Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini woman with Cancer man.

“Do you think I could be a twin?”
“No, indeed,” replied the twins; “it’s awfully difficult to be
a twin.”
“I hadn’t really any hope,” he said. 

A Cancerian man lives in his sensations, emotions, and imagination. He loves history and likes to read about the glory of bygone ages, from the Byzantine, through the Medieval and the Renaissance. But he’s rather romantic about the past (his own and that of other historical characters), and he doesn’t like to be reminded that the Knights of the Round Table may have possessed some flaws, that the horses they rode had burrs in their tails – they wore sweaty shirts under their chain mail (the knights, not the horses), ate with their fingers, and may have occasionally slept with comely wenches on dirty straw.

In the Crab’s sentimental mind, a knight has impeccable table manners, and he rides a snow-white steed, with a fluffy, carefully brushed tail. He returns from his great crusades unsoiled and unperspiring, to claim the scented hanky of his lady fair. Now there’s nothing wrong with a Crab treating a Gemini girl to his sense of chivalry. But she should be aware, even if he’s not, of the historical fact that many a knight of olden days, after tucking that scented hanky under his shining armour, reached into his visor for the key he carried to the iron chastity belt of his modest lady fair – and sometimes pulled out the wrong key. That is to say, the Crab, like the real or legendary knight, has more intimate things planned than pocketing a hanky, no matter how slow and courteous his initial approach may be.

A Gemini girl could get emotionally carried away by the romantic scene his gallantry conjures up in her own imaginative mind. With her predilection for daydreaming, she can easily envision herself wading impatiently across the moat, then running through the clover to meet him, her long, golden hair (or raven-black tresses) flying behind her. Then she gracefully curtsies before her Cancerian knight, sitting up there on his snorting stallion. It’s almost real. She blushes, then timidly hands him her perfumed look out! By this time, the Crab may have grabbed her dainty hand with his firm grip, and isn’t about to let go.

When Cancerian possessiveness crosses swords with the Gemini insistence on freedom, the clash can cut into their dreams cruelly. After the Cancer man discovers this girl is really two women – one content to nestle happily beside him in the tower room of the castle – the other determined to roam around on the slopes, playing with the antelope, chasing the hounds or whatever – he may pout. He may snap at her. Or he may retreat into crabby seclusion in the dark, damp dungeon, waiting for her to trip down the stone steps and entice him out again. If there’s something else on her mind, he’ll have a long wait down there.

Gemini girls have been known to forget mundane responsibilities like lovers locked in dungeons when they’ve been caught up in a fitful flight of fancy or a mental whim. Not that she doesn’t have an excellent memory, but other interests take priority, sometimes even over love, until she gets lonely. Then she’ll trail back, looking for forgiveness and comfort. So their story could have a happy ending after all, since a Cancerian man is about as comforting as they make the male animal. No one can be more tender, gentle and understanding to a lost and mixed-up Gemini girl than a Crab. Not even a sweet, gruff, protective Bull. If they have a harmonious Luminary aspect between their birth charts, we can leave them there on the stone steps, as the sun sinks slowly in the West, astrologically confident of their continued bliss – knowing she’ll always wander and he’ll always pout – but she’ll always return, and he’ll always pet and forgive her. If the Sun-Moon aspect between their horoscopes is not harmonious, we can’t desert them quite yet. They’ll need some help, to keep from falling into the moat and drowning – or disappearing over the hills, in different directions, on different horses.

They can find their share of happy together, but it will take patience on her part and some adaptability on his. It won’t be easy, since her ruling planet, Mercury, doesn’t send out patient vibes. And his ruling Luminary, the Moon, changes too frequently to count on any one phase remaining for long. He’ll pass through a mood of reckless abandon to match hers, then return to his hard shell before she’s even had a chance to enjoy it. It takes practice and devotion on both sides. Although the shifting moods they have in common may not be their only problem, they’ll form the basis for all the others. When you take a Gemini girl and a Cancerian man, each subject to sudden switches of disposition, and throw them into close contact, no one quite knows whose fault anything is at any particular time.


They can find their share of happy together, but it will take patience on her part and some adaptability on his. It won’t be easy, since her ruling planet, Mercury, doesn’t send out patient vibes. And his ruling Luminary, the Moon, changes too frequently to count on any one phase remaining for long. He’ll pass through a mood of reckless abandon to match hers, then return to his hard shell before she’s even had a chance to enjoy it. It takes practice and devotion on both sides. Although the shifting moods they have in common may not be their only problem, they’ll form the basis for all the others. When you take a Gemini girl and a Cancerian man, each subject to sudden switches of disposition, and throw them into close contact, no one quite knows whose fault anything is at any particular time.

