Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini Man with  Scorpio Woman.

“I daresay it will hurt a little,” she warned him.
“Oh, I shan’t cry,” said Peter, who was already of opinion
that he had never cried in his life. And he clenched his
teeth and did not cry; and soon his shadow was behaving
properly, though still a little creased.

A Gemini man possesses the unusual and uncommonly appealing quality of seeming to remain eternally youthful… not rare, I suppose, for one who is reborn each day, but rare enough to attract the normally self-contained and cautious Scorpio female into wondering what makes him scintillate with such multiple colors of the mood spectrum. Now, when a Scorpio girl starts to wonder, there’s no stopping her until she’s satisfied her wondering with complete knowing. That means coming closer to him – and closer and closer until she suddenly looks around herself with alarm.

Unexpectedly, she is standing between two people, one to either side of her, as different as day from night. Which one is the man she was pursuing closer and closer? Both. They are both the same man. A Gemini male is victim of the Twin syndrome, you know. Maybe she did know. Maybe she didn’t. But whichever or whatever, it will upset and topple her natural, cool, poised “I can handle anything at all” auric projection. Can she handle this? Can she cope with this introverted-extroverted soul, this full-of-gladness, filled-with-sadness little boy, this coldly cruel yet sensitive and tender man? He’s a maze of non-sequiturs, contradictions, denials and affirmations.

Never mind. She can cope. She is a Scorpio, and she can handle it, solve it, beat it, win it, conquer it – the seemingly impossible situation. Can she? I’m not sure. But she is sure. The Gemini man doesn’t really care if she does or not.The very thought that this lovely, intense yet poised and womanly creature of depth and mystery is willing to try is excitement enough to elate him into whistling a brand-new tune and making a dazzling wish on the first star he sees.

To guess the outcome is far more thrilling to him than to know the outcome. For a Gemini to know removes all reason for existing. With her, not to know removes all reason for existing. Ah, yes! To paraphrase poor tortured Hamlet, “to know or not to know – that is the question.” That is surely and positively the question between these two at all times, the question which must be answered, finally, before there is any hope of lasting mutual happiness.

You’ll have to understand, or rather, she’ll have to understand that a Gemini male is constitutionally and congenitally incapable of comprehending love as an eternal, searing passion in quite the total way she does. There may be Gemini men who love one woman totally forever (in fact, I once knew one myself), but these Twins are extremely few and far between, and even they are sometimes haunted by misty dreams of another face, weaving in and out of the steady love relationship – or there may be a break-up, before he returns to his true Soul-Mate, in such cases .. . or at the very least, he may privately wonder what experiences he might have missed by being monogamous. The more typical Gemini man enjoys the titillation of choosing which of several women to prefer and is shocked when one of his harmless, pretty larks turns out to be an eagle, especially if she turns out to be a Scorpio Eagle. The eagle is a monogamous creature in Nature. So are most human Scorpio Eagles, by nature. (Not all, just most. When we’re dealing with Sun Signs, instead of with the entire horoscope, we have to consider the averages and over-all percentages.)

Venus is the planet of love, and Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury, whose influence over Venus in the nativity, causes the emotions to be dispersed and frivolous. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and this planet’s effect on Venus is to make her influence deeply serious, powerful – but secret and hidden. You will notice the obvious differences in this treatment of Venus, Goddess of Love. Venus notices it, too, and becomes baffled when these two vibratory forces of Mercury and Pluto mix their rays. The Gemini man and Scorpio woman may not notice it right away, so busy are they being fascinated by each other’s strangeness. One thing he will definitely find strange about her is the strongly imbedded Pluto form of jealousy. Scorpio jealousy is sometimes a passion even more consuming than the love which gave birth to it.

Gemini finds all forms of jealousy difficult to fathom. He is, of course, duly susceptible to the normal, small tugs of fear regarding the danger of losing his woman to another, like any average male – but the kind of overwhelming sea storms thundered by a Scorpio woman who feels threatened are incomprehensible to him. When this woman has been hurt, or even suspicions that she might be hurt, her Scorpio stinger can strike a deadly blow to the ego of the Gemini man who is innocent of the accusations made against him – or guilty as charged, either way. Most Pluto-ruled women find revenge sweet indeed. Therefore, if she is deceived, or suspects she’s been, the retaliation will be swift and cruel, even vindictive, if her Sun was afflicted by major planets at her birth.

Knowing this, the Gemini man, whose nature cannot help being slightly flighty and fickle, should realize just what he could be facing should he make the mistake of attempting a light romance with such a girl, to whom there is no such thing as a light romance, only an all-consuming and everlasting passion. Other than an Aries female, no one can be as jealous as a Scorpion. But Aries has not the same compulsion to get even with the lover or husband as does Scorpio. Taurus and Cancer jealous? No, the word with these Sun Signs is possessive. They cry a lot and hurt inside deeply. But they cause violent scenes infrequently. Possessive and jealous are not quite the same. Any man who has ever loved a Scorpio woman will be well aware of the difference.

