Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Gemini woman with Sagittarius man.

They broke into a bacchanalian dance, which brought him
to his feet at once; all traces of human weakness gone, as if
a bucket of water had passed over him. 

When the Twins (two personalities) of the Gemini girl-woman break into a dance of delightful distortion and deviousness, right in front of the sincere eyes of the trusting Sagittarian, this man can, at first, feel oddly impotent – mentally and emotionally, if not physically. Then, suddenly, he’s aroused into meeting the obvious challenge of duality with which this female is teasing him.

In many ways, the Sagittarian Archer is a remarkable man. He has extraordinary vision and warmth, he is thoughtful and he is fluent. Hearing him speak of his ideals, awash in enthusiasm, is a very special experience to the alert Gemini girl, who simply must be intellectually fascinated to be able to fall in love. He’ll tell her some of his accomplishments (Archers are never overly modest) and many of his dreams, and he’ll always be frank with her, sometimes mercilessly frank. If he doesn’t quite answer all her requirements for a lover or husband, well – it’s only fair to point out that no man ever does – or ever will.

As with all complex personalities, the Sagittarian man will grow to know the Gemini girl only slowly. She withholds various fragments of her multiple nature, allowing him to peek at but one at a time. When he first meets her, she’ll definitely withhold. She’ll project only one Twin, the one capable of charming him, naturally. She could even behave in a rare – for her – monolithic manner, listening pleasantly, but seldom chattering or interrupting. What a perfectly delightful feminine creature she is! And it’s true.

A Gemini girl-woman (it’s more accurate to call her girl than woman, at any age) is perfectly delightful. But as for feminine, we must always remember that Gemini is essentially a masculine sign in astrology, although Mercury, her ruler, can change sex in the twinkling of an eye, to fool onlookers. Still, masculine is masculine, whatever that means today. With this girl-woman it means she is usually quite determined to get what she wants – also exceedingly capable of getting it. The trouble is, being cursed with twin desires and dual motivation, she is never sure exactly what she wants. What she longed for on Monday may be faded and unattractive by Thursday, perhaps even as early as Tuesday (of the same week). Often, she’s torn between not only two sets of possible actions, but two sets of possible reactions. Should she say yes or no? And further – will saying either make her happy – or unhappy? He should have a little sympathy for her. Life is never easy for this woman, and love presents a problem of even greater dimensions. Then, when she does try to explain her many-faceted emotions to the Sagittarian man she is finally decided to trust, she risks being accused by him of insincerity and deception. Is that fair?

Frank, open-hearted, and honest, the Sagittarian man is sometimes intolerant of a female he believes is not all these things herself, never mind the clever Mercurial excuses she offers. Yet she might argue back, quite correctly, that he also has two sides – for he is bold, daring and restless, and at the same time sensitive, impressionable and retiring – or rather, at different times. His two sides manifest themselves in varying moods, his likes and dislikes are very pronounced and he’s extremely susceptible to tension or disharmony in his environment, especially in his love relationship. This means he can be a little edgy, easily set off by Gemini airy circumlocution into a fiery Sagittarius explosion. So it’s no wonder that she may prefer to keep some things back, and allow herself to be called deceptive, rather than risk walking the plank of his disapproval. When Archers express their disapproval, it can be brutally blunt and to the point, hurtful in the extreme. This sort of thing, after being repeated several times, can trigger her into sharpening the famous Gemini verbal weapon of sarcasm, all of which can cause the love nest to shake a bit, with the Mercury Bird causing the Centaur to become mentally confused, and he, in return, slashing some deep wounds in her fragile emotions.

However, if their Sun-Moon aspects are harmonious (conjunct, sextile or trine) these little differences of opinion and techniques of controversy will almost always end up in poetic (her) and dramatic (him) declarations of renewed devotion. It’s all very romantic. But a square or opposition between the Sun of one and the Moon of the other can cause constant bickering and ruffling of feathers, which could grow into more serious confrontation as the years pass. Considering that we’re discussing Gemini and Sag, we’d better amend that last sentence to say “as the months pass, even the weeks.” These two signs always manage to increase both Life’s – and Love’s – rate of speed.

