Leo And Aquarius Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo and Aquarius.

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

Air – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Day Forces – Masculine

Then they got the strangest surprise on this Night of Nights.

It’s never the Uranus type of surprises of the Water Bearers that cause the trouble in this 7-7 polarity-opposition carnival of the silly and the sublime between Leo and Aquarius. The problems are caused by other things. Let’s approach the subject cautiously, sort of “back into it,” in reverse gear, so to speak. I believe it will be unexpectedly worthwhile to devote a page or so of this compatibility chapter to the accomplishing of such a reverse effect. The Leos may growl a little in resentment at being shuffled a few paragraphs behind, but in so submitting they’ll earn clusters of karmic stars in their Kingly and Queenly crowns, and diadems for their patience and humility – even though they really haven’t any choice in the matter. (We wouldn’t stand a chance if we gave them a choice!)

In the summer of 1978, I received a letter from an Aquarian reader named Richard Ellsberry. At first I thought it must be postmarked Spica or Arcturus – or perhaps Sirius (which really should be spelled Sirios, because of the Osiris anagram mystery, you know, but it’s been distorted, and will no doubt be corrected later). However, the envelope was stamped Phoenix, Maryland. The Phoenix figures. Maryland is incidental. Water Bearer Richard wrote, in part, the following:

Dear Linda Goodman … The observations you made in your book Sun Signs concerning the kinks in the Aquarian personality are quite remarkable. In the Aquarian Child  chapter, you say: “He has a kind of thing about clocks and watches, so it may have something to do with a Time Machine – a common Aquarian obsession.”

Now, what I want to know is this: How in the hell did you know I’m into a Time Machine??!! I’ve been working on one for quite a while. It involves attempting to contact People From the Future. The logic is that – if we can’t go to them, they will have to come to us. After all, THEY are SURE to have Time Machines, right?

(Right on, Richard! Perfect Uranian logic.)

This concept started developing in my head when I was 17, about 7 years ago. It’s going to be in the works for another 4 years, until 1982. I call it The Chrononautic Society. I’d like to invite you and all your interested friends to our first meeting with People From the Future on Tuesday, the Ninth of March, A.D. 1982. This is not a hoax. We shall produce the most spectacular reception ever held in honor of People From the Future. Since they are IN the Future, they will already have heard of our efforts, and travel back in Time to attend. We shall have gifts to offer them, such as works of music, and art – and volunteers.

(Volunteers!!?? )

The probability for achieving contact in this daring experiment… 

(Daring? Now we have Leo’s attention!)

… in this daring experiment is increasing as more documentation is amassed (literature, photographs, tapes, etc.). At present, the location of our meeting is unknown. I shall keep you informed. Conditions may demand a network of congregations around the Earth, interlaced by AM radio and video. The date of 3/9/82 is chosen for its coincidence of remarkable celestial events, such as THE JUPITER EFFECT, being a rare moment when all of the Sun’s planets are on the same side; the advent of the Aquarian Age; the temporary overlap of the orbits of Neptune and Pluto; the twelve-year interim between Kohoutek’s & Halley’s Comets – and the Full Moon. The Chrononautic Society is a non-profit, open alliance of artists, scientists, occultists and other visionaries. Its emblem is the Two-Headed Serpent, which symbolizes the Doctrine of Aborescence. This speculative thesis states that Time is not quite linear, but branching – what crystallographers call a “dendritic growth.” This is not, however, to imply that we are bound by any ideological dogma. We heartily encourage all criticisms and suggestions. Box #231 Phoenix, Maryland 21131, USA. Unfortunately, we are not yet funded by Congress or backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, so if you want a reply, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Richard Ellsberry, bless you! You are my shining answer to all those who ask me, “Are Aquarians really as far-out as you say they are?,” to which I now answer with a resounding YES! (Much further out, actually.) I’ve completed a “reality check” on this Water Bearer, and I assure you, he is perfectly serious. He has personal affiliations and contacts with several erudite and quite respectable men of impressive scientific achievement, knowledge and reputation – along with a number of perceptive and precognitive, although as yet unsung, “ordinary” Earthlings, such as yourself. So all you Water Bearers out there who dream of a Time Machine – this is your moment for miracles. Go forth! Write to Richard and become space buddies in Tomorrow. (Or Yesterday. Same thing. Remember your dendritic principles.)

