Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Man and Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini Man with  Sagittarius Woman.

Also he was fond of variety, and the sport that engrossed
him one moment would suddenly cease to engage him, so
there was always the possibility that the next time you fell
he would let you go.

When a Sagittarius girl falls in love, her whole spirit reaches out like a trusting puppy, hungry for affection, ready to return it in full measure. Only later do the accumulated mistakes of the years cause her to wear the theatrical mask of  skepticism and cynicism, which she covers with the bright greasepainted features of the clown.

Her innate honesty and refreshing frankness would touch the hardest masculine heart. But sometimes it only tempts a certain kind of Gemini male to test his cleverness by twisting her integrity, her ideals, and even her love, with complex mind-bending games. He courts disaster by doing this. Not his. Hers. Gemini, somehow, always manages to escape in the final reel. It’s the sincerely brokenhearted Sagittarian girl who bears the scars of such abusive tactics of the Mercury intellect, sometimes for many moons .. . sometimes permanently.

Before it’s over, however, she may call on Jupiter’s power of excess, and tear a few jagged holes in the fabric of the Twins’ precious freedom robe, with some fiery, emotional scenes of furious passion, which (if he’s the type of Gemini we’re describing, who has allowed his negative Twin to take control of him) he will probably richly deserve.

This girl is warm, open-hearted, desperately in need of both affection and emotional stability. If the Sun-Moon interchange in their horoscopes is negative, she could be shopping for it in the wrong place, for Gemini can be cruelly detached, cold and unsympathetic when his negative Twin takes over. What happened to the light, gay, tender, loving man she thought he was, the one who wrote such moving poems to her, who raced her to the Moon and back, kissed away her tears with that little-boy-lopsided-grin? He’s still there, playing an unkind game of hide-and-seek, somewhere within the multiple-reflected image identities of this complicated man. He can leave her weeping, with an uncaring bored shrug of his shoulders .. . with not even a backward glance of regret, and the next day, return with a bunch of violets, a new poem and his old gentleness, begging forgiveness and swearing his devotion anew.

It’s hardly the thing she needs. A Sagittarius girl is deeply vulnerable. This sort of on-again, off-again romance, ranging from cruel iciness to detached boredom (and frequently outright deception) mingled with beautiful romance, from a man who can charm hissing serpents into docility, may cause her to tremble in her soul, make her unsure of herself as a female, or even as a human being. About this time, he may start his pseudo-psychoanalysis. He isn’t the one who needs therapy. It’s her. He might even manage to convince her of this probable lie. Geminis can convince anyone of anything the first dozen times, until their gullible victims catch on to the trickery. A Mercury-ruled man can commit the most outrageous deeds, then expect the woman who loves him to apologize to him as if the misdeeds were her own. You can see why these men make super salesmen. They can sell anything to anyone, and what’s more, they seldom get caught when they slip under the line or skip around the alphabet, avoiding the letter of the law of love – or any other kind of law.

Of course, this is only true of Geminis whose natal Suns are severely afflicted by heavy planets at birth. Such Twins deserve to be astrologically exposed to Sagittarian girls who might find a tragic end to romance with this type. The great majority of Gemini men, thankfully, possess far more intelligence and wit than flaws of character.

Still, it must not be forgotten that the negative-type Geminis have broken more hearts and shredded more lives than could be pieced back together with an ocean of Elmer’s glue. They have no sympathy coming to them until they become more introspective, and show some compassion for the havoc they caused others through their lack of human warmth, their cruel and curious need to win every game of mental blackjack they play. Unfortunately, even this kind of Gemini is almost irresistible in the act of asking, with apparently innocent eyes (though they are shifting, if you look closely), “Who, me?” Yes, you. One can often spot this brand of Gemini male by the number of aliases or pseudonyms he uses. Many positive Mercury people playfully hide behind several names, but this type does it for more sinister reasons. Isn’t that right, Jim? I mean David – or is it Mel – or Fred? Whatever. By their words and deeds shall ye know them. If only they would truly know themselves.


The more illuminated, charming and near-magical Gemini man has a strong appeal for the typical Sagittarius woman, however – and she for him. Opposites don’t always attract, but when they are members of opposite sexes (opposing male and female) they often do. Gemini and Sagittarius are horoscopically opposed, and the powerful pull begins with this feeling each has that the other has qualities intensely desirable of attainment. It’s true. Each does possess what the other lacks. Consequently, they can teach one another many marvelous lessons that rhyme with happy. The physical magnetism between them is difficult to resist. So are the mental and emotional vibrations. And so, it is with a haunting wonder that they gravitate toward each other … . if they meet under the right planetary aspects, when the stars are smiling on a breezy night, and the Moon is new enough to wish on.

They share an eternal youthfulness of spirit, an inquisitive turn of mind, a responsiveness to Nature and a mutual need for freedom, for space between them, so they can move toward their goals. Both of them like to dream alone for a while, then return to each other’s arms for encouragement. But alone is not the same as lonely. Both the Gemini man and the Sagittarius woman seek the gregarious life, surrounding themselves with people, because they have a secret fear of loneliness.

She will almost surely have a pet. A kitten or a dog. And give it odd names. The most precious girl Archer I know named one of her kittens “Frog,” the other simply (logically) “Cat.” He likes pets too, but may not feel quite the same fierce devotion as she does. Gemini will love a pet only as long as it doesn’t interfere with his own pleasures or require money he would prefer to spend on himself, whereas a Sagittarian woman will often sacrifice her own convenience for an animal she loves. There are other subtle differences in their natures. Gemini thirsts for new horizons to soar, and so does she. But she also has need of a warm and steady hand to hold while she’s soaring. He likes to hold hands too, but if she lets go, he’ll wave goodbye more or less cheerily, while she may lose her way if he lets go.

