Leo And Virgo Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs, which has redefined the way of Astrology.

This post is based on Linda Goodman’s Book “A NEW APPROACH TO THE HUMAN HEART LINDA GOODMAN’S LOVE SIGNS” for the Love Compatibility of Leo and Virgo.

Fire – Fixed – Positive
Ruled by the Sun
Symbol: Lion & Shy Pussycat
Day Forces – Masculine

Earth – Mutable – Negative
Ruled by Mercury (also by the Planet Vulcan)
Symbol: The Virgin
Night Forces – Feminine

Some of them wanted it to be an honest ship and others
were in favor of keeping it a pirate; but the captain treated
them as dogs, and they dared not express their wishes to
him even in a round robin.

When the Luminaries and Ascendents between their birth charts are in harmonious aspect, the Big Cat and the male or female Virgin will waltz down the Yellow Brick Road, grinning at each other and tossing posies, as happy and hopeful as we mortals are capable of being, with Leo strumming the ukulele and Virgo playing the piccolo, serenely singing their song in tune. If it goes out of key for a few bars, Virgo will immediately blow the proper note on a pitch pipe, correct the situation, and all will be melodious between them again, as Leo beams in affectionate approval.

However, before we follow them to the Emerald City, these lucky ones, we should pause and give a hand to the Leo-Virgo pairs who may have stumbled over a loose brick and need our help.

There’s no doubt that there are a few scattered and rare Leo-Virgo associations which catapult themselves into a sadomasochistic bond rather quickly. Now don’t go guessing right off that in these infrequent situations, Leo is always the mean sadist, and Virgo the helpless little masochist. Whether these two are entangled as friends, relatives, business associates, lovers, or mates, it can work either way. Let’s play Libra for a moment, and look at both sides of it.

Take the Big Cat first. Leos are not sadistic by nature. Actually, no one is, really. Sadism is a twisted form of behavior that occurs when a person is emotionally pretzeled into a square knot by inner complexities of confusion and fear, and misery does love company. Still, although the normally benevolent and benign Lions and Lionesses aren’t sadistic by design or intent, they can – and do – on occasion, behave as though they were, through their tendency to expect or demand that others consider them superior. When the “others,” whether singular or plural, happen to have been born under the Sun Sign of Virgo, it’s understandably tempting for the Big Cat to lean a little heavy on the orders and commands. Virgins do seem to submit so sweetly, quietly, and courteously – at first.

Just as Leo isn’t a natural-born sadist, neither is Virgo a natural-born masochist. It just seems that way. Granted, these people behave in a way that appears to verge on masochism at times, considering their gentle, polite speech (when they aren’t being cranky), unobtrusive manner, and self-effacement. Since Leos are so often bossy, and a touch arrogant besides, it may sometimes look as though the more introverted Virgos are being mashed into a masochistic mold, as they keep bobbing up and down, and curtsying to the King or Queen – at first.

Admittedly, there may be a few cases where this sort of “Yes, your Majesty” syndrome from Virgo, and the “Do exactly as I tell you, because I know best” syndrome from Leo, gels into a pattern, then solidifies into a very sad, permanent arrangement, but as I’ve already mentioned, such a situation is rare and infrequent.

What is more likely to occur after a time, is what is referred to as “the turning of the worm.” When this happens, Leo is dumbfounded to discover that the curtsying, obedient Virgo does have a tolerance level for being trampled upon, and when it’s been reached, the long-suffering, quiet Virgin will become quite surprisingly verbal. All of a sudden, he (or she) will reel off a list of Leo’s flaws and shortcomings, with painful accuracy, then quietly (and still courteously) walk away from the royal castle with an irritating aplomb and determination (Virgo is an Earth Sign, you know), open up a cobbler shop somewhere .. . and thereafter refuse to cobble any boots or slippers for His or Her Majesty’s feet, let alone kiss them in servitude any longer.

Then we have the opposite scene: the unfortunate Lion or Lioness (this Leo will invariably be a Pussycat type) who becomes the masochistic victim of a long siege of very subtle sadistic treatment from a cool, earthy Virgin, who incessantly (never mind how politely) splits every hair in Leo’s mane, until the poor Lion (or Lioness) is nearly bald, in a symbolic sense – continually berates and belittles the Shy Pussycat’s accomplishments or efforts – endlessly analyzes his (or her) Leonine dreams as being impractical, and as full of holes as Swiss cheese – and criticizes the Leo’s every word and gesture as overly dramatic. After a while, bereft of all dignity, the Leo person, stripped of pride, and robbed of confidence, will wander forlornly around the house or classroom, office or playpen, like the whimpering Lion in the Land of Oz, twisting his or her tail nervously, keeping it tucked protectively under the arm, weeping waterfalls of tears .. and searching pitifully for the gift of courage. Nothing could be a more pathetic sight than a proud King or Queen of the jungle thus reduced to a quivering mass of masochistic meowing.