Here he is, all jolly and full of fun and chuckles, but she has just changed into a somber, contemplative period. So she makes a loving effort to match his hilarity. However, by the time she’s reversed gears into a high, he’s already turned off the funnies. Now he’s obeying the call of the three-quarter Moon, pulling on him magnetically to be quiet and reclusive. So he makes an equally loving attempt to match her new amusement. Except that, by the time he has synchronized himself to the Full Moon, and turned into a laughing Looney Bird, Mercury has tormented her into a mental knot of sarcasm and cutting criticism of his jokes. This deeply wounds the Crab’s feelings. So she makes another loving effort to .. . well, it could go on and on – all the way to a mutual nervous breakdown. They’ll have to blow the whistle, stop, and take stock of their mood schedules. There are several solutions.

hey can both return to the starting line (say, on a day when their planets are working in rhythm) and try to match their changing moods to each other’s. That’s one way. Laugh together, cry together, mope together, hope together – and cope together. If they can’t swing that, because their stars are coming in on different wave-lengths, they can at least stop fighting their crossed purposes and make this promise to themselves: If he’s high while she’s low – he’ll cheer her up instead of letting her pull him down; if she’s calm while he’s stormy – she’ll soothe his worries instead of snubbing him and driving him deeper into his shell. When Gemini is happy, why should she let the Crab’s crankiness turn her off? He needs sympathy, not cold rejection. When Cancer is placid, why should he let her jumpiness annoy him into retreating? She needs petting, not pouting. If they keep that promise, they can gradually train their moods to slide into the same grooves, although they’ll still have some periodic impasses.

Since this is a 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern, the Cancer half of the team will usually be tolerant of the twin Gemini faults of restlessness and detachment – and the Gemini half will probably try to imitate the Crab’s virtues of patience and sensitivity, sensing that she needs to learn them. One lesson she may shy away from learning from him, however, is how to be more cautious with cash. Unless she has a more conservative Moon Sign or Ascendent, she may think he’s a tight combination of Scrooge and Shylock. Most Geminis scatter money like birdseed. Most Cancerians hoard it like Midas. Somewhere in between there’s a middle road to financial agreement. But it won’t be found at the extreme ends of his stinginess or her capriciousness with cash. The Crab’s tendency to hang on to money is motivated by his fear of being hungry someday and his need for security.

The more his hunger for affection is satisfied, the less fear he’ll have of starving. If he has enough emotional security, he won’t need as much financial security. As for the material possessions the Crab likes to accumulate, Gemini may fear they’ll tie her down. Her tendency to get rid of money is motivated by the feeling that she’ll find more excitement in spending it than in saving it. When she has sufficient emotional freedom and mental challenge, she won’t be compelled to buy these basic Mercury needs with cash, so she’ll be less extravagant. Gemini is gregarious and must be either mentally or physically active, preferably both. She likes to eat out a lot, for a double reason: she’s not overly fond of cooking – and she needs a frequent change of scene. The Crab may prefer to eat at home, because it’s reminiscent of the coziness of his childhood – or eat at his mother’s, which is even more reminiscent of the coziness of his childhood. That can put a few kinks in the Cancer-Gemini relationship, unless the partners iron them out by drawing certain lines clearly at the beginning.

Since both of them live in a world of fantasy and dreams, their sexual rapport can be stimulating for her and fulfilling for him. He supplies the sensual sensitivity and the affection – she supplies the imagination and the variety. A Gemini girl is one for having sudden ideas. She may have some changeable ideas about passion. But the Crab is perceptive enough to match his own desires to hers, and he’ll probably have a few romantic notions of his own, off the beaten path of boredom. Their lovemaking will seldom be repetitious. It will vary with the Moon’s waxing and waning, as they respond to the ebbing and flooding tides of their emotions. She’ll notice something warm and protective about the way he approaches their sexual union, and her “lost child” heart will be solaced when his arms are around her. He’ll notice there’s always something indefinably delicate and gentle about the way she seeks his affection.

Often, a Cancerian man respects the Gemini lady he loves so much he can’t seem to abandon himself to total passion with her, as if he believed her so fragile, he might be harming a flower. But she isn’t as fragile as he thinks, never mind her delicate, gentle manner, and her airy, light touch. She needs, seeks  and wants .. . to be treated as an adult woman, not as a charming child. When  she’s near him, in the dark, she’ll cling to him, and her fears will melt away. Many Gemini girls dislike sleeping in total darkness – but with this man, she may be willing to try.

