saturnine spirit a trillion light-years away. That’s why she’ll try harder to make the relationship work. With Saturn in her corner, she can build love strong enough to withstand the temporary tornadoes of disagreement.

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