Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini woman with Gemini man.

Well, then, we could go on,” said John.
“That is the awful thing, John. We should have to go on,
for we don’t know how to stop.”

This man and woman – although it would be more fitting to call them boy and girl, whatever their illusionary chronological age – are sometimes drawn together for no more reason than that it’s fun to have someone to cross the street with you at the corners. Then you can, if that person is a Gemini, trade fast bets with each other about whether you can make it on GO before the traffic sign switches to STOP. Like when the light at an intersection is green, and you don’t know how fast it’s going to turn to red. It’s exciting. Dangerous, but exciting.

Sure, it sounds dippy, but switching from street corners to living rooms, offices or classrooms, it’s a fair example of the sort of mental checkers and chess games Geminis play with themselves and with each other. When you’re alone a lot, you can think up bushels of crazy ideas. Geminis don’t seem to be lonely, but they are. It’s a lonely thing to wonder and wander, mixing with frightened, preachy people, to whom the only important game is the one you win by simply surviving. Especially when you know there are so many more important things to be fascinated by than merely staying alive. In fact, many Geminis wholeheartedly agree with Mercury-ruled Peter Pan that “to die, would be an awfully big adventure,” perhaps the greatest adventure of all.!

If you’re a Gemini, your entire life is spent searching and learning, so why should death be any different? Like the elusive something you’ve been trying to pin down, express or define since you were five years old or so. True, Geminis seldom reveal their inner loneliness. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not because they’re barely aware of it. A person can get good at being lonely, with enough practice. It’s like riding a bicycle. It requires concentration in the beginning, but after a time, you don’t even notice your own balance or pedaling -you’re just aware of the motion and the wind blowing your hair.

Because all typical Geminis are naturally glib, bright conversationalists, when two of them first meet, both may talk a lot, and it seems like they’re not thinking of one another seriously. Yet, behind all the chatter, they are – more seriously than either will admit to the other. The dialogue between them will normally flash with wit and sparkle with imagination. It gives each of them time to study the other, when all those little ribbons of speech are rippling all over and around them. But they never say everything that’s on their minds to each other, these two, not even years later when they’ve been in love long enough to know they can trust one another. There’s always something held back.

“It’s funny,” she may think privately, “when you love someone so much, and you’ve been so intimate, that you have to hold back and remember there are things not to tell him, things you really can’t share all the way.” Well, when there’s all that that he doesn’t know about her, it’s only right there are things he won’t tell too. Do you imagine that, when Geminis chatter, everything they feel is spilling out in a cascade of words? Oh, no. If you think that, you don’t understand this man and this woman – this boy and this girl.

A Mercury-ruled female, in love with a Geminian Twin male, should maybe know about something showman Mike Todd once said. Todd, the most prolific talker on record – anytime, anywhere, under any condition – was being inter-viewed by a perceptive reporter, who asked him, “Mike, do you know why you talk all the time? To keep from saying something. That’s how I have you figured.”


“Yeah? ” Mike was suddenly quiet, quickly on guard.

“What bothers me,” the reporter continued, “is – well, I’m curious. What is that something you talk so much, and so fast, to keep from saying? That’s the real story behind the pitch, isn’t it?”

Mike just smiled the three-cornered Gemini smile and answered, “Listen, buddy, when I stop talking, we all stop eating.”

It was true, of course. Without the Gemini talent for expressing ideas in vivid verbal images, people would be exposed to a lot less magic in this drearygrey world, a lot less money would change hands, and fewer dreams would be dreamed – or come true. But the important thing for the Gemini girl to remember is that Mike avoided answering the reporter’s real inquiry, with the typical mental adroitness of Mercury.