Many Cancerian men equally dislike sleeping without a night light. But with her close beside him, he’ll find darkness a friend. The nightmares that haunt him so frequently will seem far away when he can feel her head on his shoulder. Her restless head .. . but she’ll be calmer, quieter, more at peace with him, herself and the world .. . after they’ve experienced physical Oneness together. Visibly so. Sometimes, for days and days. Until her Twin calls to her again, and she gets that distant look. That’s when he needs to grab her, before she floats away.


The male Crab, with his shy smile, enjoys parties and people, music and dancing, though he may be reluctant to admit it. This is just the woman to coax and wheedle and tempt him out of his reclusive hermit act into the bright lights. She may talk him into going dancing, hiking, horseback riding, sailing .. . crosscountry skiing, or touring Europe with her, visiting ancient ruins, trying to recall when they perhaps once lived in a bygone civilization .. . and maybe drank a toast to each other from this very cup… . did she wear the necklace behind glass in the British Museum when they fiercely loved in Egypt?

The Gemini girl can talk the Crab into most anything, but her easiest persuasion will be to seduce him into traveling. Places like ancient ruins and old museums secretly magnetize this man. He lives in yesterday, and to revisit it with her is perhaps the deepest dream of all, from which he’ll hope he never wakens. With her, he may not. Gemini lives on the wind, where dreams are reality .. . where reality itself is a dream. He’ll probably learn that, wherever they go together. Nearly always, she’ll be streaking ahead of him, her hair flying in the breeze, not even looking back over her shoulder to see if he’s still there. She doesn’t need to look back. She knows he’s still there. She knows his love is steady, he is devotion unwavering, and that’s what she’s been seeking all her life – a pair of eyes that say “Come home.” He’s been seeking a pair of eyes that say “Let’s run through the stars!”

And so, each sees the unspoken wish reflected in the other’s eyes, from the every first time they look at each other, across a crowded street… or room … and their gaze locks tightly, unexpectedly. For years and years afterwards, they’ll tell each other about that night and remember together the sudden tears they both felt, inexplicably, when their eyes first met… and they didn’t even know each other’s names. But that didn’t matter. Silently, through a half-forgotten strain of music, they called out to one another by the secret names their hearts knew.

Once they’ve declared their love, she may shower him with a silvery stream of gifts, and at first his cautious nature will be aghast at such impulsive extravagance. Yet, when she’s not looking, his eyes will fill with Lunar tears of pure delight, to be so loved and cherished. He’ll timidly, yet proudly, display her gifts to friends. It proves, you see, that he is loved, and with her instant, flashing intuition, she senses this about him. She longs to make up to him for all the times he was disappointed as a child on Christmas morning. How does she know? He never told her. She knows. Because she loves him. Love is funny like that.After a while, she just may perform a magical transformation in the Cancerian man’s nature. Then he’ll relax .. . and wrap some bright blue and silver or lavender and sunny-yellow ribbons around some special surprises for her, too.When a Crab is snugly loved, the reciprocal affection is boundless, bottomless, returning a thousandfold – and he’ll cry, unashamedly, from sheer happiness.

He’ll always treat her like a lady. She’ll be thrilled at such lovely make-believe of a gentler time and usually behave accordingly. To her, he is a gentleman, a gallant gentleman, who touches her with occasional glimpses of the little boy within. Then she cries, because he is so vulnerable to hurt, despite his hard, outer shell of impassiveness. For he is a poet, and she’s the very first one who ever guessed it. Geminis are great at guessing, and they always win the jar of jelly beans.

A Gemini girl-woman is a realist, despite her changing masks… first whimsical, then cynical, always fascinating to the Cancerian man, whose own facial expressions she loves to watch herself, as they reflect the various colors and tones of his Lunar emotions .. . joy or sadness, tranquility or worry.

Whatever the feminine Mercury Bird’s chronological age may be, she’s ever youthful and yearning, thoughtful and tender .. . her skin and eyes as crystal clear as a child’s .. . filled with misty dreams, yet driven relentlessly by logic. Some of her dreams she carelessly loses along the way, others she forgets, in the sparkle of some new excitement. The deep, sacred ones, she keeps locked up inside herself. A persistent Cancerian man can coax her to share them with him, if he moves quickly, before she spins out of his reach. But it may take him some time to be certain – and Crabs can wait too long. She’ll be chattering and charming him one day, then suddenly notice how quiet he’s become.

“What’s the matter, darling? Did I say something wrong?” she’ll ask, vaguely troubled.
“No. It’s just that… I think I might love you. But I’m not sure.”

She won’t understand what he means. To Gemini, you can’t be sure of anything in this life, especially love. Not until you reach the very end of the trail.
There’s little enough time before that moment comes. Why waste any of it?

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