This is a 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, Scorpio being the sixth house to Gemini and Gemini being the eighth house to Scorpio, so there will be a markedly noticeable amount of service and unselfish devotion to duty in the relationship, plus a strong sexual magnetism (felt only when the two people involved are lovers or mates. When the relationship involves relatives, friends, or business associates, different eighth house matters, other than sex, will be emphasized between them). The service will usually be offered from Scorpio to Gemini. The sexual vibration is the attraction Gemini has for Scorpio. Yet, oddly, the very last quality the typical Gemini has to offer is sexuality. Sex isn’t an all-consuming interest to this man, unless it’s accompanied by poetry, experimentation, far-out ideals, or intricate games of mental chess and checkers. He may exude tons of handsomeness, charm, masculinity, intelligence and romance, but he does not ordinarily exude excessive sexuality (to anyone but a Scorpio). Therefore, it seems strange that she should find him so physically irresistible – and often, he finds her the same way (although that’s not so hard to comprehend).


Perhaps it’s his elusive air of boyishness, the myriad tricks of his mirror images, changing from one mood into another before her eyes, that make her so determined to penetrate into the core of his heart and soul through their sexual  union. He seems to hold a secret, ever so lightly – yet nonetheless, a secret and an unsolved secret or a mystery which defies solution beckons to Scorpio as a flame entices a moth. She must know him – really, truly know him – to satisfy her mind and fulfill her heart. Consequently, the physical expression of their love will magnetize her, sometimes for many years, until she finally realizes that no one will ever know all the facets of this man, not even a Scorpion. About the same time, he will realize that he can never play his favorite game of “guess who” and “guess what I am” with her all the way. She won’t discover every sliver of his private dreams, but she will unravel enough threads of his soul’s fabric to frighten him into feeling that he is slowly, but surely, being more known than he cares to be. And so their physical blending, although it may begin as a compelling part of their love, could grow from cool to cold, and at last be the undoing of their romance, unless they each are willing to honestly face the things that trouble both of them – to truly communicate. Yet, she should not try to overanalyze their relationship.

He may tend to criticize and analyze her, since she’s so full of silent intrigue, certainly not shallow. Yet, in doing so, he may be floating in deeper waters than he suspects. Scorpio does not take kindly to analysis, and the insistent questioning of the curious Gemini can cause her to retreat in sullen anger – or to lash out with a violent emotional response. Personal privacy is as sacred to her as it is to him, perhaps more so. The two of them should recognize this in one another and not insist upon exploring the things they find puzzling about each other until the resentment between them grows into a high thick wall.

To break down the wall, he’ll try his charm, his old jokes, his most imaginative lovemaking, his multiple romantic techniques. She’ll try her most sensuous mannerisms, her coolest detachment and most soothing gentleness. They’ll both try every trick they have tucked in their sleeves, and that’s quite a few tricks between the two of them (the three of them, counting his Twin). Yet the wall grows even higher and thicker. There must be a way over it. (There is.)

Sometimes, the only thing they don’t try, in attempting to scale the wall that separates them, is to allow a little more space between their hearts so love can breathe free. He’s willing, but she may fear a new and unaccustomed space between herself and her mate as she would fear a dark and unknown abyss stretching ahead. Space is made up of air, essentially, and since he is of the Air Element, he feels more at home when there is plenty of space around himself. But she is of the Water Element and must be surrounded with a flowing stream of togetherness or be unable to breathe herself.

It’s always sad when the Gemini man and the Scorpio woman who once loved find they’ve lost the way to happiness, because he believes in things unseen, all magic and wonder, despite his computer-like mental equipment. So does she. She believes in even stranger and more wondrous unseen worlds than he. But the secretive, inexplicable forces of Pluto silence her, seal her lips and heart, and forbid her to speak of them as openly as he does. She will never be able to express her deepest dreams with as much facility as the glib Gemini. And herein lies the sadness.


If only he would not be so impatient with her intense passions, her emotional depths. If only she could find a way to whisper to his wandering spirit that she, too, longs to solve all the mysteries that lie out there among the stars and comets – that she, too, yearns to breathe free, to race the wind, and search for childhood miracles, half-forgotten .. . yet also half-remembered. The cool night air is infinitely more refreshing than the musty darkness of the damp caves of worry, where Scorpions are commanded by Pluto to move about when they are troubled.

Too often, this man and woman reach out to each other, not quite touching.They call to one another, but he hears only the music of the spring breeze and she hears only the sound of the waves lashing the shore. If they would stop long enough to hear one another’s secret cries, they might soar high enough together to see everything from a different perspective, including their relationship.

Their ruling planets can help them, if they listen. After all, Mercury and Pluto, along with Uranus, are the ones who taught Merlin all he knew, and also secretly guided Arian Houdini. Surely they can teach Gemini and Scorpio to mix a White Witch’s brew of happiness. When your astral guardians are a couple of magicians like these, you should be able to detect illusion from reality or discover that the two are interchangeable. Whichever.

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