Leo And Libra Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo and Libra.

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

Air – Cardinal – Positive
Ruled by Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Day Forces – Masculine

“Then tell her…. to put out her light.”
“She can’t put it out…. It just goes out of itself when she
falls asleep, same as the stars.”
“Then tell her to sleep at once,” John almost ordered.
“She can’t sleep except when she’s sleepy.”

It happens that the people quoted above have been discussing Tinker Bell, the faerie. But with Leo and Libra, the topic of conversation makes very little difference. Whatever the subject matter at hand, you can be sure Leo will be rather good-naturedly bossy about it, and Libra will argue about it, often taking both sides at once, to be certain she’s not missing any salient facts. Leo creates the heat, Libra contributes the air. Combined, these result in a fair amount of warm-to-hot conversational breezes between them.

Leo’s pronouncements are expected (by Leo) to be received with more or less unquestioned acceptance, if not downright admiration, with some respectful genuflecting thrown in now and then, and Libra does love to argue (they call it discussing) every point which can be construed as having the slightest possibility of choice. But the choice has already been made (wisely, of course) before Leo has spoken. Didn’t you realize that? No. Libra did not realize that. How can one make an intelligent choice between two courses of action without discussing the pros and cons back and forth for a reasonable length of time? The trouble is, with Libra, a “reasonable length of time” can drag on for quite a spell. Leo shouldn’t be cross and impatient. All that indecision is more painful to the Libran than to those forced to participate in the weighing of the scales, bringing in the sheaves – of common sense – and so forth.

Leo must learn that by “discussion,” Libra doesn’t mean dramatic scenes or
angry outbursts. That sort of thing is uncongenial, for goodness sake. It prevents a nice, balanced relationship, and destroys any chance of harmony. Since harmony, balance, and peace are a holy trinity to every Libra man or woman or child, it must be realized that they truly don’t initiate all those arguments for the purpose of quarreling, only to clear the air and try to make everyone see the issue fairly, in a logical way. You see? Leo will not always see, but perhaps does see more often than most other people. Fairness is a sacred virtue to Libra. It’s interesting how many writers who know nothing about astrology pick up the Sun Sign characteristics without realizing it. For example, an announcement of a Gloria Steinem article about Libran Jimmy Carter, printed on the cover of Ms. magazine in bold, red letters, informed readers that: CARTER FINDS LIFE IS UNFAIR. Poor man. I don’t doubt that he does. In a 1978 edition of People magazine, the closing words of a piece about Lioness Jacqueline Onassis were: “.. but one thing is certain. Whatever Jackie does, she will do it royally, and that is all the public demands.” (And all her Sun Sign demands, we might add.)

Since this is a 3-11 Sun Sign Pattern (described in detail in the “Sun Sign Patterns” section in the back of this book) there will be an extravagant amount of communicating on various levels between them, on the side of one or the other of the two, usually both. Friendships of the really genuine kind are more easily achieved by Leo and Libra than by many others. Theirs is a sextile vibration, therefore life will present them with a nearly unending stream of opportunities together, in every area of endeavor, personal and otherwise. Whether or not they grab these opportunities, and what they make of them, will depend upon their individual Moon Signs, and other planetary aspects between their nativities.

When they join forces, Leo and Libra can achieve almost anything, from a successful love affair or marriage to a sound friendship cr business deal. Their elements are Air and Fire, and when the former fans the latter into a brighter torch, both benefit.. as long as Leo takes care not to consume all the oxygen in the airy mental processes of Libra. Unpleasant displays of temperament from Leo can cause Libra to eventually float away. Disharmony of any kind topples those Libra Scales, and leaves the Venus-ruled half of the team in a state of depression, a foreign feeling to this normally bright, optimistic, and cheerful Sun Sign. However, they’ll agree in enough matters to make the relationship smooth more often than bumpy. Both of them share the same sense of outrage over injustice of any kind. Leo is warm and magnanimous; Libra is fair and impartial.
When they combine these characteristics, few underdogs will be trampled, few “lost causes” will remain lost. Underdogs and lost causes have a strange appeal for them both, yet they’re more practical than starry-eyed about their idealism, which is probably why they’re so successful. If anyone can turn defeat into victory for an apparent loser, it’s Leo and Libra. They’re good people to have on your side when the chips are down. The Sun-ruled Leo will loyally defend you, the Venus-ruled Libran will pour such soothing balm on your wounds, they’ll heal almost instantly.

It’s as difficult for Leo to say “yes” as it is for Libra to say “no,” which is one reason they get along so well. I’d better explain that.

The proud Leonine personality of either sex will normally say “NO!” instead of “yes” when ordered to do anything. Kings and Queens were born to give orders, not follow them. Libra possesses the instinct for knowing exactly how to handle Leo’s ego, and can therefore turn a roar into a purr with the simple expedient of making it appear that an order is a request. It’s called flattering. Librans seldom command. They flatter, cajole, and “suggest” so sweetly and pleasantly Leo never guesses he or she is being manipulated into the very action Libra wants. Oh, they are mellow, these Librans! Marvelously mellow.