I had a couple of excellent reasons for making this Aquarian Time Machine information public. First – I think it’s a marvelous idea, because astrologically, astronomically and otherwise, the decade between 1982 and 1992 is going to contain a number of shocks (especially for the uninitiated) and it’s best to be prepared. Also, it allows us to ponder the Leo-Aquarius relationship. I’m positive the Chrononautic Society is going to be inundated with as many requests for membership from Leos as from Aquarians. It’s the daringness of the idea that will appeal to the Big Cats, whose middle names are Courage. Of course, you realize, I trust, that all Leo joiners will include in their resumes to the C.S. their own personal ideas of how the entire 1982 reception for People From the Future in this very “close encounter” should be organized and expedited. Obviously, the Keynote Speaker at the 3/9/82 Close Encounter should be one who is qualified as the Leader of such a distinguished and vast cosmic undertaking of such obvious galactic importance. Namely, a Leo. After all, is it not, in part, timed to the rare moment when the SUN’S planets are all on the same side – and is not the SUN itself the ruler of Leo? What could be more appropriate? Such a royal undertaking as the C.S. plans certainly can’t be left to the bumbling and blundering of underlings and peasants. Only nobility is equipped to shoulder the grave responsibility of an effort of this magnitude.

That’s more or less the attitude of any Lion or Lioness in dealing with Aquarian people and Aquarian projects of all shapes and sizes, whether major or minor – whether consisting of filling the sandbox for the kiddies, building a birdhouse, decorating an office, planning the school prom, plotting an advertising or a political campaign, producing a film or a play – or deciding on a stock merger between two huge conglomerates. It matters not. Leo will lead. Or Leo will take his or her sand bucket, stock certificates, swatches of material, balloons, wren house, screenplay or whatever – and find another kingdom over which to rule where superiority is both welcomed and appreciated. Both respected and worshipped.

Normally, this won’t bother the typical Water Bearers in the slightest. They’re really not terribly interested in being the Big Chiefs on the reservations. They’re more interested in the invention of new Rain Dances and such. How to design a better Totem Pole. However, when these two Sun Signs do clash over something – whatever it might be – the result could be likened to a herd of Buffalo meeting head-on with a herd of elephants. A brick building meeting a cement wall. Or two asses (using the biblical term) meeting nose to nose. A most mulish and deadlocked scene. That is to say – both Leo and Aquarius are Fixed. The Water Bearers, the Lions and the Lionesses share the dubious distinction of having been born under Fixed Signs. This means that they’re as stubborn as crazy glue, and they won’t budge their positions a fraction of an inch when they believe they’re right and justified in an opinion or an action. Both Leo and Aquarius adore surprises. They’re both progressive-minded, both generous and magnanimous of spirit; both defend the underdog and the minority voices of the turtles heard throughout the land. Both tend to be tall and handsome (or beautiful). Both are highly intelligent, friendly, quite gregarious – and fascinating talkers. Both like to protect the weak – both love and respect Nature. So far, wonderful! Everything is mellow, with soft purring and happy meowing from the Big Cats .. . and lots of fresh, sparkling cooperation brimming over from the little brown jugs of the Uranus-ruled Water Bearers.

Nevertheless, these two signs are opposed on the horoscopic wheel. One has what the other lacks and can’t stand to admit he or she needs. Normally. (Unless the Ascendents and Luminaries between their birth charts are cozy and harmonious – then they don’t mind admitting their individual needs and trading back and forth with each other.) What does Leo have that Aquarius lacks? Personal warmth. A certain sense of dignity. Stability and dependability.

What does Aquarius have that Leo lacks? I know it’s difficult to conceive that Lions and Lionesses lack anything at all, inheriting as they have every virtue under the Sun (their own ruler). But, alas, there is one gift of the gods they don’t possess – the humility to admit they may be guilty of a scattered fault or two – that there may be a chipped diamond here and there among the rubies and emeralds of their glowing positive traits and qualities. In brief, they aren’t overendowed with the ability to confess error or to accept criticism gracefully.

