Leo And Capricorn Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo and Capricorn.

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

Earth – Cardinal – Negative
Ruled by Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Night Forces – Feminine

“If the redskins have won… they will beat the tom-tom; it
is always their sign of victory.”
Now Smee had found the tom-tom, and was at that
moment sitting on it. “You will never hear the tom-tom
again,” he muttered, but inaudibly of course, for strict
silence had been enjoined.

Because I am particularly fond of Leos, it makes me sad to convey to them unpleasant astrological information I know in advance will be like a sharp thorn in their big, soft paws. But I am an astrologer, therefore dedicated to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Saturn.

All right, already, so help me, Saturn! Go ahead, help me. Don’t just hang there in the sky, twinkling your icy-blue light. Help me explain to the Big Cats that you are destined, by some inexplicable inter-galactic law, to sit on their tom-toms.

Saturn just winked at me. That means he’s agreed to channel through me the words I write in this chapter, in a stern and wise, but loving manner. So please keep in mind that I am not the author of what you are about to read. The author is Saturn, whose great, granite strength is ever undaunted, even by the dazzling brilliance of Leo’s ruler, the Sun.

Saturn is the planetary ruler of the Sun Sign Capricorn, and the Sun Sign Capricorn, in astrology, as I’ve mentioned briefly elsewhere in this book, represents, or if you will, symbolizes, the Hebrew people, all the richly monotheistic Jewish tradition and the indomitable Jewish spirit. Because of this, Capricorns, who contain that Hebrew essence, whether they’re Scottish, Irish, Italian, or Hopi Indian, respect all forms of education and learning. Most Goats are born students, their attitude toward diplomas, degrees, or anything scholastic approaching reverence. They also revere the family circle, whether its shape is square or oblong. And money. Yes, along with Taurus and Cancer, they revere money. Cappy considers money the only security against human suffering. A savings account is one of life’s absolute necessities to the Goat.

Cappies do tend to be a bit snobbish about their family trees, reputation in the community, class status, and so forth, and it must be sadly confessed that there are a scattering of Capricorns (fortunately, only a very few) who contain some tinge of prejudice regarding Jewish people. If you know any such Goats, do remind them that their Sun Sign symbolizes the “Chosen People,” won’t you? Smack them in their Karmas with the hard facts. It will do them good to realize they must learn to respect things and people worthy of respect, instead of hypocritical material values. Any Capricorn should be proud to be astrologically associated with the grandeur of character and courage bred into the genes of those led by Moses into the Promised Land – to share the shining spiritual heritage of those millions of brave souls condemned to an unspeakable hell on Earth during the insane Nazi holocaust. For many reasons, personally speaking as an Irish Aries, I would be proud to have been born a Sun Sign Capricorn, as proud as I would be to have been born a Jew.

Be still, Leo. We’re going to open the cage and let you out in a moment. You see? As soon as the word “proud” is mentioned, up pops Leo, like an anxious piece of bread in a toaster. But to give the Lions and Lionesses credit, they also pop up, and are called forth by the mention of cruelty and injustice. They roar in splendid outrage, their noble heads held high, ever ready to defend the defenseless, protect the downtrodden – and set free the imprisoned human spirit. Not yet, Leo. Soon. We’re explaining the Capricorn motivation, so you and the Goats will understand one another better, which is the whole purpose of this chapter. We are also teaching you a necessary lesson in Saturnine patience.

Because (as you may have noted in “The Twelve Mysteries of Love” section in the front of this book) Capricorn’s mantra is “I use,” the Goats can be, once in a while, a little selfish. They call it self-protection. Exactly the same reason Leo gives for being insufferably arrogant. Self-protection. Against all those inferior people. This is a 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern, with Leo representing eighthhouse matters to Capricorn, and Capricorn representing sixth-house matters to Leo. It makes for an interesting association. If Leo will bear with me, through some painful observations, I’ll explain why.

It must be faced that there’s no way out from under the restrictive influence of Saturn over Leo’s bright enthusiasm and warm, sunny personality – nor is it likely that Capricorn will be unduly impressed with the sound of the tom-toms the Big Cats beat in pride over their great accomplishments. There’s no way Leo can ultimately top the Goats, because Capricorn is ahead of Leo on the karmic astrological wheel of life. Leo is undeniably wise, but the Goat is wiser. Leo is a Fixed Sign, therefore somewhat stubborn, but the earthy Goat is more stubborn, and on top of that is bossy, Capricorn being a Cardinal Sign. Even bossier than Leo, but much quieter about it, less obtrusive. Leo is admittedly a practical organizer, but Capricorn is even more so.

Cheer up, Shy Pussycats, Lions, and Lionesses. I realize all this has been like tossing custard pies at your egos, but remember I said that your 6-8 Sun Sign Pattern with Capricorn is interesting? Here’s what I meant. Despite the fact that the Goat is a smidgen wiser and more stubborn than you, more practical – and even bossier – in any close relationship with a Saturn-ruled person, that Goat will represent the sixth astrological house to Leo.

