Gemini man and Virgo Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini Man with  Virgo Woman.

and so Wendy, who always liked to do the correct
thing, asked Peter how old he was. It was not really a
happy question to ask him; it was like an examination
paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked
is Kings of England

This is not a love affair that will automatically be draped in clouds of rainbows and blankets of flowers, for these two face the severe test of the 4-10 Sun Sign Pattern influence, with both its trials and its benefits, each of which can be considerable. They have a rather rough romantic row to hoe. That doesn’t mean they can’t raise cabbages together, but it does mean that their garden of love will need frequent weeding.

It could begin with quarrels about whether the crop they plant should be roses or veggies. Obviously, veggies make more sense. She is a Virgo, concerned over possible world famine, termites in the attic, inflation – and the missing button from his shirt. Veggies are clearly the answer. Not to the shirt or the termites perhaps, but to inflation and the specter of starvation. What can you do with a rose, when the wolf is pounding on the door?

Smell it. You can smell it. The Gemini man can inhale the fragrance of a rose while poverty closes in, in much the same way that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Of course, all this gardening talk, as well as Nero’s fiddle tune amid the flames, is merely symbolic. But then, everything is symbolic, academic or rhetorical, to Gemini. He was born wrapped in riddles, mewing with metaphors and anagrams, and swaddled in analogies. Also with a telephone in one hand and a telegram in the other. She was born, he may think at times, of an unlikely union between a computer and a scrub brush. A self-programming computer. (Is there such an instrument? Never mind, some Virgo with Aquarius rising will invent one, working with a Gemini partner.)

That’s not meant to imply that this man and woman don’t find each other fascinating, only that they also find each other frustrating. Most Gemini men have forgotten their birth dates, either innocently or deliberately, by the time they reach the age of twenty-one or so on the illusionary chronological calendar. Counterwise, many Virgo girls have memorized the exact hour, minute and second of birth – and besides that, they believe eternal youth is not only impossible, but would be a bore. He finds it both possible and enchanting. You can see that clocks, stopwatches and Einstein’s theory of relativity can create one of the chasms between them. There are others.

It’s a rare Virgo female who becomes enthralled over the idea of tossing a feather into the air and striking out in the direction it points to as it lands. If she’s a typical Virgin, she’s not fond of geographical hopscotch. When she travels, she prefers to utilize a travel folder, a travel agent, and the holiday-weekend-family-cut-rate plan. The airlines invented just for Virgos what they refer to as their “chicken-feed” flight (approximately between about 2 A.M. and 6 A.M.), when the world’s asleep, but Virgos are alert to economy. As for the Twins, Virgo’s Gemini man would secretly like to follow the feather, and as for mode of travel, he’s the one those “have breakfast in London and lunch in Italy” posters are designed to attract.

When they first fall in love, often through mutual curiosity, she’ll be thrilled with the possibilities of casual, careless living he so charmingly endorses, while he’ll be flattered with her rapt attention, her alert mind, and her very feminine manner. But after a time, she may begin to question the wisdom of synchronizing her life to a man who seems to be eternally wandering – either physically, mentally or emotionally – his thoughts and actions no more predictable than the weather. He may later feel her attention is a mite too rapt, her mind perhaps too alert to allow him his needed privacy now and then, in which to do his abstract thinking. Then they may become tangled up in the roses-veggies hassle, symbolically. All quarrels between lovers are based on matters which in themselves are not important but have been chosen because they symbolize the deep-seated and real problems which are the true cause of the tension between them – some underlying truth that neither wants to face, for whatever reason.

Despite her analytical, razor-slicing mind, the Virgo girl is ultrasensitive and in need of appreciation. A Gemini male may be somewhat unsuccessful in this area, because he’s an Air Sign. Although Air Signs are not unsympathetic, there is a certain detachment and aloof coolness about them, which can leave an Earth Sign like Virgo feeling empty, somehow unfulfilled. There are times when he will be truly incapable of understanding both her depth and her strength. Then he’ll try discussion and compromise, often failing altogether to touch the source of the trouble. Even so, his combined intellectual ability and charm will enable him to pacify her temporarily, until she’s had time to analyze the errors and flaws in his facile arguments.

If she doesn’t take him too seriously, their relationship can be mentally exciting, emotionally intriguing, and lots of fun. But Virgo takes everything seriously, and she’s certainly not going to make an exception of a lover or husband. Perhaps he should take her more seriously. Virgos often give the impression they have committed themselves until “death do us part,” then shock the partner with a divorce action as neat and quick (and as unkind) as snapping off the head of a flower. Most everything Virgo does is neat and quick. In that, these two are very much alike. Both can be impatient with routine, and neither of them are sloppy thinkers or dressers.

Sexually, she requires more physical demonstrations of affection than he and he requires more variety and poetry in lovemaking than she. Not that he expects her to sleep with a copy of Rossetti under her pillow, nor does she require him to conquer her like Valentino, but there are indisputably subtle differences in their approaches to the physical chemistry of love. A Virgo girl does not necessarily want to be treated as a Virgin by the man she loves. True, her sexuality, as a whole, is not dramatically intense or excessively passionate, but she wants to know he is there. Not just his mind, heart and soul – all of him. Although Virgo women, like Virgo men, can take sexual love lightly, they are somewhat more earthy about it than the airy Gemini. Also, this girl feels more confident and relaxed, and therefore can be a more satisfactory love partner, if she feels some degree of security and familiarity in their intimate relationship. This is not always possible with a Gemini, who is, lest we forget, two-people-inone (sometimes three or four) and changeable enough to project desire one night and cool disinterest the next


Such behavior can throw a Virgo girl into a trauma of quiet desperation,causing her to blame some defect in herself as the reason for the change in his ardor. Virgos can be critical of others, but their sharpest criticism is always reserved for themselves. Something will always be held back, in reserve, between these two. Total abandonment and forgetfulness of the self is rarely achieved in their sexual union, and so their physical compatibility, while deeply fulfilling perhaps in some ways, may be somewhat emotionally guarded and controlled.