Their sexual life is usually where they find solace from their conflicts in other areas, as with all 7-7 Sun Sign Patterns. The strong chemical attraction between them frequently increases as time goes by, and even if it should decrease, it seems to always be there, latent, waiting to be rekindled, to be called upon to mend the cracks in their relationship.

There is a certain passion of the mind between them, which creates a fertile ground for physical consummation. Often, their sexual lovemaking will begin long before bedtime – perhaps at breakfast, through messages spoken by the eyes across the room, a romantic note left where she will find it, the shared intimacy of a familiar smile or special, private nickname which, translated, means: “I love you – I need you – I want you.”

The pitfall of the sex between them is that he may use Gemini trickery on her occasionally. A Gemini male is not above inciting a quarrel for the deliberate purpose of increasing emotion or desire in his partner. Anger has a strange way of exciting passion between these two. Then the argument is resolved by physical union – or it should be. But is it? He’s capable of bringing it up for lengthy discussion again after their closeness, when it should have been buried and forgotten. To be fair to him, we have to admit that she tends to do the same thing. They should both learn to bury disagreements after intimacy. Why use sex as a weapon against each other? But Gemini and Sagittarius often do. Jealousy is the cause of many of their disputes, with good reason. Neither sign is noted for impeccable faithfulness. Both are too curious, too changeable, too moody and desirous of variety to be snowflake-pure-loyal.

If their Sun-Moon aspects are favorable, or if one has a Capricorn, Taurus or Scorpio Ascendent, they can manage to remain totally faithful as long as they’re together. Otherwise, there will be some straying or infidelity, even if it takes the form of only a casual, light flirtation, out in the open, never physically consummated. He is more apt to wander than she. But Sagittarian girls catch on quickly to the various games taught them by Mercury Birds. Then the feathers will fly.

He can be so moody. First, the quick blush of happiness, the beating wings of excitement. Then the frown, suddenly, with no warning. The averted eyes. Sadness, deepening into depression. Moments later, the Mercurial quicksilver grin again – and a merry invitation to skip pebbles in the lake or listen to frogs sing love songs at the edge of a magical woodland he knows. First he asks her to make cinnamon toast. Then he’s not hungry. With variations, the theme of their romance goes pretty much like that, and she still bravely tries to sing along.

Of course, the Sagittarius woman can have a few moods herself. Being also a dual sign, she can change from sensitive to introspective, then back to temperamental and caustic. If one can manage to stay “up” while the other is “down,” and vice versa, they can pull each other through the scary times. Both “up” together would be nice, but then that means they will both be “down” together. Two Biorhythm charts would benefit this man and woman immensely. The name is Biorhythm Computers, Inc., 298 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. (212-239-8422). I couldn’t give them a nicer gift than that advice and name.

He’ll have to curb his tendency to sarcasm when he’s annoyed; and she’ll have to curb her tendency to tactless remarks, when what he needs is her tenderness and her understanding. Her blunt truth almost always hurts. So does his sarcasm. The Sagittarius girl, with all her innocent candor, has no conception of the word. It means .. . well, sarcasm usually means saying something exactly the opposite from what you really think and believe, and exaggerating the falsehood for emphasis of the truth, such as – “Of course I don’t object to a three-hundred-dollar phone bill, darling.

It makes me feel important to pay the telephone company all that money, even if it does mean we have to cancel our vacation this summer.” You see? Like that. Sarcasm. She’ll be both hurt and puzzled. Why doesn’t he just say straight out that he’s angry about the phone bill being so high, and disappointed that it might mean no vacation this summer? (Then she could say she’s sorry, and work overtime, or take an extra job for a few weeks, to make up the difference. As it is, she won’t say she’s sorry, so there!)


Why doesn’t he just say so? Because he’s a poetic dreamer, a Gemini, dear girl, incapable of saying exactly what he means. To live in any degree of contentment with this clever and marvelously fascinating man, Sag will have to pay attention not to what his lips say but read the truth only in his eyes. Yet, his eyes are forever darting here and there, and are often difficult to read .. . the expression in them keeps changing.

The only thing more stinging than the Gemini man’s sharp sarcasm is the girl Archer’s blunt honesty. This pair, when they’re ill-mated, can verbally slice each other’s hearts to ribbons. But there’s a lighter side to their relationship. There’s always another side, when two double signs get together, for better or for worse – and it can be better. They will at least respect one another’s intellect, and find their mutual moods more fascinating than the boring sameness of others.

A Gemini man likes to gaze at the galaxies, meditating on the myriad  worlds out there in space. Then unexpectedly, he shifts his awareness to himself, and wonders – “Do you suppose there are also myriad worlds within the space of ME, that I might explore?” His ever-present Twin cries, “Yes! There are!” and another adventure begins. If the Sagittarian woman wants to hold this man, her labor of love will be to join him on his quest for the Neverland, trying not to resent the third person who must always tag along – his shadow. She might also try, as Wendy did with the Mercurial Peter Pan, to stitch his shadow to him tightly and neatly. So he won’t lose the other half of himself so often. That’s a kind of riddle, but Jupiter will whisper to her heart the answer, if she listens.

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