The sixth astrological house represents service. Therefore, the planets decree that in some manner, however subtle or marginal, Capricorns must provide some sort of “service” to any Leo with whom they are closely associated. There! Doesn’t that make you feel better? It’s like, well.. let’s see .. it’s like a mother and father being wiser than their small baby, yet nevertheless forced to render “service” to the infant. I see the Leos glaring at me, in injured dignity. Sorry. That’s not a good allegory. I mean, it is a good one, but not designed tosoothe the Lion’s sore paws, still smarting from the thorn of Capricorn’s restriction over Leo. (Dare I say Capricorn’s superiority over Leo? No. I dare not.) How about imagining Capricorns (of whatever chronological age) as kindly, but firm, grandparents, who serve Leos by counseling them from the vantage point of wisdom, by the virtue of seeing things from the top of the mountain. That’s a little easier, perhaps, for Leo to swallow. It’s rather like taking your castor oil or eating your spinach and asparagus as a child. It isn’t pleasant, but it’s for your own good and to your best interest to give in and stop struggling.

Leo and Capricorn are curious about one another. The Big Cats fascinate Cappy, who would love to know what makes them the way they are. Normally, the Goats aren’t curious, but Leo does represent to them a puzzle they wouldn’t mind piecing together, although they won’t lose any sleep over it. Leo, on the other hand, inwardly senses that Capricorn’s counsel is well meant, and may now and then listen. Not always, but now and then.

Capricorn observes with some amusement Leo’s extravagances of speechand dress. Within the Goat’s heart of hearts, he (or she) may wistfully wish for a bit of the Leonine daring. Cappy is often strangely moved by the huge scope of Leo’s goals, intrigued by Leo’s generosity and disregard for financial security, and maybe just a little envious of Leo’s courage in dreaming such giant dreams, then having the majesty to proudly command them to come true. How dare they not come true?!

Unless there’s a cautious Moon Sign or Ascendent in the Lion or Lioness’s horoscope, these people will not exhibit undue concern for rainy days, nor be overly troubled over the possibility of either poverty or failure. It’s an attitude totally opposed to the caution and concern for the morrow displayed by the typical Goat. There’s so much that’s different in these two. From their hair styles to their clothing, from their ability to be patient (Cappy can, Leo can’t), and from their banking practices (Cappy’s a bit tightfisted, Leo a little loosehanded) to their speech (Cappy’s is somewhat shy and gentle, Leo’s is eloquent and dramatic), and from their method of reaching for the brass ring on the carousel (Cappy is watchful and carefully calculating, Leo is daring and impulsive), it sometimes seems as though they are from two different Universes.

If the Sun and Moon in their horoscopes are square or opposed, each will make the other feel markedly uncomfortable, with Leo privately believing that Capricorn is cold, selfish, unfeeling, and stuffy – and the Goat privately believing that Leo is wasteful and careless, egotistical and vain – as they “see through a glass darkly,” recognizing only the negative side of the coin of character in one another.

Should these Luminaries, however, be in favorable aspect with each other in their respective charts, Capricorn will provide a sturdy mental and emotional foundation, upon which Leo can build some lasting fires, symbolically speaking. Realistically speaking, the Goat could profit by imitating Leo’s vision and faith in the future, just as the Lion or Lioness will find the dependability of a Capricorn friend, business associate, relative, lover, or mate a secure and cozy haven of the familiar and the reliable when the skyrockets fizzle out on rainy days. Becoming competitive can turn them into either open or secret enemies. But cooperation can cause a strong and enduring relationship to grow between them, nourished in the rich Earth of Capricorn’s silent waiting and warmed by the lifegiving force of Leo’s benevolent Sun – when they’re considerate of one another’s feelings, and take turns trying to be tolerant of each other’s seemingly foreign viewpoints.

Strangely and hauntingly, as with all 6-8 Sun Sign Patterns, Leo represents to Capricorn the eighth house of sexual mystery, death, birth, reincarnation, regeneration – and “other people’s money.” This often takes unusual forms in their relationship, one of them sometimes being that the association brings to Capricorn, through Leo, some experience of death or matters pertaining to death, connected with their meeting.

Cappy will see much further into truth by periodically looking at Life through Leo’s high-powered binoculars. Leo will see truth more clearly by occasionally looking at the world through Capricorn’s calm, steady eyes. The sudden comprehension of the true motivational ideals of someone completely different from yourself is always a magical surprise, bringing the power to open up a closed mind to the fresh air of understanding that touches the heart with an unexpected rush of tenderness – and the dawning of compassion. Leo desperately needs to learn and imitate the gentle humility and patience Saturn teaches Cappy so sternly, yet so wisely and so well. Capricorn just as desperately needs the warm rays of Leo’s Sun to shine upon that Saturnine loneliness of spirit, for no one can so miraculously release the Goat’s imprisoned yearnings as a Leo, who gloriously was born free.

I believe Old Man Saturn handled the channeling of words in this chapter quite sensibly, if a bit stuffily, don’t you? We should thank him, perhaps even give him a bear hug… because, like the Capricorn men, women, and children he rules, although Saturn tends to turn away from praise with a shy blush of embarrassment, his quiet heart pounds faster, and nearly bursts with silent joy, when it’s blessed by honest and affectionate appreciation.

Yes, planets can blush too, just like human Goats. Notice Saturn in the sky tonight, and see if that ancient star doesn’t seem to be twinkling a little more brightly than usual, its icy-blue glitter tinged with the faintest shade of pink – for love. Venus isn’t the only star to wish on, you know. Make a wish on Saturn. It may take a longer time of waiting and soul-testing to come true, but when it does, the happiness will last… and last… and last.

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