Mentally, however, very little will be held back between them. Neither can be said to be a slouch in the language department. There are some Gemini-Virgo couples who use words as weapons, with deadly aim. Words hurt. But words can also heal, and these two Sun Signs can use them for better or for worse. No one can tenderly coax a timid Virgin out of her rigid reservations into the blooming rose garden of self-confidence more expertly and smoothly than a Gemini man – and no one can soothe the frequently jangled nerves of this Mercurial male more gently and wisely than a Virgo girl, when they’re both motivated by love.

There’s no doubt that they’ll probably respect one another’s mental abilities, yet they may too often stifle open expressions of affection in each other. Neither he nor she may comprehend the need for depth in an emotional relationship. She’ll attend to all her necessary duties regarding him, neglecting no details. She’ll sew on his missing buttons, give him excellent advice concerning his career, if and when he should ask her, seldom or never pressing her opinions upon him uninvited. She’ll be a stimulating companion at the theatre or watching television .. . and be able to converse with him most intelligently about the books, magazines and newspapers they read. Still, there may be a hint of “duty” in her devotion, as steady and admirable as it is.

He’ll find time to talk with her about all her worries, will probably encourage discussions between them about anything that’s on her mind, and allow her lots of room for the free development of her own ideas, ideals and goals. He won’t smother her with undue jealousy or possessiveness, but he may cause her to feel boxed-in with his sometimes excessive prying and probing, on a verbal level.

After the first glow of Tomance has worn off, the Virgo woman could begin to complain to her Gemini man that he’s spreading his mental energy too thin. She, too, has a thirst for knowledge, but she’s not inclined to scatter it, and it may seem to her that his is a mere craving for continual excitement and novelty. Also, she may not share his enthusiasm for trips and traveling.

Most Virgos possess a strange empathy for children, strange because they are so “adult” in every way themselves. But a child always brings out a Virgo woman’s latent potential for loveliness and beauty, an unsuspected talent for imagination, and a great tenderness – an ability to listen with genuine interest to all the despairs and delights of a young mind, as well as the wisdom to gently guide it into refreshing streams of thought. Since every Gemini man is a child, a little boy, at heart, these qualities within her can’t but appeal to him enormously. However, with him, she must deal, not just with one “child” but with Twins. epeatedly, she may attempt to teach him the value of discrimination, and find that he has no real desire to discriminate. He may, in turn, try to teach her to be more open, more expansive, to value personal freedom – and to acquire the grace to impulsively follow a dream. But Virgos open up very slowly, like a creaky door, and he’s always in such a dreadful hurry. Besides, to her, freedom will never be as valued as security. Conversely, to Gemini, security is often synonymous with a mental San Quentin, restricting all possibility of a change of plans, which is what he feels makes life worth living.

A Virgo woman is the kind to surprise a lover or husband by bringing him breakfast in bed, but, unfortunately, few Gemini men like to sleep late. He’s more likely to leap out of bed, shower, bike or jog around the block a few laps or catch the morning headlines before things like toast and cereal occur to him. His sometimes curt or detached reaction to her gentle courtesies may hurt her more than he suspects. Since his Mercury-ruled mind is so analytical, a Gemini man who has been paid the tribute of being loved by an also Mercury-ruled (until Vulcan appears) Virgin should analyze her true nature more carefully if he wants to keep her.

Some Virgo women remain chaste and romantically aloof for years, then risk everything on a single, unexpected and impossible passion that soon dies. And so, she may not be, inwardly and actually, as emotionally cool and controlled as she appears to be at times to him. The Gemini man is equally as likely to find true love eluding him, until he’s no longer Peter Pan, and Wendy has grown up to marry someone else, who cared more about her than about his adventures.


Such painful disappointments can cause both Virgo and Gemini to brood alone, tormenting themselves with longing and regret. Or it can cause them to seek a calm, safe and undemanding relationship with each other, which could be what they’ve both been searching for – if they only looked a little longer into one another’s eyes. But instead, they may avoid sustained gazing, fearing the eyes may reveal too much, while she sweeps the floors…. and he wanders around the house, whistling his little-boy-blue song… each reaching out their hearts, but unable to express what they’re really feeling openly.

Because their natal Suns were squared at birth, a certain amount of tension and lack of comprehension is unavoidable between these two. In the electronics of love, tension can short-circuit the emotions into silent darkness. But with a harmonious Sun-Moon interchange between their horoscopes, this man and woman could achieve a lasting affection and contentment through their union. It may never be the turbulent, soaring ecstasy of Scarlett and Rhett, but love need not always be explosive.

Sometimes, happiness can be a calm and quiet thing, a moment of rest upon the wind, that makes sunset less sad and haunting .. . and brightens the sunrise with a gentle promise.

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