Since no one can say for certain exactly when Mike Todd was born, I’ve been asked why I call him a Gemini (although any girl in love with a Twin would know why). He gave approximately five different “official” dates to the press and disagreed strongly with his family about several others, all ranging between June 18th and June 23rd. How do I know Mike was a Gemini, then? By his blarney and his magic. But most of all, by the way he fenced with his birthday, fighting middle age as though he was sure he’d win. At any given time of his life, he looked twenty years younger than he was, whatever he was, and he never really grew up. Only a Gemini could have parlayed a patched-up sack of old hopes into the Giant Twin Jackpot of “Around the World in 80 Days” and Elizabeth Taylor – a double win that ended that Gemini’s restless search for completeness. Shortly afterwards, his Libra son, Mike Todd, Jr., remarked, “Dad, you’re spending money now as fast as you did when you didn’t have any.” Mike never saved for a rainy day, so for him, it never rained. Well, maybe a few very brief drizzles. A couple of spring showers, that’s all. Mike Todd didn’t discover the Neverland. He invented it. Like Peter Pan, the eternal Gemini, he guarded the secret of his age from curious chronological-minded “grown-ups” – and a few more secrets besides.

At least 75 percent of all Geminis have a nickname, a pseudonym, an alias, or in some way bear more than one name during the course of their lives, and Mike had two names also. Born Avrom Hirsch Goldbogen, he named himself Michael Todd one day, impulsively, and for no really special reason. His son had already been born and had been named Michael. So Gemini Mike Todd actually named himself after his own son and became his son’s namesake, instead of the other way around. Trust Geminis to turn things inside out and backwards, in both small and large ways.

As for Mike’s “secret” the reporter guessed correctly he held within himself, the Gemini man or woman isn’t secretive in the same manner as Pisceans, Cancerians and Scorpions are – or for the same reasons. It’s just that there are some soaring thoughts they’re unable to catch and express in speech, for all their Mercurial verbal dexterity. What words could describe an inexpressible longing to literally discover Shangri-La?

“If this is so beautiful,” they each think, “then there just must be something even more beautiful out there, somewhere. Will we be able to find it together? Or can you only find something that special by yourself?” Each loveliness that two Geminis touch, Mercury allows them to drink in and enjoy for but

a fleeting moment. Only until his (or her) secret Twin Self whispers seductively, “Ah, yes! But what else might there be to discover, which is even more perfect? This present glory you’re experiencing is merely proof that a greater glory exists out there .. . a glory more true, more thrilling, more fulfilling, if only you have the courage to pursue it. How do you know what may be around the next corner, the next kiss, the next dream, the next promise? Don’t stop now, don’t turn back yet! Go on ” It’s a call more alluring than the song of the Lorelei, and it haunts all Mercury-ruled hearts.

Most of the time, a Gemini girl laughs. Once in a while, less frequently, she weeps. When she does, it’s because the lump of loneliness within her has grown so choking that it must turn into tears, or maybe she would simply die from the feeling. Ah, Twin Self! Where are you now, when you’re needed? Off chasing the stars and playing tag with the wind? The Gemini man will tenderly understand her brief touch of Weltschmerz, with a delicacy of perception surprising in one who’s always being accused of being so cold and detached. For all of his curious, inquiring nature, he won’t ask questions when he senses the Gemini woman he loves is languishing from her inexpressible and unexpressed (even to him) terrible loneliness because her Twin has temporarily deserted her. He’ll probably pretend not to notice, masking his concern with a light remark, like “Let’s throw ourselves into a wishing well, instead of tossing in pennies, and see what happens!” Or perhaps .. .”Come on, we’ll buy two round tickets to Ireland, and make love on the Blarney Stone!” Then he’ll kiss her cheek softly and say, very quietly, “It’s all right. I’m here.”

Yes, it’s partly because he understands the sudden panic his Gemini girl feels when her Twin has disappeared and left her alone to cope, like half a person, because his own Twin pulls that trick on him too. But his finesse and tenderness at such times are prompted by more than just knowing how it is with someone born under your own Sun Sign. It’s his .. . the right word just came to me. Gemini never fumbles. Whatever the situation with the loved one – joyous or tragic, loose or tight – the typical Gemini can, when he (or she) wishes, carry the ball with easy grace, handling embarrassment, fear or anger, with an incredibly light touch. It’s like a magician’s sleight-of-hand, and many Geminis actually are professional magicians (along with Aquarians, Pisceans and Scorpions). There are, percentage wise, however, more Gemini magicians, because these people are amazingly multidextrous with their hands. They’re also multidextrous with their minds – and as for the Gemini heart, it contains many little secret rooms, in which are hidden compassion, gentleness, surprises, humor, hope and sunshine. Some of them are kept locked for a lifetime, and only another Twin holds the passkey.