Leo would do very well to borrow from Aquarians a smidgen of their humility, their detachment regarding criticism and their cheerful willingness to confess their shortcomings. Tell Aquarians they’re all geniuses, and they’ll shrug, completely unimpressed. Tell an Aquarian that he or she is crazy, and the Water Bearer will nod pleasantly in the affirmative, delighted with the analysis – and entirely unoffended. The flattering appraisal will ordinarily float in one ear and out the other. But insinuate, even mildly, that Leos are less than superior in any way, and it’s “Off with your head!” They either roar or pout, and neither attitude is becoming to royalty.

Conversely, Aquarius could benefit immensely by adopting some of Leo’s sunny and warm benevolence in personal relationships (a Water Bearer can be a mite cool at times, even to loved ones) by imitating Leo’s dependability (it would be nice to know the Water Bearers could be counted on to mean on Thursday week what they took a blood oath on, on Wednesday last) and by assuming a trace of the Leonine poise and dignity. They don’t have to go so far as to become sedate, mind you, but perhaps copy Leo’s feline grace when they’re walking around, so they won’t bump into telephone poles so often – maybe stop standing on their heads while they watch a concert – tone down their purple hair – leave their quetzals at home when they go to church – things like that. Just a little poise and dignity. Not too much. Then they wouldn’t be recognizable – and we certainly want them to remain recognizable, because it’s hard enough as it is to identify them as members of the human race.

Since Leo and Aquarius were both born under the Sun Signs of the “Fixed Organizer,” they should share the organizational responsibilities of a business venture, a romantic relationship, a Mind Trip or a Time Trip. They should each let up more than a little on his or her personal Fixity, while retaining a Fixity of purpose. However, although Leo is not a Cardinal Sign of Leadership (Leo is an Organizer), Leo must lead the organizing – in some way that will appease the gigantic ego of the Big Cats. Give Leo the title. That’s all. Chief Rain Maker. Chief Totem Pole Designer. Chief Communicator with People From the Future. Chief Hairdresser. Chief Apostle. Fire Chief. Water Chief. Air Chief. Earth Chief. Oberon, King of the Faeries. Titania, Queen of the Faeries. King of the Jungle. Queen of Galactic Enterprises. Ruler of the Harem. Monarch of the Castle. That’s the general idea.

Then the Water Bearer will discover that nowhere on this Earth, nor in any other galaxy or Solar System in the Past, Present or Future, will he (or she) find a more brilliantly creative, intelligent, brave and loyal “buddy” than the Lion or Lioness. It’s really worth cultivating a little elasticity of the Aquarian Fixity to gain such a friend for all seasons – all Time Barriers and Astral Levels. Any Aquarians who don’t believe me may just wait for Richard Ellsberry’s Close Encounter on March ninth, A.D., of 1982. When the People From the Future arrive, right on schedule, the P.F.T.F. Phoenix-resurrected Atlantean Leader who greets Earthlings with a combination of the Hopi Sign language, Swahili and Sanskrit will be a proud, noble and majestic Leo. (Yes, she will!) Never mind that the Time Machine itself will have been designed by a P.F.T.F. Water Bearer. Aquarians don’t give three quarks who takes credit – as long as they make the flight and arrive wherever it is they’re going. Leo can travel First Class all the way, but guess who will be sitting in the cockpit of the Laser Beam?

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking. I’d like to welcome you aboard the Leo-Osiris Phoenix XIV. We’ll be cruising at an altitude of three hundred trillion miles per Earth hour, give or take a million miles or so, depending on the falling dust of Maldek – and flying at the speed of a number of Light Years. The stewardesses will pass among you to explain how to use your heads. We’ll arrive at our destination at exactly a quarter-past three on Saturday next of last year, in time to celebrate Amory Lovins’ birthday. On behalf of myself and my twin co-pilots, Howard and Robard, I wish you a pleasant journey. Be sure to keep your Nader seat belts buckled and bolted as we pass through the Space Warps – and don’t forget to enjoy the view from your portholes, because on a clear day you can see Forever. Cheerio! Ciao! Roger over-and-in!”



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