Although this is an extreme example, it can happen. Nevertheless, such a story will likely have the same kind of 0. Henry ending as the earlier scene we used as an example, when the Virgo worm turned. Only rarely will such a situation continue permanently. The most probable ending is that the Leo worm (I don’t know if I dare call Leo a worm, even in an allegorical sense, but I feel uncommonly brave today) – is that the Leo worm will also turn, grow into a Giant Monster Cat, growl… then give a deafening roar .. . and pounce upon the unsuspecting Virgo nit-picker like any feline pounces on a mouse .. . magnanimously allow the now-frightened, squeaking Virgo to escape .. . and finally stalk out the door (or over the side of the playpen) in regal victory, draped in majestic anger, never again to return.

These are all the sad endings, the dangers this Earth-Fire, 2-12 Sun Sign Pattern must guard against. Now that we’ve warned them about the negative naughtiness that might tempt them, which might occur in some variation, if the Sun-Moon aspect between them is square or opposed, or their Ascendents are unfavorable to each other – and have hopefully taught them how to prevent such heartache – we can move along to the brighter side of the Leo-Virgo association. And there very definitely is a bright side.

A Pussycat and a Virgin of either sex, who have conquered their differences and created a compatible atmosphere for themselves, are a joy to behold. Leo will at last have found a gentle, devoted companion, who sincerely appreciates the golden Leonine virtues – an admiring, intelligent subject to serve him (or her) and to be loyally protected in return. Virgo will at last have found someone genuinely worthy of respect (and Virgo standards are high), a warm-hearted and generous friend, who is both wise and loving .. strong enough to count on in an emergency, yet vulnerable enough to need the Virgin’s constant fussing and attention. (The awareness of being needed is an intoxicating boost to the lonely Virgo spirit.) When this association is a good one, it’s very good indeed. Once Leo has taught Virgo that he (or she) will simply not be nagged and constantly criticized – once Virgo has taught Leo that a Virgin has no intention of becoming a slave to his (or her) arrogant demands and whims – there can be a warm and vibrant communication between these two, which is a magical thing. Magical because Virgo is what astrology calls a “human” Sun Sign, symbolized by the Virgin, gathering in the harvest, and Leo is what astrology calls a “bestial” Sun Sign, symbolized by the fearless ruler of the jungle, the Lion (or his mate, the sensuous, equally as confident Lioness). Symbolically or literally, it’s never easy for a human and an animal to truly communicate, yet when they do, one is reminded of places like Eden .. . or the woods walked so joyfully by Saint Francis of Assisi, accompanied by the wolves and birds and lambs and all manner of animals who trusted him.

As dramatic and effusive and flamboyant as Leos can be, they’re also very capable and level-headed organizers. Except for those times when their Leonine pride and vanity get in the way, Leos have an amazing store of common sense. Practical Virgo privately admires this, but must get into the habit of saying so to Leo. Just as Leo approves of, and is pleased by, Virgo’s sincere effort to quietly do the very best he (or she) can, often under tense and demanding conditions, yet too seldom pays the Virgin the compliment of honest appreciation for being so sensible and reliable most of the time (at least, more often than lots of other people Leo relies on, only to be disappointed).

In attempting to analyze the Leo-Virgo association, a stream of disassociated images flickers across my memory screen, in no logical or chronological progression a small, dark-eyed Virgo child named Gary, patiently and uncomplainingly standing for an endless time, wordlessly humiliated at being forced into a bunny-rabbit suit, with huge, floppy ears, on Halloween, stuffed into it by his more forceful, commanding big brothers, one an Aries Fire Sign, the other a strong Lion – but at the last minute, the docile little Virgo balked, and refused to take one step out of his bedroom, dressed so foolishly a proud Leo father, in a small western American town, reading with tears in his eyes, a gentle verse, a poem written in tribute to him by his Virgo son, who had been away for too many painful years – yet, when the boy came home, the Lion’s tears were soon forgotten, as he arrogantly dictated his son’s every movement, demanding strict obedience, never once expressing affection or appreciation to him – while the Virgo forgot the sensitive poetry he had written in genuine praise of his father, seeing only Leo’s vanity and arrogance, stubbornly refusing to recognize the unexpressed love and warm-hearted concern behind his dad’s stern commands and expectations of him Leo film star Mae West giving a press interview about a Virgo man she knew well, who had been for years a tender, helpful friend – spending the entire thirty minutes allotted to the reporter talking exclusively about herself, as Lionesses often do, her absolute unawareness of her own self-absorption somehow both amusing and endearing the inexpressible tenderness in the eyes of a Lion in West Virginia when he looks at his bright and gentle, beautiful Virgo wife, who brought into his life a fresh promise of Indian summer and a new reason to live – after he’d lost two former wives in succession to the same crippling disease, following decades of a heavy Karma, filled with weary duty, courageously met with Leo’s loyal, unswerving devotion to the helpless … . his reward the song her quiet Virgo love now sings to his great Lion’s heart, which hadn’t dared to hope for love again, until she came, lingering in the air like a miracle set to music.

Fragments of images, small bits and pieces, spinning around the astrological wheel of Life, colored by Leo’s brilliant, sunny, yellow-gold and royal purple ….blending with Virgo’s pure, sparkling white, tranquil blue, and the deeper green of scented woods. As with all Sun Signs, the shades of their auras contain the harmonies that shape their destinies.

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