Her soaring flights of fairyland fancies can be too intangible and mystical for him. There is little or no impracticality in Jupiter visions. Most Sagittarians are capable of foreseeing and prognosticating the outcome of a plan from its initial inception. Most Geminis are not, and she would do well to imitate those qualities in him which she lacks, among them constancy of purpose and singlemindedness. Being Air, she is cooler emotionally than this man, whose nature is more fiery and passionate. Therefore, he may be the more affectionate of the two in the physical expression of love – more in need of the touching things. She would be happier if their minds touched more often.


Sexually the two of them possibly could reach a rare harmony of mutual experience through their lovemaking, because the ultimate meaning of sex is the fulfillment of an intense desire for each person to blend with – to actually become – the other, inasmuch as this is an earthly possibility, in order to achieve Oneness of spirit, mind and body. No two people can be more successful in this than this man and woman of opposite Sun Sign polarity, since sex between them – as with all 7-7 influenced lovers – is always based on their basic mutual need to become each other, and therefore, to become a more complete person.

With some Gemini-Sag relationships, a sort of truce is managed, causing very little quarreling to be observed or heard by friends and neighbors. (I won’t say by families or relatives, because neither one of them is excessively devoted to blood ties.) When such periods of peace and quiet are observed, it can usually be credited to her Gemini talent for escaping anything unpleasant. Her power to resist obstacles or to push disagreeable people aside is not great at all, but her magnificent sensorium, or network of sensitive nerve signals, often warns her in advance of approaching thunderstorms, so she can duck under a tree and avoid getting wet, or being struck by lightning.

She sidesteps the issues with her Mercury agility, or simply pretends not to understand why he is so upset – and after a while, the typical Archer will give up trying to pin her down to a discussion that actually goes anywhere. It always winds up twisting in circles, which doesn’t bother her – she loves circles – but which can leave him mentally and emotionally exhausted. So he could retreat more and more into the newspaper, go out – or go to bed early – and alone while their communication suffers. 

This isn’t the best possible state of affairs, of course, but it does make them more desirable neighbors than the type of Gemini-Sagittarius couple who argue all night, expressing every disagreement loudly and clearly. It’s seldom that these two will love without some amount of tension, however excellent their Sun-Moon aspects. Their basic natures are not the kind to suffer in absolute, masochistic silence. Since they constitute a 7-7 Sun Sign Pattern, there are always all those opposing qualities which have to be balanced, and balancing is an art which is mastered only after long practice. Ask any tightrope walker in a circus. Of course, so much balancing can wear them out from time to time, but it’s better to wear out than rust out, as many lovers do, who have nothing in common at all, not even a mutual desire to adopt each other’s different vices and virtues. Gemini and Sagittarius do have some things in common. They both like to read and they both like to talk. But she colors what she reads with her vivid imagination, and he sprinkles his talk with more truth, perhaps, than she wants to hear or dares to face.


She believes the world should be a better place, and her weaving bits and pieces of colorful imagery distorts the truth of existence just enough to make it so for her. Is that wrong? To him it is. He wants the world to be a better place also, but he’s convinced that you first have to face the facts square-on before you can hope to change them. In this, they differ deeply.

This man and this woman can find much happiness in their relationship if it is also a marriage of mutual endeavor, like a husband-wife team involved in publicity, publishing, the arts, science or medicine. The excitement of the dream will carry them through any minor squalls. When their eyes are fastened on the stars, instead of constantly on each other, they can make a fabulous team, in every way. In Greek mythology, it’s said that “Mercury gives joy to Jupiter.” Likewise, Gemini can give to Sagittarius – great joy. What can he give her? He can give her the gift of slowing her down, of protecting her with his larger wings, for the Archer likes to fly, too, in his imagination, as high as his arrows. But maybe these lovers should stay just a little distance apart, as they sail the kites of their aspirations. If they stand too close together, on a windy day, the strings may get hopelessly tangled.

The Sagittarian man was born full of ideals. The Gemini woman was born full of ideas. There is a difference between the two words – the letter I, for love. An idea, when it’s nurtured with love, will reach for the higher octave of itself, and become an ideal. If they love enough, the Archer can take his Gemini lady’s ideas, transmute them into Jupiter ideals, and illuminate her already-bright mind with the light of the difference.

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