Two Geminis in love might ask themselves, each about the other – do any of those rooms hold a quality called “faithfulness” or “fidelity”? Yes. But the door to that particular room in the Gemini heart is tightly sealed, and it takes more than a passkey to open it. It takes trust. And it takes time. Two kinds of trust: the complete trust each must give to the other – and the trust required to believe in yourself, that what you love is really what you need, and all you’ll ever need. (That’s what takes the time.) But time is free. They can both use as much of it as they like to find that answer within themselves and once it’s been found and the door unlocked, Gemini will be loyal and true forever after. Nevertheless, it’s probably asking too much to expect either him – or her – to permanently stop flirting, charming, teasing, persuading, or just talking with members of the opposite (or the same) sex. Yet, Gemini lives on the mental plane, essentially existing within the realms of the imagination, and, therefore, may be frequently content to keep human relationships on the same plane. And so, it’s sometimes easier for these two to be technically true to one another than to avoid periodic fantasies. Yet, the girl in his fantasies may really  be her – and the boy in her fantasies may really be him. It’s fun to make believe sometimes, that’s all. The more versatile they are as individuals, in their personal lives or careers, the less need they’ll feel to imagine, “What would it be like, I wonder, if she would ” or .. . “What would it be like, for a change, if he would “

If she would what? If he would what? Anything. Anything at all. Some Geminis even fantasize hurt or anger, then split up because they wonder what a break would feel like. When they find out, they streak back to each other again to rediscover the reality of love. No, it wasn’t a dream. WOW! What a mind blower! Love is real. It’s really real. You can really, nearly trust it. Yes, you nearly, really can! Such a discovery might not stun the average person’s mind, but you must remember that the Twins spend their entire lives separating the possible and the probable from the sure things – and love gives them an exhilarating glimpse of Shangri-la.

These two relate to one another physically, through sexual love, in the kind of kaleidoscopic pattern you might expect, when Air unites with Air, chaperoned by the changeable Mercury. It’s light, often stormy, sometimes whipping love into hurricanes of passion, sometimes calming it into quiet, gentle affection. The ways in which they express their love on a physical level are as multiple-faceted, sensitive and changeable as the ways they express it on the mental and emotional levels, and that can take their sexual behavior from acrobatic embraces on the Blarney Stone to making love underwater or in a helicopter. Whatever desire one Gemini may have, the other can fill it, with the cool touch of a spring breeze or the hot, tropical wind of a monsoon. To comprehend the potential of their physical compatibility, two Geminis who are pondering a relationship will just have to use their imaginations. About the only words which won’t apply to their possible patterns of sexual experience are deep – earthy – and sensual. But Gemini and Gemini can dream up some satisfying substitutes together. Magical is one.

Some Gemini women are as pathetically wistful and lost as Gemini Judy Garland, following a rainbow that forever seems to elude them. Others are as bright and hopeful as Frank Sinatra’s Gemini daughter, Nancy. Some Gemini men are as disoriented, and inwardly insecure, as Mercury-ruled actor Errol Flynn – others as bold and confident as Geminians Mike Todd and Al Jolson (“Folks, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” ). It’s not easy to tell them apart, because the wistful, lost Gemini girls have their bright and hopeful moments .. . just as the bright, hopeful ones have their wistful, lost and lonely moments. The disoriented Gemini man can switch suddenly to stability .. . and the confident ones can feel occasionally insecure.

I’m afraid astrology doesn’t have a final answer. Perhaps the Gemini boy and girl who are in love will just have to forget about that romantic togetherness formula of “becoming one,” because there will always be four of them. But that also quadruples their chances for happiness. So the odds are good if they cover their bets with the double collateral of lots of trust… and lots of patience.

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