Since Libra people abhor the tension caused by responding to the royal commands of a Leo with a flat “no,” they’ll give in with a melodious “yes” rather than create a quarrel (unless the issue is a burning one), which suits the Big Cats nicely. Just remember that the Venus trick of pretending not to be bossy when manipulating a situation, and the Venus pattern of responding with a cheerful “yes” more often than with an angry “no,” as beautiful as these traits may be, will not prevent Libra from exercising his or her birthright to “discuss” it for a brief period before giving in. I trust you all understand by now that “discuss” is a polite Libra word for argue. But an argument needn’t end up in a quarrel, right? This is just a nice, congenial exchange of ideas. Leo will be fooled by that subtle strategy more times than you might guess, very seldom realizing that he or she is being maneuvered into just what Libra wants by the technique of flattery and the Venus talent for psyching-out human nature.

There are times when Libra’s continual optimism (Have a nice day!) disturbs other Sun Signs, but the Big Cats rather enjoy it. Both of these people reflect the vibrations of masculine, positive Day Forces, so you’ll more often find them spreading light and sunshine than glooming around in the darkness. To some degree, every Lion or Lioness feels a desire to protect the weak and defenseless, and to some degree, every Libran possesses a compelling urge to see justice done. These closely allied purposes form the foundation for their simpAtico relationship. They also share a deep need for creative expression, preferably in the arts, but they can both be just as happily occupied running a hospital, a shoe store, or a home if a free flow of creativity is encouraged. Each of them is more content when running the show, however, which could cause some fleeting friction now and then. Libra likes to be in charge because Libra is a Cardinal Sign of leadership. Leo likes to be in charge because – well, how can a King or Queen not be in charge? Lions and Lionesses weren’t born under a Cardinal Sun Sign, but they were born under a Fixed Sun Sign, and when you have a “Fixed egotist” it adds up to the same thing as a leader. Should any of these basic needs of Leo and Libra be denied, Leo can become a pouting or growling Cat, and Libra can become a cranky crocodile of confusion and frustration. Then their harmony may be interrupted, with Leo’s normal beaming benevolence turning into arrogant demands, and Libra’s gentle discussions quickly becoming quarrels.

Although there’s always the chance that Leo’s pride and vanity, combined with the strength and bossiness of the sign, may be too much for the softer, more gentle-mannered Venus-ruled Libran to handle, Leo’s abundant ability to arouse the latent enthusiasm of others will usually more than balance the Scales in the association. Libra will have to remember to give the Leo man, woman, or child an adequate amount of respect and admiration. It’s not an easy task. Still, Libra can call on all that Venus charm to accomplish it. No one can pay a compliment more sweetly than Libra, and no one can appreciate it with more outright glee than Leo.

These Libra persons adore anything beautiful; Leos prefer the biggest and best, so together they can be more than a little extravagant, unless one or both has the Moon in a stingier, more economical sign, like Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, or Cancer. With both Moons in Air or Fire, like their Suns, these two can toss money around loosely, and lean toward luxuries. While they’re tossing, they might have a few arguments about where to toss it.

Libra admires Leo’s courage and willingness to move mountains, if necessary, and is sometimes tempted to build a few, just for the fun of watching the majestic Cat topple them. The mountains may be built of words, not rock, but it’s a kind of game these two are tempted to play. They thoroughly enjoy challenging one another in a game of wits. One major difference between them should be noted. Leo’s sense of humor often ends when the joke is on him (or her). Libra takes a more balanced view of being the target for fun.

There’s no doubt that the Sun and Venus are galactically harmonious, so an association of any kind between the Big Cat and the Libran should brighten the skies above them. Almost all their qualities and character traits blend well. They’re both artistic and sentimental. They both love compliments and excitement. Leo more or less demands happiness from Life and Love – Libra expects it as only natural. There is definitely a difference between “demanding” and “expecting.” Not much, but a difference. If Leo roars too often, insisting on his or her right to take all the encores, Libra may eventually feel compelled to remind the Lion or Lioness that a rubber band stretches both ways, that what goes up must come down, that red lights and green lights are both needed to prevent traffic accidents, and – well, you know – all those Libra balancing acts of logic. Shockingly, Leo may actually listen meekly, apologize, and turn over a new leaf. No other Sun Sign can so smoothly lead the Big Cat into the ring to roll over and do somersaults.

The secret in animal training is in the eyes and the whip. Libra eyes are soft and friendly. Libra’s whip is invisible, and when it strikes, it feels just like velvet. “Purr-rr-rr,” goes the Pussycat. “You’re so superior!” dimples Libra. And off they go, in their royal chariot. Where? Oh, I don’t know. Somewhere Leo didn’t want to go – to do something Leo had adamantly refused to do. Can you believe it? It’s marvelous what wonders do manifest with a little gentle persuasion and a velvet, invisible whip.

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